Hoover Family & Friends Raise the Flag for Liberty!

Hoover famiy & Friends Raise the Flag!

by Judy E. Bushy
Hope you had a great day for Independence Day with your family and friends!
Our Fourth began quietly, just sitting there thinking, there is NOTHING happening for Independence Day!! How sad!! Then the telephone rang and it was Karen Orcutt inviting me to a flag raising! Just the thing!. At the time the “crew” was just putting up the flag pole in the front yard, however, that was expected to be complete and the flag raising, with music and poetry and a family gathering about four o’clock. I’m so grateful to Karen for calling!
Arriving early at Fort Goff, we could see a tall flagpole awaiting the gathering. We met Robert “Bob” Hoover, the patriarch of the family holding the flag raising.

Soon everyone came and gathered around in the front lawn of the Cabin. Two young men, Nickolas Hoover and Mitchell Hoover stood with the flags folded properly. They acknowledged Robert as the family founder and leader in the day’s activities. The young men proceeded to raise the Stars and Stripes as well as the California flag on the flag pole with the help of Tom and Paul Hoover. They did a great job and the assembled group of families, friends and neighbors broke into applause again!

Then granddaughter, Lily Jones who is 10 years old, sang in a beautiful clear voice, the Star Spangled Banner. Lily sings in the choir in her school and has other musical opportunities to develop her talent.

After all had pledged allegiance to the flag. Bill Roberts stepped forward with a poem especially written for the occasions. Hadn’t seen Bill in awhile and as always really enjoyed his poetry!
When all was said and done, Mrs Hoover brought out a tall class of cool fresh water which was delicious! Then the ladies brought out horsd’oeuvres and watermelon slices and we visited a bit.

Robert M.Hoover bought “the ranch” back in the sixties his family has been enjoying it since then. Now there were his children, spouses and friends and 20 grandchildren from 3 to 17 enjoying vacation at the ranch! The family has dispersed from San Jose and beyond to Bend, Oregon, but they all get together and celebrate holidays like President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving at the ranch. What a wonderful family tradition. Of course they and friends are able to enjoy the ranch all year long, but these special times of getting together must be great!

There’s even a British member of the family, and they joshed about having him stand across the highway for the ceremony, all in good fun. Actually, having been part of the family for ten years, he is Americanized enough to have a flag tattoo on his cheek. And when My Country, ‘Tis of Thee,also known as America, played, he could appreciate it as the melody is the British national anthem, God Save the Queen even though the words were different. In a discussion of the differences of salutes, I learned that the British salute was to raise the face piece, when they had the knights in shining armor!

It is good to appreciate the freedoms that we yet hold dear in America! Hope you also enjoyed a wonderful Independence Day with your family and friends.

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