Happy Camp Coronation of Bigfoot Jamboree Royalty

Sometimes things just all seem to go wrong. You plan a party, and a parade and lots of fun stuff, but you can never tell where lightening will strike!! And often lightning starts a fire. This particular fire, Natchez Fire, burns around 28,000 acres of forest. It wasn’t even “our” forest, but a bit of the Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest pokes over the Oregon Border, even though it is Region 6.

Klamath National Forest is Region 5, but both Regions and both Forests have done a fabulous job in working together to put out the many, many fires begun July 15th by lightning and a few from other causes south of us!!

We are tremendously grateful for our Forest Supervisor’s and the Inter-agency Incident groups that have dome to put out the fire in timber. The fire is 8 miles NW of Happy Camp CA, and 15 miles SE of Cave Junction, Oregon. When these Incident Command groups come in they bring hundreds of firefighters in to work on the fire, for which we are very grateful. For a while the little village of firefighters was about the same number as the population of the entire town of Happy Camp!!

Despite our grateful appreciation for them, the fire still sends us a lot of smoke, but, we were so grateful, the smoke was much less, the sky was mostly blue and we were able to hold the Bigfoot Jamboree in Happy Camp. Friday evening there was a great dinner and DJ Dance by Vivian, Saturday was at Gail Zink Park, vendors and concessions and a great gathering of folks!

Kids Games and fun. You wouldn’t believe how much fun the children had with waterslides and other inflatables! That was followed by some special contests for the babes and tiny toddlers!! I assure you that there is not a hint of prejudice in my believing we have the cutest and most precious babes anywhere in the world. They are all colors, sizes and accomplishments from sitting doing nothing but smiling to bring their whole family joy!

Later,was the Coronation of the Bigfoot Jamboree Royalty! Brad Hahn, escorted by Judy Hahn, his grandmother, was crowned Bigfoot King. His brother, Tyler Hahn escorted by his sister Savanah Hahn was Junior Prince. Tayden Brink was escorted by his sister, Luna, and crowned the Junior King.

Jessica Williams, escorted by Virsur was crowned Bigfoot Queen and sold the most raffle tickets. Chelsea King was first runner-up Princess, escorted by her father, Travis King. Another Princess was Kaylee Bangs.

Bella Crocker Junior Princess in the Bigfoot Parade

Annabelle “Bella” Crocker was crowned Junior Queen escorted by Carter. Her royal court was Princess Bridgett Harrison escorted by Lance Hillman, Liz Canerena and Abigail Rhodes escorted by Lyle. Lily and Lela were the flower girls to present sashes and flowers while last year’s royal Bigfoot Queens crowned the royal king and queens.

All together the youth who were competing for King and Queen, Junior King and Junior Queen sold 2,370 tickets! Following the Coronation and the Queen’s dance, Raffle tickets were drawn. First place was a $200 won by Susan Sharp, Second place was $100 won by Karen King and the Craftsman Chainsaw was won by Daniel Goodwin. Those winners had to be present to win, and then there were a number of prizes that the ticket holder didn’t have to be present to win. Gift Certificates for gas and at the Market, and trips and such, Lots of wonderful prizes for he Raffle winners!!

THE ROADSTERS began the live music for the dance! The dance goes to midnight when the Gail Zink Park closed.

Saturday is Seiad Day! August 25th

Seiad Valley Volunteer Firefighters Fundraiser to begin with parade Saturday~

by Judy Bushy
The other day Bob Humphries stopped by and mentioned he has chickens ready! They are ready for playing Chicken Poop bingo at the annual Seiad Day fundraiser for the Seiad Valley Volunteer Fire Department. It is always a fun day. It begins with the Parade right downtown Seiad Valley, at promptly (usually) 10 pm. You don’t want to be late or you’ll be a long way back and miss the best part of the parade! After the parade when you see lots of friendly people, everyone goes back to the Fire Hall, 44601 Highway 96 (Can’t miss it unless you miss Seiad Valley entirely!!) I always like to enjoy all the crafts they have at the booths and then get one of their delicious hamburgers for lunch 11 to 3. They have hot dogs, chips and nachos and lots of beverages and pops. There is a craft auction 3 to 5 and a Silent auction, which has beautiful things to bid for. There’s horseshoes and the kids have all kinds of games as well as popcorn and treats. They usually love the bounce house. Did I mention Chicken poop bingo? Later, when you are enjoying the nice winning craft you got from the auction, you can end the day with dinner and dance. Chicken or steak dinner is $15 or $20 for the big appetite for both, along with sides and cake. Children are $8. Last year Patty Grantham was on hand to talk with residents about the Eclipse fire, but although we can’t guarantee she will be there this year her coworker, Smokey Bear will no doubt be encouraging fire prevention!

Seiad Valley Volunteer Firefighters Fundraiser to begin with parade Saturday~

It was so exciting to receive the new Siskiyou Pioneer, annual publication of the Siskiyou County Historical Society, in the mail this week. I’d hoped to go out Friday or Monday to stop by their office and pick it up and some other reading, but it already came. This is a very special look back to the out of pring 1964 Siskiyou Pioneer, plus other things as well.

