Klamath River Veterans Meet Saturday at 10 a.m.

Tim Grenvik came to the Family Resource Center (FRC)Thursday to meet with eight or nine veterans. Tim is the Veterans’ representative for Siskiyou County helping them get organized as a group. The objective is to serve the Veterans in Happy Camp.

Since we no longer have American Legion or Veterans of Foreign War we haven’t had programs at the cemetery or Flag Day, honor guard for funerals, and similar patriotic days. It would be wonderful for this group to be able to pick up some of those types of activities.

Veterans are welcome at 3 o’clock on the second Thursday of each month at FRC when Tim Grenvik is here. The other local veterans will meet weekly at 10 am on each Wednesday at the Family Resource Center on 38 Park Way.

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  • Dan Bushy

    Klamath River Veterans will be meeting next Saturday, January 29th at 10 AM. The place to meet is the Family Resouce Center on Park Way.

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