Karuk Reunion at the River Park

composite of Karuk Reunion
14th Annual Karuk Reunion was a great day at the River Park in Happy Camp, Saturday, August 21st. The theme was “atahareesh nu’iina” which means, “We will Always Exist.” It was beautiful at the River Park on the grass in the shade of the large trees. Everyone is welcome and it was open and free to the public. There are a lot of fun activities. There was inforamtion as well as vendors with food, crafts, jewelry and art for your enjoyment.

High point was the Salmon Dinner at 3:30 p.m.. Yum!

In the meantime there are lots of fun activities for the kids.
Duke Arwood is arranging a poker tournament and there will also be traditional card games. Robert Goodwin is doing the Horseshoe Tournament. Arch Super is arranging the Volleyball tournament. Those with skill at axe throwing will also have opportunity to show their expertise. There will be a 5k fun run and 3k fun walk to give you a good appetite for the yummy food that will be served.

Thank you to the Karuk Tribe for the annual Reunion which allows everyone to get together with old friends and family that haven’t been seen for awhile.


  • Franklin

    ¿Have you a Karok dictionary? please, and What is the round object on the hand (of the photo) ?
    Thanks you very much from Chile

  • The native drum is being held by the drummer. There is a Karuk Dictionary available from the Karuk Tribe in their gift shop at the museum. Will try to get further information for you.
    Thank you for your interest!!

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