Klamath views: ‘Happy Camp’s Got Talent!’

Judy Bushy
Happy Camp, Calif. —

It’s been so lovely along the Klamath River for the past couple of weeks. Summer has finally arrived and the warm summer days are wonderful.

Last Wednesday the Happy Camp Community Computer Center had new computers and monitors installed! What a delight! Everything is faster and so efficient. The new towers have a slot for the memory card of cameras, so we don’t have to borrow the card reader any longer. The computers are also connected to three possible printers, an HP laser jet with black ink (for $.10 a page), an HP Laser Jet with color printing (for $.50 a page) and an Artisan for photos and can be done on photo paper, which are $1 a page.

The computer center is a nice quiet place to work and check e-mails, write things, browse the Internet or check out Google Earth! It is nice to have a staff of very knowledgeable computer experts on hand to answer questions when you get stumped on how to do things or how a certain problem could be solved. Emma Lee Johnson, Randy White and Kelly Worchester and Eric Paulare on hand to help you. They also can solve the problem you are having on your home computer for a reasonable fee. They are open to the public from 1-5:30 p.m. most days except Sunday.

Bob and Vicki Schmalzbach have moved back to Happy Camp to their home on Druery Road. Kevin Anderson also came up from Antelope. They’d left Happy Camp over five years ago, but have stayed in contact and it is great to see them back. We did run into Vicki and Kevin at Hometown Buffet on Antelope Avenue when we were down in Sacramento for doctor checkups for Dan a couple of years ago. It will be so much nicer to see them here right back home!

JavaBob was in on the start of the Fire Safe Council and was the president of the Chamber of Commerce just before they left. There was a gathering of friends for a barbecue Sunday afternoon at the Klamath River Resort Inn to enjoy catching up on news and hearing a few of Bob’s Bigfoot tales.

My husband, Dan, spent a couple of hours last night watering the garden of a neighbor who is on a vacation trip. It is a job that brings him much pleasure, as he brings home the Swiss chard and other greens, cauliflower and strawberries! That’s the fun part of the job. He was also watering. He came home and took a shower and by then, the pleasant summer shower had begun. Oh well. At least he was conscientious in his care of the garden!

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