Hungry? In Happy Camp…

Hunger Solutions

Newly Opened Partner’s Deli & Arcade

When you get hungry in Happy Camp for a lunch or dinner out, the only opportunity was the Pizza House. They make the best pizza, and love their mozzarella bread sticks too!! Lots of parties and gatherings are held there, some in the outside patio. They have other good things on their menu too, but since the Frontier Café and saloon has been closed, there was no other choice available.

Now, however, Dan Effman has opened Partner’s Deli and Arcade right on Highway 96 next to the Happy Camp District Forest Service Office. Thanks to the Siskiyou County Health Inspection giving him a “go ahead” the end of July Partners Deli & Arcade will be opening 10:00am to 7 or 8 pm (Do you recognize the pet the place is named after!)

Not only did the Deli pass inspection, the Kwik Dogs cart passed too so Dan will be available for catering. He is very open for suggestions to serve the community better, whether for hours and menu items or other ideas. Dan would be happy to hear, so please let him know. This is your place and we will do our best. Give them a call for “To go” orders 493-2901 With the Hot dog cart he can do catering on request when you have a hungry bunch to feed.

Natchez Fire Transitions to Pacific Northwest Team

by Judy Bushy Reprinted from Klamath Views in Siskiyou Daily News August 21, 2018

There used to be an old song, “Smoke gets in Your Eyes.” February 2, 1964, Judy Garland performed the song in a comedy performance on her variety television series, The Judy Garland Show. In her “romantic” performance she sings longingly, sitting at a small table, in a favorite comedy of the day.

So that is what Happy Camp is doing, keep on singing and grateful it is only smoke and we have heros on hand with the skills and experience to put out the fire as quickly and safely as possible.

We are so very thankful for the hard work (and dangerous) done by the Rocky Mountain Fire Incident Command Team that has just transitioned in on the fire, and all of the firefighters crews and support people, who have come here from many different places.Some, have even come as far as Australia!! Fires got a big early start in Oregon (22 at one time) and the Northern California (record setting Carr in Redding and Mendocino Complex which is believed to be largest historically) and even British Columbia in Canada! That is the reason for the “smoke in our eyes”– Not necessarily the (ver romantic) fire in our heart.”

I am especially grateful for the Public Information Officers who keep us informed so we don’t have to worry and fret. They let us know what is happening with the fire, pros and cons, and it’s great to KNOW! Josh Veal has come out from Yreka, as has Patricia Grantham, and Duane, and they are always quick to say that they will be happy to answer any questions. One thing about the town Meetings at the Grange is that other people ask such good questions.

The questions of whether salvage logging will be done after the fire is put out is not the concern of the Fire Team as they will be back home in Montana or wherever home is. That is a completely different department of the Forest Service and doesn’t get involved in timber or silviculture or fisheries or other departments. The time it is important to make your views known on salvage timber and logging is when they have public meetings specifically for that purpose. those meetings are often under-represented by local members of the community and that is the time to make your views known. It is important at that time.

We are grateful Eric Haskell, Marble Mountain Gift Co and others are distributing masks to wear when the air is hazardous. The Karuk Tribe is even lending air filters, and keeping the Senior Nutrition Site open from 11 to 5, or the clinic during normal hours, for a place for those who need to get out of the hazardous atmosphere.

Natchez Fire Information & Cooperation Shared Thursday

Natchez Fire Information

by Judy Bushy
Grange Town Meeting 8/9/2018
Thursday many Happy Camp residents gathered at the Grange, just like in the old days. We were, of course, accompanied by a host of “Fire people!”Scott Blower, who is the Acting Happy Camp District Ranger for the Klamath National Forest gave a welcome and introduced dozen or so who would be available for questions. It is great to meet the personnel who are handling our Natchez Fire. I say “our” fire, but technically, it began in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest, and Merv George was here from the RR-S. Patricia Grantham, our own Klamath Forest Supervisor was also present and we’ve so enjoyed seeing her a couple times a week lately. Neal comes with her as the Public Information Officer and is helpful with questions as well.
Penny Bertram is the Northern Rockies Incident Management Team 1 working on the fire and was facilitator to introduce Andy Huntsberger who is Northern Rockies Operations and has been “on the ground” up there at the Natchez Fire! On t he North end Division S is looking good. Originally it had jumped handlines painstakingly put in place but they did it again and the lines are holding. Across Division A (Alpha) there had been a couple area spotting the other day but now A to F were fully secured and looking good but the main concern is the Runaway Point at the South. Also most of the residences and the town of Happy Camp is on the south so of concern. They don’t want it to get south of South Fork of Indian Creek and are holding it ther. Division J (Juliet) very challenging as it has large trees, dense vegetation and challenging, steep terrain but they are trying to go right on! They were also putting in contingency lines, put in during the Eclipse fire a couple of years ago. So the Natchez hasn’t reached the place where we were beginning a couple of years ago when the fire threatened the town.

