New Friends Come Down River for the Klamath River Hwy 96 Sales

June 13, 2015 by Judy Bushy
Saturday morning was the annual Klamath River Hwy 96 Yard Sale Event.

Seiad Valley Volunteer Fire Department had a great Rummage Sale at the Fire Hall. Then vendors with beautiful plants for your yard, (love the Star Jasmine that Kathy had!!) and herbs and plant starts were at the next table. Rich Kelly of South Fork Mining had his beautiful jade jewelry and Californite and other rocks that he finds and turns into things of great beauty!

Wrobleski’s had a beautiful collection of scented soaps and things, and beautifully knit shawls. Even in the summer, like this, so many appreciate a wrap that keeps the icy air conditioning from making the wearer uncomfortable. Mr & Mrs E.B. Hill have beautifully turned redwood items, bowls, pen holders, and also whirly-gigs!! Such fun.

All were happy and enjoyed the breeze until it got less gentle and nearly tipped the canopies over! Dolly’s Deli was busy making Curly fries and corn dogs, and my favorite, strawberry lemonade! It was a perfect refreshments for a warm June afternoon. The Chamber of Commerce was also represented, and had an array of Naturegraph and other books, postcards, walking sticks and enough found new homes to pay the electric bill where the Chamber had its Information Center Office.

The most important part of the big sale, of course, was the Happy Camp Library! Many bookworms in our community found dozens of books to take home and looked exceedingly happy with their finds!! Teachers would have been so happy to see some of the youngsters with their arms laden with books, no dull summer boredom for them!
It was with great pleasure I met a couple who came from Yreka. Driving down the Jefferson Scenic Byway after reading last week’s column, it’s so good to meet “old friends” we hadn’t yet met, but were acquainted through the paper. It was good to see the people who came by to check out the beautiful drive down the river and great to meet them!

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