Celebrating “Letitia” and her daughter, Barbara on Tuesday at MMGC

The picture from the book cover of “Letitiia” written by her daughter, Barbara Ann Black (Brown)

Tuesday the Book Club, now christened the River Readers, meet at eleven o’clock each Tuesday at Marble Mountain Gift Co. Tuesday is BOOK DAY in Happy Camp since the Happy Camp Branch Library is also open on Tuesday afternoon.
Special Meeting at 10 Tuesday
This week we will be meeting, and inviting you to join us, for a special book signing. The book is “hot off the press!” It is Letitia, She’s Iron, Stone and Beautiful Flowers, Colorado Homesteading 1916 to 1950 by Barbara Ann Black. Those who have read it already say that it is a truly heartwarming book!!

Barbara wrote this book about her mother, Letitia Brunia Black, born the second daughter of Allie and Franz Brunia in Olivet Iowa, May 17, 1889.

Letitia was one of five children. At home they spoke Frisisian and Dutch (which they called Holland) and by four years of age when she accompanied her sister Bertha to school, English was acquired. When she graduated from high school in 1908, she took “normal training” and passed the examination for a teacher certificate to teach at a one room rural school. After teaching, she entered nurses training in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

After excelling as a nurse for few years, she was asked to be superintendent of a new private hospital while only in her mid twenties. When friends came back from Colorado where they’d taken up homesteading claims, this appealed to Letitia and her two sisters.
It is clearly evident that Letitia was one of women’s lib forerunners, and even though her father was adamantly opposed to his three daughters homesteading, they went anyway!
The 3 N (three nurses) ranch began! Even today, I believe, people would be astounded with three single independent young ladies each taking up 320 acres, which they were able to double in 1916 to 640 acres each!
Later, Bertha wanted to no longer be partner in the stock raising and the cattle were divided in 1922. With such hard working and attractive ladies, soon Henrietta met William (Bill) Barry, married and moved with her husband.
Barbara says her father, was “one of the West’s colorful pioneers in the years before her birth.” His family was in an oxen-wagon train, which stopped for the birth of William Marion Black. He was the fourth of nine children. Then local Shoshone or Paiute made it known the wagons had to move on, except the Blacks. They stayed, built a log cabin and opened a stage coach between Boise and Silver City for sixteen years. The story of his life, his first family, and how he lost the ranch where he had been “prospered in his undertakings…until he had five thousand acres of fine ranch land” and his value of a million dollars in today’s prices, plus 5,000 head of cattle. Then Depression hit. In the new place where he started out again, he convinced Letitia, Barbara’s mother, to marry him, even though he was 58 years of age and she was 35. She had always wanted children.

One might think that they’d settle down to quiet life, but there were more adventures, heading for California for a time to “Make their Stake.” Letitia withdrew their funds to travel back to California just the day before that bank closed, what they found when they returned to the ranch, and beginning again are told. There are further accounts as Barbara and her parents worked on the ranch, raised the livestock and all the difficulties they were yet to face!
One of my favorite pieces is a poem by Letitia Black about Barbara Ann, You are the idol of my heart From all others set apart. Child of nature you are blessed With a fund of happiness In the open spaces you belong With your heart so full of song You trip along on merry feet, Scarcely taking time to eat, But I’m sure that you would stop Right in the middle of a hop, To partake, to partake’ Of a piece of chocolate cake. So Tuesday we will have chocolate cake at River Readers for Barbara’s 90th birthday! It was specially made by Leona McLaughlin.
Wish that I could tell you of the millions of things I’ve learned from Barbara’s story. You simply have to read this story of the hardworking homesteaders’ rural ranch life with all its blessings and hardships. It makes for a very heartwarming story!

Thanks for Community Thanksgiving Dinner!!

Happy Camp Community Thanksgiving

bu Judy Bushy
Hope that you enjoyed a good time for Thanksgiving! Whether we are home, with few, or travel to a large family gathering or get together with friends, there are always blessings for which we can be grateful and give thanks. I’m so grateful for a girl, young lady formerly from Happy Camp, who is making me some handmade cards to thank people! There is always so much to be thankful for!!