Hunter Bell continues his structure protection with the Contingency group.. One good thing they announced how important is is for people to put their house numbers plainly seen on their homes. I wonder if the Seiad Fire Safe Council still sells them. Perhaps they will have a booth at Seiad Days a week from Saturday on the 25th at the Fire Hall in Seiad Valley. With the Bigfoot Jamboree postponed from Labor Day Weekend, many people are planning to take the kids (and go dinner and dancing with their sweethearts) at the Seiad Valley Day a week from Saturday. The Parade starts at 10 o’clock but you need to be earlier to get a good “spot”, if you want a good “seat” bring your own!

Incident Commander Trainee with the Northern Rockies Incident Management Team 1, Mark Goelier answered questions. Mark has been working his way up to this position for 17 years, so he has plenty of experience in fighting these fires! He mentioned that we are at Level five for Fire Season, with lots of teams and crews competition for resources! There are 21 large fires in Washington and Oregon and five large fires in California. Of most concern is 8,000 personnel on the Carr Fire of Redding and Mendocino Complex which are both south of us. Mark mentioned that this is a strong aggressive team and using every viable opportunity that is safe to stop this fire. He also mentioned that they greatly appreciate the work with cooperation of the locals who have been helpful information and resources. They all know what it is like to be in this situation with wildfire in our backyard!

It is so neat to see the Fire Fighters, especially when they stop by Marble Mountain Gift for coffee and we have a chance to chat. We usually don’t have so much traffic along Davis Road each morning and evening but it is heartening to see them going by, up to put in long hours of hard work on the fire, or returning tired from their labors and ready for food and rest! We appreciate that way they emphasize they “got to secure these lines” and recognize there may be latent fires we can’t see which is why they are flying every night with infa-red to get pictures of hotspots. Blue Ridge Hotshots came in Thursday and a couple more crews were expected Friday. Australian crew came in Wednesday.

It was good to have Merv George, Supervisor on the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest north of us. Officer Monday with the California Highway Patrol was there, and Sheriff’s Deputy Garrison updated their actions keeping up on the fire. Tom Mopas had been to a previous Town Meeting and Eric Haskell , Happy Camp Volunteer Fire Chief has more face masks and they are also at Marble Mountain Gift Co. It is good to see so many taking part in the Town Meeting, and you know you can ask a question afterwards.

The only place evacuation warning thus far was Sunstar, a tiny community on the outskirts of Takilma in Oregon, and those on Happy Camp’s South Fork of Indian Creek left earlier to be safe. THANKS TO ALL THE HARD, AND CHALLENGING WORK OF THE FIRE FIGHTERS!!

July Celebrating the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce

by Judy Bushy, July 2018

Happy Camp on the Wild and Scenic Klamath River

We love Happy Camp and our Klamath Neighbors, and walking in beauty of Creation everyday!

July is a big birthday time for our family!! We just had my youngest son’s birthday, Linda my friend in Idaho, and even the Constitution of the United States! The biggest surprise was that the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce began on my birthday!

It was a hot evening, but the business leaders of Happy Camp enjoyed the cool breezes on the deck by Elk Creek. The Jones’ had invited them to discuss the prospect of erecting a billboard to bring people from Interstate 5 down to enjoy the hiking, camping, rafting, fishing and hunting in our wonderful town!

On July 8th, 1986 they collected $1,730.49 in dues etc. which were $50 each. August five more joined, September another and October, a couple three more. They began putting aside money for the Christmas tree fund as they wanted it not to be a collection, but a gift to the Community. They rented meeting space at the Happy Camp Lions and replenished the bar. They got popcorn from Coley and Pollard and Lights from Happy Camp Hardware, more party refreshments from Larry’s Market and prepared for a coloring contest at Happy Camp elementary. We had a total income of $2,585.06 for 1986.

The next year they really got busy. They helped the Happy Camp Boy Scouts do town cleanup, paid Naturegraph to do printing, and got the telephone line (530) 493-2900.
Fundraising began in order to get a Deputy Dog for Siskiyou County Sheriff and a Reno Night helped that project.

They paid for an ad in the Pioneer Press fun Guide, and contributed $1100 for the Colliers Rest Area information to the Associate Chambers of Commerce of Siskiyou County. When Carol Jones and Mary Lee Adamson audited the accounts they’d taken in $5,867.80 of which they donated $4,766.50 for the Deputy Dog. The rest went to office supplies, signs, advertising, promotions, brochures, phone, Christmas and meeting expense and a memorial to J.R. to the Hospice Center.

In 1989 they paid $15 for a booth at the Bigfoot jamboree. That was one of my favorite Bigfoot Jamboree events when James Cook had the Youth Group from the Bible Church dress up as clowns for the parade.

Jim Jones took brochures and community information to the Reno Boat Show, Ron’s used Cars, Thompson Creek Guide Service and Peachey Clean launderette were members, Hair we Are, Joan Rogers, River Country Rafting, Sears,

In 1971 Dianne Hokanson painted a mural on the side of Larry’s Market. Napa and Pences’ Hardware provided some paints and total costs for the Chamber were $1,590.76

Thirty-two years, and we still get calls every day asking about Happy Camp. Seems like many people dream of coming here and we are happy to welcome them. How wonderful for us to be able to live here always, not just vacationing!!

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