Local Poet Published in the Book of Hope

Judi Armbruster, known locally for Bigfoot Cookies and the poetic meditations she leaves on Happy Camp bulletin boards, had her work chosen for an international publication commemorating the 911 disaster in New York City.

The Book of Hope compiles the inspired work of numerous poets from around the world. The anthology starts with a poem by the Dali Lama and ends with Judi’s poem, Meditation.

On May 18 the St. Agnes Library in New York City hosted a reading of this poetry. Editor Birgitta Jonsdottir from Iceland and twenty contributors read from the companion anthologies, The World Healing Book and The Book of Hope. Although Judi couldn’t attend, she had a friend, Candice Falloon, there to read her poem.

“The anthologies were a direct response to the fall of the towers and its outcome around the world. Major poets, artists, writers, and spiritual leaders contribute to the books with their thoughts and anyone reading the two books will hopefully feel joy, hope and understanding,” said editor Birgitta Jonsdottir.

The two anthologies are published by Beyond Borders, an Icelandic publishing house. Additional information can be found at http://this.is/poems/hope.

Judi, a descendant of natives Ah Ish K’ and “Shorty”, came home to Karuk ancestral land a few years ago after living in Sacramento. Her father, Weldon Edward Brannan, was a member of the Karuk Tribe.

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