Wildlife Viewing, OK, but close meeting with mountain lion?

Reading books about nature, dogs and horses and living in the forest was a favorite activity. Once my grandmother gave me a emphatic lecture about reading a book, “Bears, Bears, Bears!!”

“You’ll never see a bear in your life!! She proclaimed

Well, much as I loved Lana Hudson, she was wrong! In fact, living in the midst of the Klamath National Forest along the Klamath River, I have seen bears, deer, elk, and even mountain lions!!

Erin Wilson, 24, stopped her pickup in a rest area by Big Bar on Hwy 299 in Trinity County. What expected t be a peaceful stroll along the Trinity River with her Belgian Melinois, Eva, CHANGED QUICKLY!

Without warning, while Eva was ahead, a full grown mountain lion took a swipe at her, scratching her shoulder through her jacket. Hearing Erin’s scream, Eva rushed back to the rescue!!

At only 55 lbs, Eva fought, but was no match for the mountain lion who had her skull in her jaws. Erin threw rocks, sticks and fists and tried to scratch it’s eyes. The lion held on to Eva and scratched at Erin with back paws.

She ran back to the pickup parked nearby for a weapon. Flagging down a passing motorist, Sharon Houston who grabbed a four-foot length of PVC pipe and some pepper spray.

When the cat finally let go and took off, Erin was relieved…Then realized Eva was bloody and injured. She got her in the pickup and rushed for emergency veterinarian care in Redding, an hour and a half away. The Veterinarian expected full recovery but kept under observation awhile.

Mountain Lion attacks are rare, the radio this morning said that you are a thousand ties more likely to be struck by lighting.

However, they recommend not hiking along, and being watchful. Hours of dusk or dawn or at night are more likely to see a Mountain lion and if you do, do not bend, or crouch, approach or run!

The Sacramento Bee reported an afternoon mountain-lion attack on a 3-year-old boy hiking with his family of six in Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park in 2020. The lion bit the child on the neck and began to drag him away until the father freed the toddler by throwing a backpack at the animal. Most attacks have been Orange County and that lion had previously killed a man and later mauled a woman.

A neighbor saw one in her backyard recently. When my husband was temporarily in a nursing home, December 2020, a mountain lion killed a big buck in our back yard one evening. The previous couple of nights, going out to the washing machine in a shed in the back yard, I had felt like I was being watched. It seemed strangely quiet.
Then the next day a neighbor called to warn me of the deer kill very close-by our back door!

A wise woodsman always keeps alert!

Happy 78th Birthday, Dan Bushy!!

78 years on May 12, 2022

Sunshine and rain sprinkles both made their appearance on Thursday as Dan became 78 years old! Bill Munton picked him up to go to the Happy Camp Community Center for the Veterans Social where the guys get a chance to drink coffee and donuts and visit.

We have many reasons to rejoice, and be very grateful We’ve been greatly blessed. Back in 2003 when Dan had a sinus infection that didn’t respond to the prescription that Dr. Burns gave for the purpose, a CAT scan led to the diagnosis of a Sino-Nasal Undifferentiated Carcinoma. When the surgeries for that cancer failed, we were told that nothing more could be done, and he would leave this life quickly. He wasn’t expected to live to his 80th birthday. Three months of daily radiation and some chemotherapy too had been given and two surgeries. But he did make it to his 60th birthday, and now he is enjoying his 78th birthday! We are very grateful!!

Klamath River Rafting is the BEST!

Rafting the Klamath River

Good morning, Everyone Loves rafting the Klamath River!!

Dave Williams sent a message to Happy Camp News. He is a writer that shares stories of river trips.

Dave loves the Lower Klamath and has written about it many times. He was hoping to update his latest post about the river accessibility after last year’s fires.

Dave would appreciate any updated information? Please add your update info in comment below and here is his blog post as well: https://whitewaterology.com/klamath-river-rafting/

Also, Ironhead Guide Service is our Happy Camp fishing and rafting expert!

Remember Mad Bull and FLying Cloud, winners of the Marathon 1927 & 1928

(Note:For More about the Redwood marathon of 1927 there will be a presentation by Jim Berry at the Gold Street School Resource Center, Room 9 in Yreka. Saturday, March 26th at 1:00 sharp.
Judy E. Bushy
Have you heard the story of “Mad Bull” (better known as John Wesley Southard, son of Lee Southard) and “Flying Cloud,” who was Henry Thomas were amazing runners. They were the first and second winners of the 1927 Redwood Highway Marathon. The next year, Flying Cloud came in first place.

