Neighborhood Watch Meeting


Leaders in the Neighborhood Watch: Randy White, Lisa Scott, Becky Tiraterra, Doreen Mitchell and Deputy David Nye welcome volunteers to help keep the Klamath River Neighborhood free from crime!

After a busy weekend. Monday was the Neighborhood Watch scheduled meeting. Last month the Neighborhood Watch started to advance in organizing the group. . Lisa Scott agreed to serve as President of the Neighborhood Watch and we greatly appreciate her willingness to volunteer and help! She will be joined by Randy White who is working in security areas for the Karuk Housing to be the vice president and we appreciate Randy being willing to share his professional acumen with us. Becky Tiraterra has the major concern for the CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). Doreen Mitchell will serve as Secretary/Treasurer and liason with Karen Derry of the Happy Camp Famiy Resource Center. Deputy David Nye has served as Deputy Dare and also helped the community to get the Neighborhood Watch off the ground.

Since our busy training session on a hot weekend in the summer, there has been continued interest in having more training for the CERT. A CPR Class is in the planning stages so if you are interested, the more people in the community that are prepared for such an emergency the safer our Klamath neighbors, and our own families are. It was also decided to have a Saturday training session on Patol and that will be coming up soon so be sure to sign up.

Please consider whether you can become involved in some small way or large in the work of helping your friends and neighbors in the Neighborhood Watch.

There have been things that need keeping an eye on, such as the disappearance of the Cemetery Flag, that need watching.

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