New Business Owners in Happy Camp

img_2734by Judy Bushy, Happy Camp
The business community of Happy Camp has had some changes recently. Bob and Trista Parry turned over the market, which became Kingfisher Market under Leon and Erin Hillman’s ownership last month. Now they are excited to announce that their other retail business, Marble Mountain Gift Co. is also under new ownership. It’s always a joy to see Connie Rasmussen there. Her granddaughter, Meranda makes me delicious coffee on occasion. They will remain, and more family will be involved as Jason and Veronica Rasmussen are new owners. Veronica has given notice at the Forest Service and they will all be available to help you meet your coffee and gift needs.

It wasn’t that long ago that the MMGC start up was celebrated and a couple of Christmas grand openings! The store is always a fascinating place to look for the perfect gift as they have so many great things!!

Community member, Robyn Eadie’s reaction to the announcement was, “Thank you Bob and Trista Parry for serving the Happy Camp Community with a love like no other. Your businesses have blessed many over the years. Congratulations to Veronica and Jason! Looking forward to the new adventures”

Now that we are in November, I must say, we have abundant causes to be thankful for, the harvests and all the blessings that have come to us in this year!

October Homecoming Royalty

homecoming Royalty, Nikki arrison and Brett Burcell reigned Friday

homecoming Royalty, Nikki arrison and Brett Burcell reigned Friday

October Colors
October colors on the leaves makes beautiful autumn scenes all around happy Camp! Not only is it a perfect time for a drive—either down the State of Jefferson Scenic Byway from I-5 to the east, or Bigfoot Scenic Byway from hwy 299 at Willow Creek The weather is cool and crisp! I love it!

Those of us who haven’t gotten out on those drives really appreciate those who do so with their camera. About four people posted photos on Facebook today and that was delightful! Then there are the photos of the bucks who will be feeding a family venison soon, and those that got away for another day. The bear, cougar, skunks and last night a raccoon tried to hit my car. He wasn’t successful, thank goodness! Son, Stephen told me orange was a good color for me to drive when recommending the Aveo, so perhaps that caused the little masked bandit to miss me!

This is that beautiful time of year with apple pie and pumpkins being gathered for decorating or to make pie too. Sherri shared her pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips last week and now I’ve found the recipe! Dan’s baking Oatmeal raisin cookies and I’m looking forward to turnkey dinner soon.

The kids at Happy Camp High School dressed like animals on Monday, Hillbilly’s on Tuesday, Blast from the Blast on Wednesday for HOMECOMING!! In my day, shortly after the middle ages, we had past decades 20s 30’s 40s or 50s to choose from…now they add 70s, 80s, and 90s to the millennium to the mix!. Wednesday was also Powder Puff game. Thursday after the kids dressed in pajamas there was a volleyball game!And Friday is Superhero day. Friday was senior presentations before the volleyball game and senior presentations before the football game. The homecoming king and queen were be crowned at half time. Your support for the team and the high school is greatly appreciated. It certainly made an action packed week. Pajama Day and Superheroes on Friday were the most fun. The kids kept in costume later in the day. Then there was a LOUD assembly in the gym before school was out Friday, so they were in fine shape for cheering and fun!
Nikki Harrison was crowned homecoming queen by Sydney Snider, who reigned last year. Brett Burcell was crowned homecoming king at half time festivities. They looked so happy! The cheerleaders, Damian Valenzuela, Brianna, Beatrice Edwards and Megan Minimum were full of cheer as well.

Coming Events
Wednesday is a baked potato dinner to raise funds for the fifteen going to Washington D.C. for the inauguration. You must admire the way the students have dug in and held bake sales, car washes, spaghetti dinner, Bingo and candy sales to earn the money for their trip.
In less than a week some will celebrate Halloween Monday, October 31st. That makes Tuesday, November 1st All Saints Day. The following week, November 8th is Election Day. Some of you may have already sent in a mail ballot, but the rest of us go to the polls. have you noticed something very funny about the election this year. No one seems to have yard signs and bumper stickers and broadcast the candidates that they are supporting for this election. There is also more bad feeling toward other voters with differing views than I ever
Two weeks and a bit more and it will be Veterans Day Friday, November 11th. Just four weeks from Thursday will be “over the river and through the woods time for Thanksgiving.
It is time for all those artists and craftspeople to begin making things they want to sell for the holidays. In just five weeks from Saturday will be a chance to buy lots of wonderful craft items at the Grange with their annual Craft event. Then eight weeks from Sunday is Christmas day. And in nine weeks we will already be in the New Year 2017, Lord willing.