Some people in Happy Camp went out of their way to help others have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Nell Sakota and her crew made a delicious dinner of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberries, sweet potatoes, rolls and then a variety of desserts, beverages. I’ve probably left off something, but it was all so very good!

Besides they were cooking for lots of people as it was a community Thanksgiving Dinner. Her helpers, Yukon Sakota signed in neighbors arriving, Deputy Garrison was serving deviled eggs; Molly Sakota, Dave, Bamboo, and Nell were also serving. Officer Monday also helped serve turkey to our neighbors. The Happy Camp Community Center provided funds and the Karuk Tribe the gathering place. Thank you to all who made this Community Thanksgiving Dinner possible, and all who took time to join the others to visit and share in the wonderful friendly meal!

We hope you had a memorable Thanksgiving, and are gathering more stories for your memoir, or just to remember and tell to your grandchildren in days to come.

Miracle of Magalia Pines in the Camp Wildfire!

Pastor Doug Crowder of Magalia Pines Baptist Church

by Judy Bushy
Doug Crowder was a sell-beloved pastor in Happy Camp. A missionary, Keith Bradley had come to get the first Bible Study started with no intention of starting a church but then in 1991 it became apparent that Christian families needed a place to worship. When he wasn’t able to come as often, Doug Crowder was called as pastor, and the church quickly loved Doug, Debra and their children, Duane and Diana.

Pastor Doug Crowder
Together we worshiped, with Doug’s great piano abilities, sang, prayed, and there were fun times with coffee, celebrating birthdays, having potluck dinners, and sometimes even rafting down the Klamath River on a Sunday Afternoon. We had missionaries come for Vacation Bible School and then a group of Yreka youth, including Duane, came and were greatly appreciated by the children who came to the summer Bible program! Every person in the church took part, teaching, games or even mowing the lawn at the log high school that we had obtained for the occasion. My youngest, Stephen, was baptized along with others in Elk Creek by Pastor Doug Crowder.

Moving to Megalia
After a few years, however, Pastor Crowder’s new responsibilities with ABeka Books took him further travels and it became necessary to move to the Chico Area. When he was there he became involved with a mission church, Megalia Pines Baptist Church, begun in 1997. Unfortunately, the church burned down. The nextg Sunday a tent was erected and the worship and service for the Lord continued while they built a new Worship Center. Later they also added an educational building for the school at the church.

Camp Fire
This month, fire again came into the Magalia Pines congregation. Doug and Debra and some of the other members of the church were preparing to evacuate. they needed cars, with enough gas, to make the trip safely from the area. Unfortunately before these 34 persons were able to get away, wildfire raged and surrounded them. the Subway Restaurant across the street was in flames, and there was no escape. They sprinted to the Church where they prayerfully spent the night.

When they were able to safely be evacuated, they found the church and persons unscathed. Even the autumn leaves remained on the trees around the church. Magalia and Paradise suffered an awful devastation, many have lost homes, and the church stands ready to minister to their neighbors and help in the healing. As soon as they are allowed back into Magalia, they will be ready to gratefully serve the Lord and serve the community as a lighthouse amid the community.

Magalia Pines Church when those who had found refuge in the church went out Friday Morning, November 9th after the raging fire of Thursday night.

Across the street from Magalia Pines Baptist Church Friday morning

Happy Camp Wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in America
Someone has said, “One thing we won’t agree about is the beginning of Thanksgiving” that we will celebrate this week. But it has always been known years ago, from an eyewitness report, a letter Edward Winslow wrote December 1621 at Plymouth colony in Massachusetts; Edward Winslow wrote a letter told about the buildings and the crops they had sown, for which they had been taught by Squanto and Massasoit “according to the manner of the Indians.”

