It’s the Most Wonderful Place in the World!

Happy Camp is a friendly little town at the top of California. It is a beautiful place. Some, like Dennis,  say it is a majestic place. The wild Klamath River winds its way from Oregon to the Coast surrounded by evergreen forests beneath a beautiful azure blue sky. Last trip down the river there were several foxes crossing the road, which I like to see, and a skumk which I’d rather avoid. In the past we have seen many black tail deer, elk, moutain lion, and bear. Squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, and ringtails can also be seen. In the past, we used to watch the water for frolicing otters but I haven’t seen any lately.

 What we don’t see many of, is people. Oh, there are a few cars, a few homes, and sometimes people in various modes of travel, hiking, bicycling, motorcycling or driving down the highway. Sometimes you can see a person or a group in a canoe, kayak, raft or driftboat on the River.

 The thing that makes this beautiful part of creation the most wonderful place in the World is the volunteerism of the community. When we work together, we can accomplish anything!! The Grange and others in the community built our River Park, a wonderful place to gather with friends for quiet times, or festive events, for the neighbors in Happy Camp. Why even getting a high school in the depression seemed impossible from all points of view. With land and logs donated and lots of labor from the community, a two room log high school was built and served the educational needs for some years, until expansion was needed with the current high school on Indian Creek Road.

 The Family Reseource Center has a gigantic need for volunteers in many areas of service that they provide. For little kids they can use people to teach arts and crafts, or offer books to the youngsters. For families they offer family nights and parenting classes. For our neighbors with the green thumbs they are launching a fabulous new community garden. It will be a great opprotunity to learn and grow food and flowers for many good purposes. They also work together with the Happy Seniors for advice on what the senior citizens of our community need. They can use drivers right now since many of the seniors need rides to medical appointments both here in town and out of town. 

 What do you have to offer? What do you think needs to be done? What is keeping us from all working together to achieve the goals and objectives that will bring about the best possible community for our children, our families and every individual living in this wonderful Place?  

That is what this New Year, 2010, stretches before us with possibilities. Let’s work together and accomplish great things!


  • Wild Bill Hickock

    1915 – 1.8 Billion people,
    2010 – 6.8 Billion people,
    Past 95 years – 5 Billion people, Next 500 years – 32 Billion people, Problems – Poverty, starvation, global warming, hole in the ozone layer, crime, pollution and land destruction, Solution to problems – “STOP CREATING BABIES”!!!

  • My favorite place is Tasmania, Australia. It is a small Iceland most of it covered by forest and mountains. if you go to Tas in spring oh you can enjoy lot of nature.

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