Nothing as lovely as a day in June….

Fishing Derby sign on Connor's Fence

If it is true, that there is nothing as lovely as a day in June, than there is no place where it is lovlier than in Happy Camp!

Sometimes people tell us that there is “nothing to do” in a small town, especially one as remote as Happy Camp. People really think it is unbelievable that we could be 75 miles from a fast food place, or Walmart, movie theater or bowling! But look at all the wonderful things that we can enjoy that they can’t, unless they come here of course!!
School ended last week, so the kids are out hiking, swimming, and fishing…. and the annual FISHING DERBY at Kelly Lake is Saturday!! There will be kids getting prizes for the biggest and the smallest and the most fish. Kelly Lake is freshly stocked with Rainbow trout each year before this event. Then they have hotdogs for lunch and another day of happy HAPPY CAMP Memories stored away!

Saturday will also be the KIDS FAIR at the River Park. Face painting, games and activities, as well as refreshments and information for everyone. Thanks to Karen Derry and Nadine McElyea this annual event is wonderful for the kids.

Sunday, P.K. Halliman, the famous author will be speaking at the Happy Camp Christian Fellowship at 10:30. THe Fellowship meets at the Elementary School each Sunday at 10:30. Kirk Eadie is the pastor and Kirk will be leading the singing with Alex and Abbye Eadie. David “Mouche” Culbertson is the teacher of the teens, where everyone over ten has Sunday School. There is also classes for the ten and under. While Kirk has been going through the Psalms each Sunday of late, this is a special time for P.K. will be visiting us again. Everyone is welcome!! If you’ve ever read Heartprints or some of P.K.s other books for children to your kids, you’ll be interested to know his latest book is for adults. More on Church page…..

The Klamath Writer’s Club plans a potluck at Tanya’s deck overlooking the Klamath on Sunday. This group usually meets at the Happy Camp Chamber of commerce office at 35 Davis Road to the right of the Post Office. All writer’s are welcome. We are so happy and excited with the publishing of Linda J. Martin’s book, RIVER GIRL. Which is new! I enjoyed reading it so much before it was published and plan to give it to all our nieces! It is a great little book for a young girl to read about what it was like to come to Happy Camp in the 1920’s. You can read more about it at

Then there are the Lawn Mower Races!! What?? You have never heard of lawn mower races (except for the kids race to get away from the chore????) Well, you must not live in Happy Camp then!! Lawm mower races are the big event by the Outdoor Club. Next week, hopefully, we will update you on who won…..if someone will please let me know!!

In the meanwhile, Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddy’s past and present!!

Thanks to all, Klamath River Community Hall, Seiad Valley Yardsale personnel, HAPPY CAMP LIBRARY and all who contributed to their raffle and Sales. There is more on the Art & Treasure Weekend on the Community Page….but hope to put up more pictures soon also.

Calendar isn’t working quite right so Keep in mind the Rockin the Klamath concert in the park August 4th. We want all you talented Klamath Neighbors to practice up to win the prizes at Happy Camp Has Talent!! The forms for signing up as contestants, and sponsors will be available in the Happy Camp Chamber office soon.
Karuk Family Reunion is August 25th. Seiad Valley Day August also August 25th. School Resumes August 27th and Bigfoot Jamboree is August 31-September 2 at the River Park and the Parade down Hwy 96!
Dear Mad’m Day is October 13th with Breakfast and field trip on October 14th which is Stella’s (real) birthday! More on that famous literary event in Happy Camp soon.
In the meantime, enjoy your garden and the wonderful summer activities!

Blessings Klamath Neighbors!


  • Robert

    Thanks for the news. Too bad I didn’t get it in time to enjoy some of these events. Oh well. T%hank-you anyway.

  • Casey Chambers

    Thank you for sharing good news about our wonderful town. How can one not love living here in paradise!

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