March Has Arrived
in Happy Camp
With Spring Breezes

Spring comes to Happy Camp!

UPDATE by Judy Bushy

There may be complaints by some that we don’t have a MALL in Happy Camp to go shopping for recreation. Others may think we need bowling alley, amusement parks and other recreational centers. Thinking about what we may lack, or what the opportunities are in our area for recreation, may lead you to many suggestions. But the recreation we can all enjoy the most is having a nice family style dinner with friends and some good conversation.

It was great fun to be invited out by a very gracious hostess and talk with other guests, including a former Happy Camper who has returned. Reminiscences about the Woodsman, the Burger Barn, the old Frosty and other places that everyone in town enjoyed in past decades was interesting. In fact, I hadn’t known that before the Silver Eagle (where Our Place is serving delicious sandwiches with options for games and pool now, used to be a sporting goods store.

To have been here in the days of the soda fountain at the pharmacy in Old Town must have been enjoyable too! I found an ad for “Grizzly Adams” movie to be shown at the Del Rio Movie Theater in Happy Camp, before that theater burned down. Although a swimming pool that could be used for therapeutic uses and a snow park where snow could be enjoyed for recreation would both be great assets, we have so many wonderful miles of trails, and chances to garden and visit with other people that it makes Happy Camp a wonderful place to live.

Can anyone tell me if there was an Oaks Café in Happy Camp? If not, where there might have been an Oaks Café in 1940? We came across photos of it with some of Happy Camp but couldn’t identify it. Anyone with good memory of people and places in Happy Camp in 1935 or 40 with time to identify photos would be most appreciated.

Look at the March Calendar and tell me what needs to be added, see what some of the HCHS Senior Class are doing as they race the last few months to graduation, and learn about what the Truant Officer of Siskiyou County shared at Community Solutions Meeting. Whatever you do, please check out the Opinion page where we have two opinions on the effect of the Siskiyou National Monument on our area.

We thank you for your gracious input. Things are really getting busy around Happy Camp with the coming of spring, it is a beautiful time of year along the wild Klamath River!!


  • Willow Yates

    Hi Judy. There was an establishment called The Oaks at the curve in the road just west of Seiad Valley. I have the recollection that it was built around a giant tree. The Oaks was a place that served alcohol and food, and there was a trailer park associated with it. For sure it was there in the 1960’s and 70’s.

    • Hello Willow, there is a place at the curve in the road west of Seiad Valley called the Wildwood. It has ben there a long time and has trailers and mobilehomes also. Across the street is a very big tree.I don’t recall if it had a different name but there is a Oaks RV park further east, The Oaks, along the Klamath River.

      • Willow Yates

        Judy Bushy, oh you are correct! That :is: the Wildwood. Not built around a tree though, eh? Must have been a childhood dream.

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