“Our harvest being gotten in, our governor sent four men on fowling, that so we might after a special manner rejoice together….at which time,, amongst other recreations, we exercised our arms, many of the Indians coming amongst us, and among the rest their greatest King Massasoit, with some ninety men, whom for three days we entertained and fested, and they went out and killed five deer, which they brought to the plantation…

”And although it be not always so plentiful, as it was at this time with us, yet by the goodness of God, we are so far from want, that we often wish you partakers of our plenty. We hae found the Indians very faithful in their covenant of peace with us; some ever loving and ready to pleasure us… we often go to them, and they come to us…

Beginning the Holiday Season
The Holiday season, a time of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and the New Year should all be a time of us all working together for peace and reconciliation, gratefulness for our blessings and sharing with others. The outside gift wrap and glitter isn’t the core of the holidays, it is love within our hearts and serving each other. We have different colors, creeds and backgrounds, but we are all members of the human family, one blood, one Creator, and we need to act like a loving family. There have been times that have been this way, times after great suffering and starvation in Plymouth colony, times of wildfires and discord on a national election, but if we read the instructions of our Creator, we must realize that if we love Him most of all, we must also love our neighbors, even if they voted a different way than we did.

Happy Camp Celebrates
The Happy Camp Giving program is full steam ahead and Happy Camp community Center is collecting for gifts for children whose families can’t provide that for them. They are also providing food for the Thanksgiving dinner that Nell Sakota and helpers will cook up at the Karuk Multipurpose Room on Second Avenue (where you voted, I hope!) at two o’clock on Thursday afternoon. In order to do this they need your donations for Thanksgiving and for Christmas. This is an opportunity to celebrate from the heart!

Christmas is coming
The Christmas season can make us feel pressured to give the perfect gift or feel let down when we don’t receive what we were hoping for. One local church in Charlotte tried to combat those feelings with a simple message – be grateful for the gifts you already have.
Pastor Blue shared with us a little poem with a big message, Thank God for Little Things.

Thank you God for Little Things,
That often come our way.
The things we take for granted,
But Don’t mention when we pray;
The unexpected courtesy,
The thoughtful kindly deed,
A hand reached out to help us,
In the time of sudden need!
Oh, make us more aware, dear God,
of little daily graces,
That come to us with sweet surprise,
From never dreamed of places

Happy Thanksgiving to you and may it be the beginning of a blessed Holiday season for you and your family and all our friends and neighbors along the wild Klamath River!!

Veterans Appreciation Dinner November 10th

Cake & Desserts for the Veterans Appreciation dinner

by Judy Bushy
When we all get together for dinner….we have a wonderful time with our Klamath Neighbors. especially
Veterans Appreciation dinner

Saturday night Amber Ogborn and her crew of volunteers made a delicious Veteran’s Appreciation Dinner at the Happy Camp Elementary School. Some children in the Rocket’s had made decorations, and Iris and Para decorated.
We were a bit late as the Computer Center closes at 5 pm on Saturdays, but there was still plenty of food for all. The dessert tables were also arrayed with a wonderful assortment of pies, cake, crisps and cookies!! Yum. It was beautiful! We met a new veteran, Ken, and saw many friends who are veterans as well.

A great big thanks to Amber Ogborn who spearheaded the Veteran’s Appreciation Dinner about a year ago, and arranged to have it at the Happy Camp Elementary School. Also, Lisa Bousfield, Joyce Bell-Hammond, Iris Edwards, Para Edwards Merritt, Linda Thompson and Cody Sindle, and lots of others who helped making decorations (Rockets Club kids notably) bringing the delicious homemade desserts, and helping with clean up. It was wonderful to have the Veterans that were there.
Happy Camp Neighborhood Watch

Volunteers Served the Veteran’s Appreciation Dinner

Veterans Appreciation Dinner on Saturday evening at the Happy Camp Elementary School, Volunteers serving dinner are Amber Ogborn and her volunteers, Para Edwards Merritt, Joyce Bell-Hammond, Iris Edwards, Linda Thompson Lisa Bousfield (and Cody Sindle, not shown)

Count Your Blessings! Thanksgiving in Happy Camp!!

Time for Thanksgiving!

Happy Camp Celebrates!

BY Judy Bushy
Looking ahead, next week is Thanksgiving! Do you believe that the summer is gone and it is time for Thanksgiving all ready??

Just got a message from Nell Sakota to announce that she will be serving a Thanksgiving meal for Happy Camp neighbors who can gather on that day. November 22 is Thanksgiving and dinner will be served at 2 p.m. It will be held at the Karuk gym on 2nd Avenue across from the Log church, or the People’s Center, depending which way you are coming.

If you would like to donate to this event for the whole community, please contact Nell at 530-598-0657. Your generous help will be greatly appreciated and is a good way to be Thankful.

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