James Buchner Parade Float

Jamboree Floats Make a Parade!!

In the business category, Double J Sports and Spirits/ABC Logging had a float with the younger “loggers” and logging equipment for first place.

KRRI celebrated Happy Camp's early China Town at the Bigfoot jamboree parade!

KRRI celebrated Happy Camp’s early China Town at the Bigfoot jamboree parade!

Second place was McCulley Logging and Kenny and Donna McCulley had their grandsons, Ian and Emmett, with them on the truck pulling the 1931 Cat 35 which Kenny started in the logging business after high school.

Klamath River Resort Inn won third place with a float celebrating China Town of Happy Camp! While the usual candy was dispersed generously, fortune cookies with good fortune were shared from the China themed float with the Chinese Coolie hats.

It was no surprise, with fire on everyone’s mind, that the local Fire Department was the winner of the Nonprofit entries in the Bigfoot jamboree parade Sunday with a trophy and prize. Second place was honoring a very special “A history of Community Support” and specifically the Breast Cancer Awareness event that Marble Mountain Gift Company holds in October.

Ton & Sharon Crocker were the Grand Marshalls leading the parade!!

Ton & Sharon Crocker were the Grand Marshalls leading the parade!!

Connie Rasmussen, Rusty Williams, Charlotte Attebery, and Vickie Waddell were some on that float. Third place was Family Resource Center “guiding families to building a greater future.”

The Individual entries first place went to Karen Derry and two pretty young ladies with a unicorn and pink dog!!! Second place individual was Kayla Whitehouse, always a favorite with her baton twirling.


  • I enjoy each issue of Happy Camp News I receive. I spent many happy times there as a child with my aunt & uncle and cousins. Imagine my surprise to see my cousin Tom Crocker as Grand Marshal of the parade. Love it.

  • Patricia Topel

    Hi I always enjoy reading anything you publish about Happy Camp. I used to spend summers there. My dad drove a wagon for my uncle Wes Graves who had a logging crew there. They worked all up and down the river there.
    I was wondering if you will print anything else about the fires? So those of us who live far away would know if the fires get put out? I am interested in hearing that.
    Also, there used to be someone who heard all the bigfoot reports, Java Dave, I think that was his name. Is he still there? I heard he moved back. It would be really good if someone would sort of keep track and publish the reports sometimes if there are any.
    I have written you several times but never get any answer. Are you just super busy? I would love to get a note back about Java Dave and if the fires are out. Thank you, Pat

  • Mark Hessman

    Please update the Bigfoot Festival section with info on this years,2016,events,etc.Thanks

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