Smoke Continues to Drift Into Happy Camp

October 4, 2001 – The Swillup Fire, the largest, most persistent and last active fire of the 47 fires of the Happy Camp Complex is finally close to 100% containment. After a full week of aggressive, but unsuccessful direct attack, firefighters backed off to existing fire lines and roads along a system of ridges surrounding the fire and began backfiring. The backfiring was completed successfully, and all lines are holding. The backfire continues to move slowly down the slopes towards the main fire in the northeast portion of the Swillup Creek watershed. While most of the 1,200 firefighters have returned to their homes, a force of over 200 remain to complete work on the fire.

Crawford Fire - 2001Fire crews continue to snuff out burning fuels around the 21-mile perimeter of the Swillup Fire, while the remaining fuels in the middle of the 8,300-acre fire area continue to actively burn. Over the course of the last few days, westerly winds have been moving smoke into portions of the Klamath, Scott, and Salmon River Valleys. According to Happy Camp District Ranger Michael Condon, “The smoky conditions are likely to persist for several days. Afternoon winds will increase fire activity over the next few days, as the fire continues to burn on the east side of Swillup Creek. Even though most of the firefighters have returned home, we have more than enough firefighters still assigned to the fire to keep the fire contained while mop-up continues.”

Condon would also like to remind the public the road closures established within the vicinity of the Swillup Fire on September 19 remain in effect. Those roads are being used as fire lines in some places. Road closures continue to be necessary in order to ensure public and firefighter safety for as long as suppression and rehabilitation work continues in the fire area.

— U.S. Forest Service Press Release

Dr. Akinlade, We Will Miss You!

Dr. Akinlade

After three years service to Happy Campers in medical need, Dr. Akinlade and his family have left the area. Dr. Akinlade said they plan to travel for a time, then find work and settle down closer to the East Coast.

We have fond memories of his participation in our community and will miss seeing him here. The Happy Camp Health Clinic will continue to operate with nurse practitioners in October, and a temporary doctor will help starting in November while a permanent doctor is being hired.

Chamber of Commerce Requests Website Proposals

The Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce wants a new website, and is currently seeking proposals from any interested individuals having experience in website development. They are looking for creativity from those interested regarding website content, and understand that website hosting and future modifications would be additional to the original design contract.

The Chamber is willing to pay up to $200.00 for the website. The deadline for proposals is October 31,2001 at 1:00 pm at the Chamber of Commerce meeting, which will be at the Family Resource Center on 2nd St. in Happy Camp.

Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 1188
Happy Camp, CA 96039
(530) 493-2900


We are looking for proposals from interested parties for the purpose of putting together a Web-Site for the Chamber.

This request is open to any interested individuals who have experience in web-site development. The Chamber is willing to pay up to $200.00 (Two Hundred Dollars) for the web-site, and we are looking for creativity from those interested as to how many pages and what might be in the web-site. This request for proposals is essentially wide-open to allow for any ideas and creativity that might come forward. The Chamber understands that hosting of the web-site and future alterations, changes or modifications would be additional to the original design contract.

Interested persons should put together their proposals including what they would agree to include in the web-site, number of pages or MB of projected information, what changes might be allowed, and additionally if the person or entity could host the site, for what cost, including changes on a periodic basis.

Proposals should be forwarded to the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce at the above address, or brought to a Chamber meeting. Deadline for proposals is October 31st at the Chamber meeting at 1:00 p.m. The meeting will be at the Family Resource Center (former Headway Market) on 2nd Street.

Any additional information or questions may be directed to the Chamber, above, or Eddie Davenport, President, at 493-2208.

The Swillup and Crawford Fires

Map showing fire locations
Fires started by lightning on Sept. 15, 2001

The Swillup Fire\
The Swillup Fire, near Cottage Grove

Forest fires about 12 miles downriver from Happy Camp are only 20% contained. The fires are three of over sixty fires started in the Klamath National Forest by dry lightning strikes in the early morning hours of Saturday, September 15. There was only .27 of an inch of rain with this lightning storm.

The Swillup Fire is burning in the area of Cottage Grove and at this time has covered about 900 acres. The Crawford Fire is upriver closer to Independence Bridge and encompasses about 70 acres. The Red Hill Fire, deep in the Siskiyou Wilderness area, covers about 30 acres.

Smoke blankets Happy Camp today due to weather conditions keeping this layer of air close to the ground. The fires do not threaten Happy Camp at this time and there are no plans to evacuate residences in this area. No structures have been affected by these fires.

Over 900 firefighters are on the job, with 7 air tankers, 7 water tenders, 9 helicopters, 7 bulldozers, 16 engines and 32 hand crews. Burning is currently erratic with winds of up to 12 MPH blowing southwest, and away from Happy Camp. The Swillup Fire has been especially challenging due to rugged, steep terrain, inaccessibility, and heavy fuels, according to Forest Service reports.

Strange Creatures Spotted at Elk Creek Campground


Some odd things seem to be happening at Elk Creek Campground in Happy Camp. Since the September fires in the forests near the town, there have been reports of eerie lights and strange noises coming from a vacant travel trailer in the park. The managers, Ed & Jean Davenport have not been able to find anything unusual. However, a camper who asked not to be identified states that, “Strange creatures have been driven here from the forest by the fires.” Another camper states, “I make sure I’m in my rig by nightfall. I keep the lights on and don’t go outside, no matter what!”

The Davenports are concerned by the reports, but assure everyone that there is really nothing to be afraid of. In fact, they are inviting anyone 13 and older to come see for themselves. The campground will welcome your presence and provide a tour of the travel trailer to help calm your nerves. Their only ghoul (I mean goal) is to be sure all have a good time at the park.

Despite all the Davenports reassurances, certain of the Happy Camp High School Seniors state “they won’t go to the park.” There seems to be some real fright from these young adults despite their show of cool bravado and their strong denials to the contrary. It does seem odd that they would pass up free refreshments if they weren’t worried about showing their fright.

For the rest of you brave and curious souls, visit Elk Creek Campground & RV Park, 921 Elk Creek Road in Happy Camp, on Saturday, October 27th from dark until 10:30 p.m. Unlike a certain motel, they’ll be leaving the lights off for you! See you there!

— Elk Creek Press Release

Terrorist Attack on America

September 12, 2001 – Our nation and all decent people throughout the world are in shock at the devastation in New York City and Washington DC. Though we are isolated from this violence here in Happy Camp, we are not immune from its impact. Our loved ones too could be among the dead and injured. Our prayers are needed.

The nation’s response will be registered through the many major media resources of our country.

To keep track of the president’s response, keep an eye on his website at and on Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Candlelight, Song, and Prayers

A group of about thirty Happy Camp citizens met in a prayer circle around the flagpole in front of the post office just before sunset.

Many prayers were offered as part of a national effort to observe and deal with the pain caused by Tuesday’s terrorist attack on American citizens. Afterwards there were songs including America the Beautiful and The Star Spangled Banner. Those who brought candles lit them.

American flags are showing up on Happy Camp businesses and homes, as well as one placed across Highway 96 near the bank. The spirit of patriotism seems to be overtaking us as we stand on the threshold of war.

US Flag

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