May is winding down but BUSY

Loved ones gathered to honor Willard Titus!
What a wonderful opporunity to thank our Armed Forces personnel at Siskiyou Golden Fairgournds Saturday!! One specdial hero from local area was honored, Willard Titus!!

I’d planned to update the Children & Youth with the story of the Elemetary Science Fair winners and the High School Spring Performance.

i’d planned to tell you more about the MidKlamath Watershed Stewardship plans for our youth and especially the FoodShed plans which are really exciting.

Then thre is all the opporunities for Flea Market & Crafters at the Klamath River Community Hall, Horse Creek Community Church Rummage and Bake Sale and lots of Yard Sales between there and Happy Camp where the Grange will be hosting a bunch–Indoror and Outdoor on June 8th. It’s going to be a great time!!

There’s also a Seiad Fire Sale and the Happy Camp Library Sale in Happy Camp on June 1st just before Final Exams for all the students…..leading up to G R A D U A T I O N!!

Please forgive me a bit, however, My laptop wasn’t working, then it was, then the cord refused to deliver electrical poser, so it wasn’t, so we got a new cord. Now, however, it has refused to start again. So that will delay the posts that I’d really like to make. thank you for your patience and all efforts will be made to get caught up soon. Thank you!!

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