Wish we knew their story- “Remember That!!”


Light breezes kept the mosquitoes at bay around the campfire. Stars sparkling in the vast black sky overhead gave a peaceful feel. Occasionally you’d hear a fish splash in their jump from the Klamath River nearby. Sitting around a cheery campfire with friendly camaraderie was the perfect end of a very busy day.

We were content from the 50’s style Sunday chicken dinner that Bonnie had made and was served by smiling young girls. Previous year Gloria had made delicious so ‘mores, but we’d enjoyed dinner and all the homemade pies! Pete had brought his guitar and sang a couple of songs, one about the silver-hair aging, and one he’d just written about new young life. How fast it goes from one to the other.
A couple from the resort joined the circle and asked what brought us here. Liz explained we were celebrating the author, Stella Patterson, who wrote Dear Mad’m. Liz and Pete Lismer, grandnephew of Stella had written Dear Mad’m Who Was She? answering many questions about Stella’s life. They shared Stella’s life before and after she wrote Dear Mad’m.

Stella’s relatives wanted her to move back to San Francisco to “take care of her” in her declining years. Her independent streak and having been told she had “young legs” recently led to her plan. For one year she wanted to live on her mining claim on the Klamath River and it gave her the excuse, that it was for “business reasons.”. She’d try it for a year. Dear Mad’m was the book she wrote about living in a rustic cabin, the friends she met, a mule named Pete, goats invasion, learning mining and clean-up, storms wildlife, wood-stove, without indoor plumbing and other challenges, with only her faithful dog, Vickie.

Even with all the answers to questions about Stella’a life, more questions pop up. On that night around the campfire, as we so often wished that we could ask her questions and get to know her better. If only she had written more!

Rod Diradon said right then, “Remember That!”

Have you ever written down the stories of your life? I appreciate so much those who have told us what life was back in long ago days, or even what Happy Camp was like a few years ago, before mills closed which brought changes to our little town in the woods. We have different perspectives, and think we will not forget the little day to day things that made up our lives as the years pass. But we forget, and they will never be known to those who come after us and wish they knew more about that life. You can pass on to them your wisdom, experience, the happy times and the difficult times. Consider saving it all in a biography or memoir! Your family and maybe others as well, would enjoy getting to know what it was like if you record it now!

Children love to see the photo albums of pictures of them in the times before they remember…the times before Facebook too!! The story of their birth, how everyone looked forward to their arrival, when and where they were born and any other special things that are memorable. One memoir teacher that I had a class with suggested a mother write these things in a letter to each child, but that’s just the beginning of the important memories of their life.

Rather than outlining a whole life, Denis LeDoux’s method of listing each year you have lived down the left side of notebook paper. Next to each year, starting with your birth, or before to include heritage that directly affects you, write just a few words remembrances from that year. Once you start school, it is easy to list the teachers each grade, best friends. There later will bring to mind stories abut things that happened. Some years may have many things, siblings births, moving, pets, and hobbies while other years may be difficult to recall. Don’t worry, things will come to you later to add.

Pick out one topic from that list, sit down and write out the story. Don’t worry about perfection at the beginning! Later you can correct and add details and descriptions. Get it down on paper. Then each morning, or a couple of times a week, or weekly, whatever fits your schedule, write about another topic on your list. It may take a year but if you don’t start now, the time will still pass and you’ll still have not begun! You’ll be wishing you could get “around to it” someday.

It might end up being something you’d just want to share with your family and friends, but Stella W. Patterson’s one year story turned into a best seller! Seventy years later. People are still reading and enjoying her adventures. Adventures which are like those you have in your own life each day and could write about as well.

