Kindness at Bake Sale for the Neigborhood Watch

Be Kind" Mister Roger's Neighborhood
by Judy E. Bushy March 12,2020

Thanks to all those who helped out with last Wednesdays bake sale. Robin Eggers, our secretary/treasurer organized the Bake Sale with all proceeds to go to the Happy Camp Neighborhood Watch. The Watch has been putting cameras in critical public areas where they can capture the activities 24/7 that may need monitoring.

There were cupcakes, cookies and Clarabeth’s lemon cookies were snatched up as soon as put out. Pumpkin and apple pies were made by Nadine McElyea and Darlene Mitchell. Cathy made pineapple upside down cake slices. Yum.

Roberta Everett has worked on large puzzles with thousands of pieces at the Senior Nutrition site. People have donated for over 40 when finished and glued together, with the funds being donated to the Senior Meals Program. She also donated some completed puzzles to the Neighborhood Watch sale.

Thanks to all who went home with goodies to help out the Neighborhood Watch and those who donated as well! Your help is so important in keeping up the efforts in the community to deter crime. The monthly Happy Camp Neighborhood Watch meeting is the second Monday each month and next will be April 13th. That’s the day after Easter when there are special services to celebrate the resurrection of Christ! Nell Sakota also shared that she is busy preparing for the annual Easter Egg Hunt.

While we have had a bit of showers occasionally, sunshine has been unusually regular in past days. That’s not a complaint, the sunshine is great! One wonders when we will get the rain for the summer months with creeks low and not much precipitation falling. Temperatures are warming but can still be too chilly to put in much of the garden. I’m just finding it hard to be patient.

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