Count Your Blessings! Thanksgiving in Happy Camp!!

Time for Thanksgiving!

Happy Camp Celebrates!

BY Judy Bushy
Looking ahead, next week is Thanksgiving! Do you believe that the summer is gone and it is time for Thanksgiving all ready??

Just got a message from Nell Sakota to announce that she will be serving a Thanksgiving meal for Happy Camp neighbors who can gather on that day. November 22 is Thanksgiving and dinner will be served at 2 p.m. It will be held at the Karuk gym on 2nd Avenue across from the Log church, or the People’s Center, depending which way you are coming.

If you would like to donate to this event for the whole community, please contact Nell at 530-598-0657. Your generous help will be greatly appreciated and is a good way to be Thankful.

Old Fashioned Favorite Recipes Requested for Friends of SCMuseum

Friends Cook Book

Recipies from the Past requested for Friends of Siskiyou County Museum Cookbook

We seem to be on a food theme, guess that’s because we are all enjoying these warm apple pies and other goodies. Last week at the Friends of the Siskiyou County Museum, to hear Bill F. Jeter tell about his boyhood in Hornbrook, which included Scouting with a Karuk Scoutmaster (Leroy), we learned more about the historical cookbook being compiled and how you can help.

Do you have an old family recipe that is a special favorite for your family and friends? The Friends of the Siskiyou County Museum would like to have you help them put together a historical cookbook to benefit the non-profit, Friends of the Siskiyou Museum, whose purpose is to support the museum. It will be sold at the Museum gift shop and other locations and make a good gift next Mother’s Day.

I will be going out December 14th for the local author’s book signing if you’d like me to deliver them to the museum. The deadline isn’t until March, but if you put it off, it will never get done. Deadlines help!

The “Friends” would appreciate if you would copy your favorite historical recipe, and also include a little write up about the person, mom or grandmother or whoever who passed this recipe down to you, and a bit of their story. A photograph of them, perhaps of the dish as well would be appreciated. You can contact Selma Schantz 841-1031 for further information or send an email to fscMuseum (at gmail. com)

Friends of the Siskiyou County. Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping our local museum in reaching out to families, students, tourists, and locals through volunteerism, programs, projects, special exhibits, and displays. We want to bring HISTORY to life for many who have rarely stepped into a museum or for those looking to do research. Dues are only $10 per year.

Please “Like” the Friends of the Siskiyou County Museum on Facebook and check out the other news and events they are having!!

Veterans Day is Coming!

We are grateful for our Veterans. Our friendly neighbors over in Scott Valley have a parade to honor Veterans. The whole nation honors the veterans on Veterans Day 2018 Sunday, November 11th, and designated as a Federal Holiday on Monday, November 12th, 2018.

As a federal holiday Veterans Day is typically observed on November 11th every year. However, if it occurs on a Sunday then the following Monday is designated as the Federal holiday, and if it occurs on a Saturday then either Saturday or Friday may be designated. When the Federal holiday and November 11th dates are different often times Veterans Day activities will take place on both days and still many activities are often scheduled the weekend leading up to Veterans Day even if both dates match.

WWI 100 years 2018 (Veterans Day Poster)

This year marks the Centennial Commemoration of the end of World War I on November 11, 1918. The theme for the 2018 Veterans Day Poster is: “The War to End All Wars” and features a poppy and barbed wire.

To the Attention of ALL Veterans along the Klamath River: You are appreciated and are invited to the Happy Camp Elementary School dinner at 5 o’clock Saturday where we will be proudly be serving a wonderful dinner and get together! Don’t forget, it is Saturday at the Happy Camp Elementary School, thanks to Amber Ogborn. Amber and Lisa Bousfield would love to try and get a number as to how many wonderful Veterans we have to Thank in our river communities.

Book Club that meets Tuesday at the Marble Mountain Gift Co. will be starting a new book about a logging community in Oregon, “Sometimes a Great Notion” so it’s a wonderful time to join on 10 o’clock Tuesday. Everyone is welcome!

Happy Camp High Celebrates American Education Week!

American Education Week

Next week, November 12 – 16 is American Education Week! Happy Camp High School wants to celebrate with the whole community. Education is the key to success for our students in the future.

School Celebrants
Happy Camp High School wants to celebrate not only the teachers (Dave Timbrook, Denise Bearding, Diane Oliver, Erica Mitchell, Indigo Mack, Carissa Bussard, transportation crew (aka bus drivers), Mandy Stone, Bob Humphreys, para-educators:Tom Evertson, Leona McLaughlin and Chena Ariza, office worker Rachel, food service worker Leona McLaughlin, custodians Smokey Titus and Greg McDonald, but also the parents and community members (you!) who make our school so much better.

Principal Quote
Casey Chambers, principal at Happy Camp High School said, “Since I have worked in education, over 32 years, I have watched our schools and educators beaten down by negative public opinions of education in the USA. This is so contrary to what I witness every day in our schools. Daily I see school adults who work tirelessly for the academic, social, and emotion growth of our students. I see students who are happy to be in school (though many won’t admit it!) and the entire school community working together.