Volunteer Fire Fighters Celebrated in Seiad Valley

16seiadday_1830Seiad Valley is a beautiful mountain town on the Klamath River Highway 96. Saturdays Seiad Valley Day was great fun and now a happy memory! For the first time in the over thirty year history of Seiad Valley Day, they had a Grand Marshall! Lolly Jones was the first Grand Marshall because she has been an amazing asset to the Seiad Valley community helping with Seiad Day and keeping the town trash free. She started the Adopt a Highway program in our town. She is also like a second mom to many of us. Thank you for all you do, Lolly!
Before even the Grand Marshall car in the parade, of course, Bill Roberts and Peggy Goshgarrian and George rode by on horses and mule and pack mules also. It’s always a good start to a beautiful parade.
West Timbrook drove a 1947 Allis Chalmers Model B Tractor with his sister, Leeann. Sister Jenny was taking photos of the whole parade! Dave Timbrook came with his 1944 Allis Chalmers tractor, and right behind him was a 1937 John Deer plow, and then a 1942 Western Tractor, and a 1930-1945 Corn s Sheller, followed by 1912 Fairbank Morse and Mr. Pig bringing up the tail end of his antique contraptions!!16seiadday_1838
Aaron Mopas, grown up- to drive the Seiad Rescue, and seeing how many people he could nail came next. However, his driving was so circumspect that he didn’t nail any of the people even with large crowds watching the parade go by. He was followed by the Seiad Fire vehicle Engine 32217.
Erik Haskell of the Happy Camp Fire Department drove the Fire vehicle Chief 3300. Nate Rhodes drove the 3312 Happy Camp Fire rig. All of these vehicles were throwing candy to the crowds enjoying the spectacle, of course.
From Happy Camp Ambulance Charles Feheley and Dan Effman brought up the next emergency vehicle. They were followed by the U.S. Forest Service Engine 326 from Happy Camp, Water Tender 21 Prevention 23 with people, but who notices when Smokey Bear is aboard!! Good to see Smokey! Next was Happy Camp Engine 326 with Captain Brandon Cortes, firefighters Ike McAbier and Joe Worthington. Kenny King was the Fire Engine operator for Happy Camp’s water Tender 21.
Was a 1991 VW Fire Engine from Germany, a brightly colored red vehicle with German lettering? Very unique!! This was driven by Chris and Megan Stutz. A Honda XR75 was driven by Jarrett.
Bob Hokanson came by in a gorgeous ’03 anniversary model corvette. He also was advertising the Happy Camp High School 1960’s class reunions which will be next weekend in Happy Camp. Incidentally it is also the 50th Anniversary of the Bigfoot Jamboree.
Jeff came next with a 1994 Mercedes 500 Benz. Followed by the Beautiful young Greenberg Girls! Satu and Celeste Greenberg were driving a 1960 MGA 1600 Roadster. I thought they were off in New York so it was neat to see them in Seiad Valley! David Greenberg followed in a 1967 SAAB 96 2 stroke.
A 1992 Miata carried Reverend Eddie and Fred Kelli from 2nd church of fun next in the parade. Roy came next in his beautiful 1953 Bentley. Bill

Clinic Pharmacy Celebrates 35 Years Serving Community

bixcdclinicpharmacy-001by Judy Bushy
Patt and Mike Celayeta are celebrating too! Clinic Pharmacy has been 35 years serving the community in Happy Camp! They stopped to figure some things and came up with that they have now served FIVE generations of Happy Campers! They are having a contest to celebrate….it’s time for the Guess How Many Pills Are In The Jar Contest.This time they are awarding cash prizes.

Patt expressed their thanks to the community of Happy Camp and the folks up and down the River for their continued support and trust in them to provide the best pharmaceutical service available.

It is fun just to see what health and safety things they have available, some good preventatives and other things good to have on hand “just in case.” We were recently able to get some prescriptions for our Aussie pup, Adom!! That’s a big help as it didn’t require a trip out of town, or out of state, to his veterinarian for the things that were needed as ticks had been pestering him earlier this year! We also appreciate for the way that Patt and Michael support the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce and in many ways help our community!

Patt also said that they “continue to enjoy their profession and service to our community and look forward to folks stopping by to say hello and to enter the contest.” Come by Clinic Pharmacy and put your guess in! You may be the one to win a cash prize by your guess for the contest

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