Just checking in, “How are you??”

By Judy E. Bushy (First in SCN April 3, 2020)

Klamath Neighbors Care!

The Happy Camp Community Center has a post about mental health for children and what parents can do Infographic. They also offer help, if anyone feels in need of mental health support. Please call the Community Center and they can contact Siskiyou County Behavioral Health and refer you to their services. Also there is a 24 hour Mental Health Crisis Line 1-800-842-8979

As Linda Martin said, “Community support means a lot to struggling young families!”

Come to think of it, it means a lot to all of us, some who are sitting home in isolation, and some in the public service of necessities or medical areas who are overworked at this time. Thankfully we haven’t heard of many(5 in all) in all of Siskiyou County who have the Corona virus, and hopefully you all will stay healthy and well!

Passover begins at Sundown today and Passover will be Thursday.
Then comes the Christian holy day remembering of Christ’s death on Calvary. Sunday morning the ladies came to the tomb and found the stone rolled away and since then we have celebrated the Resurrection!! May you have a wonderful celebration!

The traditional Sunrise Service (held every year I can remember/before 1971) at the Happy Camp Airport will not be held this year. Social distancing isn’t easy to do there. However, sheltering in your own home, if you have Internet and can go to Facebook, the Happy Camp Christian Fellowship will be streaming the Easter Service at 10:30 on Easter Sunday morning. In these days, stuck at home, we’re able to gather “online” through modern technology!! Be sure to let them know your prayer requests so they can pray with you and also you’ll have a message from the Bible on the Resurrection Day!

I don’t know how we missed a phone call; Dan hasn’t been out of the house for more than fifteen minutes in the past weeks!! Actually, even if he is here, or both of us are, sometimes the phone rings and just as we get there we miss the caller. We have had several missed calls that we can guess all day who may have been calling!!!

However we did miss one call. It wasn’t a friend or family member, but it was a delightful call! Cody, from Texas, called from Scripture Memory Fellowship,

He called “Just to see how you’all are doing!!” He just was calling people to see how they were doing, and if he could be any help, or pray with us, or help in anyway.If you have heard a friendly Texas greeting, you’ll know how warm that greeting was!

Klamath Neighbors Care!

Thanks for the jokes you share. Greetings and just caring enough to check in occasionally,

Pray for our country and our friends and Neighbors and we Thank you!!
Stay home and well.

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