1927 Redwood M Marathon Runners

The race was the idea of the promoters of the Redwood Highway from San Francisco to Grants Pass, Oregon.

Karuk Runners
The Happy Camp General Store was owned by Herbert G. Boorse (1873-1932) and he sponsors the race and trained the Happy Camp runners!
“Mad Bull” was Karuk, John Wesley Southard age 23 (#5) and won the 480 mile race in 7 days, 12 hours, and 34 minutes. It was reported, “Mad Bull came in smiling but worn out.”
“Flying Cloud” (#2) was Henry Thomas who came in 2nd in 1927 and first in 1928. “Fighting Stag” (#3) was Marion Southard age 20. “Rushing Water” (#7) was Gorham Lincoln Southard, was still a teen at age 18. “Falcon” (#7)was 29 year old, David Henry Huey. The other Karuks were W. E. Simpson, Elder Earl Barney and James D. McNeil.

Zuni Tribe
Mike Kirk, the A.A.U. commissioner for Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, trained and picked three Zuni Indians. They were the toughest and best of Zuni Tribal Reservation in New Mexico. He reported, “The Zuni runners are a colorful lot, with head bands and silver belts.” When they ran, they striped “to the waist.”

Marvelous Marin County sponsored Jamon of the Zumi. Chochee was sponsored by Humboldt County. Melika was sponsored by the town of Willits.

Today is the Day!! Tell Your Story!!!

Judy E. Bushy
Tell Your Story!!
You have a story to tell. Many times people who grew up in Happy Camp write to us and say it was the most wonderful childhood they could have imagined. Have you had that experience??

Stella Did!
Stella W. Patterson was an elderly lady when she left the Circle P (for Patterson) Ranch down by Willow Creek and moved to a mining cabin on the Klamath River at Ferry Point. She wrote the story of her year there, along with her friends, Fred (DearSir) Upn’Up and his wife and new baby (Benji,) a Karuk gal that lived across the Klamath River and came to visit. … Frenchy, all those wonderful characters who have been read about for decades.

Readers Became Fans!
When her story was published in 1959, and only arrived the day of her funeral, it was a best seller!! It was a book club selection! It had various foreign printings as well. People loved it then, and still today people tell us that they read it over and over again. They Love It!!

Naturegraph has kept the book in print, and after the fire, Barbara promised not to forget Dear Mad’m. It is now available again from Naturegraph!! They love it.

National Write Your Story Day — March 14

This Week & Celebrations to come in Happy Camp

by Judy E. bushy

Time change!

March 13th, Sunday morning, hope you woke to a new time! Clocks were changed at 2 a.m. in the morning to Spring forward to Daylight Savings time!!

March 14th, Monday Afternoon, 5:30 at the Partner’s Deli is the monthly Happy Camp Neighborhood Watch Meeting. Volunteers are welcome. If you are concerned about thievery and other crime in our town, your assistance is important in taking action!

March 16th, Wednesday. If you need an excuse, bake a birthday cake for President James Madison. He was born March 16, 1751. Besides being President Madison was important in the drafting of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Thomas Jefferson appointed him to be Secretary of State where he served until he won election to be president in 1830.

March 17th, Thursday, be sure to celebrate Irish heritage with the wearing of the GREEN! Happy St. Patrick’s Day and keep a look out for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!!

Thursday at the Happy Camp Assembly of God Church at 727 Indian Meadows Drive, Pastor Jim Uhey is in the midst of an 8 week study from 7:00 to 8:00 pm. They will cover understanding that loses affect each of us, emotionally, physically and Spiritually, although each of us react differently to these events. He will also provide some tools to help our children process their losses and tools to help[ each other.

March 18th, Friday, if you didn’t get that birthday cake Tuesday, here’s your chance. For this is President Grover Cleveland’s birthday. He was born March 17, 1837, in New Jersey.

April 10th at 9:30 in the morning there will be a Turkey Shoot at Klamath River Community Hall. That is also Palm Sunday.

April 17th will be the most important Christian celebration of the year, even more than Christmas!! On this day, all Christians and those who want to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ will meet at the Happy Camp Airport. I’ve remembered this celebration at the Happy Camp Airport for over 50 years although we didn’t get there all those years. Do you remember previous celebrations for Easter Morning. Let us know in the comments how long you’ve seen Happy Camp celebrating Resurrection Life!!

Be there 7:30 Morning!

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