My-ena-ca Art Supper & Dear Mad’m Events

By Judy Bushy
Alan Crockett announced a delicious dinner and new Art Show coming up this Friday, October 12th at 6 pm. Both the Fabulous Friday Supper and the Art show will take place at the Klamath-Siskiyou Art Center on Davis Road and Hwy 96 in Happy Camp! The My-ena-ca show is a bombastic combination of Artwork from 3 of our favorite artists from the river communities: Myanna, Nena Creasy and Veronica Rasmussen–Boasting a wide range of eclectic materials, styles and approaches from painting to sculpture.Plus – there’ll be an exceptional Enchilada sinner with slow cooked beans, spanish rice and a sensational salad for only$ 7.00. And of course a thirst quenching soul satisfying blend of beverage options and a music mix guaranteed to get your toes tapping and arms swaying.

Later Friday evening there will be the Reception for the authors of the new book, Dear Mad’m Who Was She? by Peter and Elizabeth Lismer who were relatives of Stella W. Patterson. Stella wrote the book, Dear Mad’m about moving to a remote mining cabin on the Klamath River when she was 80 years old. It was published in 1956.

Saturday, the Dear Mad’m Symposium will be at the Karuk Building (Headway) on 2nd Avenue and Highway 96 across from The Frontier Café. The coffee will be on at 10 ‘o’clock and the program includes lunch and learning from Peter and Elizabeth Lismer about research and writing the biography of Stella.

Later that evening there will also be a Camp fire down on the Klamath River as we did last year. This will be held at the Klamath River Resort Inn 2 miles upriver from Happy Camp–beautiful site for a camp fire!!

Sunday morning the Happy Camp High School Seniors will have a Pancake Breakfast. It will be at the high school on Indian Creek from 8 to 11 am.

At 10 we will all meet to drive to the site of the Dear Mad’m story and Rod Diridonm Sr. will tell us his memories of visiting his grandparents there when he was a youngster. There will also be birthday cake since Stella W. Patterson was born October 14, 1866.
All in all we are looking forward to seeing you there this weekend.


  • Casey Chambers

    Thank you for such a wonderful Dear Mad’m event! It was a lovely morning and afternoon with great food and company. I know Grandma Geneva Johnson was honored to be recognized as the 2012 Dear Mad’m.

  • Sheila Pickwell

    Thank you for a wonderful week end. All the Stella relatives had a grand time at the Dear Mad’m events. Everyone in Happy Camp was friendly and welcoming. See you next year!

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