“Public schools are a place where students from all backgrounds and circumstances come together to learn. At Happy Camp High School, we are proud to say we believe in providing all students with the support and tools they need and deserve.”

Parents Day
Please plan on joining Happy Camp High School on Tuesday, November 13th, for PARENTS DAY! Join us for coffee and treats in the morning, or come lunch with us at noon. We want you to see for yourself how our school works.

Or, do you have a skill to teach or an experience to share? Let us know and you can be a part of our “BE AN EDUCATOR FOR A DAY”(or an hour) event on Thursday, November 15th. For further information call Happy Camp High School at 493-2697

How did Our Bigfoot Get to Happy Camp??

Judy Bushy

Cheryl Wainwright puts finishing touches on Bigfoot Statue in Happy Camp

What is the first thing you notice coming to Happy Camp? It appears that, for many at least, it is our Bigfoot Statue at the corner of Highway 96 and Davis Road. Whenever visitors come to town, they usually can be seen taking their photos with the big guy!!

It all began when Cheryl met Sculptor Ralph Starritt, famed for transformation of junk into works of art. Her enthusiasm for the project began to grow and I recall her excitement when she reported on her project at a meeting of the Happy Camp chamber of Commerce!

It was early 2001 during a River Clean-up that a conglomeration of fabulous litter began to be collected in the Forest Service parking lot. Cheryl Wainwright organized the community to collect this junk metal for a special project and clean up the River at the same time.
As sometimes happens, it took a longer time as we might have supposed to get enough material and donations and get the Bigfoot Statue built, but the whole community watched, and many helped the project take place. Contributions of scrap metal, rocks, and donations from Frontier Café, Evans Mercantile, Clinic Pharmacy and the Forest Service came in for supplies, equipment, and lodging for Mr. Starritt when he came to town for the project.
Eventually, Bigfoot found a home on the corner of Highway 96 and Davis Road and attracts quite a bit of attention there!! It is appropriate that it is on the corner where the Klamath Siskiyou Art Center has met for years, and faces the corner where they have bought the place that is becoming their new Art Center, since it is the largest artwork in town. Well, perhaps not, Diann Hokanson made us several murals, and the one on the side of the Market at the other end of Davis Road is 109 feet long, which is longer than Bigfoot is high!! There is also a sepia colored stage coach scene on Evan’s Mercantile on the side nearest the Brick Building. There was a beautiful color mural on the side of Pence’s Hardware, which became Karuk Building Supply and was obliterated when painting for the new computer operations that building has now become.

Book Club Meets Author of “Beginner’s Luck; Dispatches from the Klamath Mtns”

Author Malxolm Terence Meets Klamath River Readers

by Judy Bushy
Tuesday twice as many came to the Book Club! The special guest of the meeting was that the author of Beginner’s Luck; Dispatches from the Klamath Mountains, Malcolm Terence was coming. Most of the books that the book club reads are novels, and we’ve had some good ones! This is the story of life along the Klamath River from Malcolm’s eyes.

How Malcolm got here was a very interesting story! He had graduated in Journalism and worked on the Los Angeles Times, a far different world than Klamath River life. After traveling with a rock band, and experiencing the life of Haight Asbury, he took a trip to Black Bear Ranch. Legal entanglements kept him longer than he had planned. At that time the commune was beginning in the remote area of the Klamath Mountains near the Oregon-California border. He waited at the ranch enjoying the fresh air, but by mid October with thirty of them living in the wilds, the romance, and the food, were disappearing. That’s when Malcolm shares his culinary triumph at the Commune.

Later, some residents returned to civilization, some, like Malcolm, moved nearby to take a place among the Native American, timber-logging families and other very varied views in the community, but there are some things that they found they had common to share. Some of the locals wondered about the hippie neighbors, but many befriended them, told them their stories, and joined them in fighting herbicide use in the area. Some gathered together to form a cooperative to plant trees for the Forest Service, and when the wild fire came to the forest, they learned fire fighting. They learned about the disputes between the Forest Service and the miners, and the habits and stories of their neighbors.

He joined his neighbors in a gold mining effort to save the mining claim, enjoying berry and apple pies, quiches, soufflés of the hostess and said the Potluck is a highly honed tradition on Salmon River! There were some great storytellers that he met and enjoyed their craft! They started a reforestation cooperative and named it Ent forestry!

The wood-stove heated tents that made a portable city which are pictured on the front cover of the book served as kitchens dining rooms and dorms which were kept comfy by wilderness standards, but a shantytown elsewhere. Personal stories such as the impromptu wedding with his wife with which a son, Slate was included, and the home-birth of his daughter are some special stories and we appreciated him reading the “water and love” and other parts of the book.

It was also interesting to hear from Malcolm, who had an academic publisher, Oregon State University Press, who had it peer reviewed and an editor who gave lots of input and questions in the process. We always hope that more of our Klamath neighbors will write down their memories of the past along the river and Memoirs and appreciated reading new (to us) aspects of life on the Salmon and Klamath Rivers.

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