Friends of the Museum Explore Siskiyou History!

by Judy Bushy, Happy Camp, CA
Summer heat is upon us! The lazy days of summer….except for fires in various places. We watch with concern, both for the residents of the area wildfire threatens, but also our crews that may be sent there.

Friday’s lunchtime movie at the Siskiyou County Museum was Up In Flames. It focused on how the United States Forest Service prepares to fight these devastating natural and human made disasters. The film documented the development of fire detection, communication and fire suppression technology. I’ve read of Idaho’s 1910 Big Blowup, but not Oregon’s 1933 Tillamook Burn. I wonder how they compared with the Biscuit Fire in Oregon more recently. I visited my husband, Dan, at the Biscuit Fire Camp near Selma when that was happening. Because of those catastrophic fires there was research and developments of fire fighting technology in many aspects.

Following the film there was a meeting of the Friends of the Siskiyou County Museum ( Mary Shaw is serving as president, Grace Bennett as Vice President, Gail Jenner as Secretary Karen Cleland as Treasurer and Selma Schants, Victoria Bunce and Jean Krueger as board members at large. They will meet again September 8th at 1:30 p.m. after an interesting historical film. Membership is only $10 each for the year, and there will be a newsletter. The meeting was necessarily busy with the details of organization, but now that is on the way after the bylaws were approved.

Over the Hill to Taylor’s in Cave Junction

Taylor’s Restaurant in Cave Junction, Oregon (just over the Hill!!)

by Judy Bushy
To celebrate my birthday, we went over the hill for lunch at Taylors Sunday. We enjoyed saying “Hi” to Dave, Sue Gordon, Pete and Martina who used to live in Happy Camp. Dianne Gilmore has the same birthday as I have! I wanted to see if the Butterfly Nature Center was open but it was so hot to stay too long. I keep saying one doesn’t have birthdays at my age, but never can turn down a fun lunch and chance to see friends. Taylor’s has a grilled turkey sandwich that’s delicous, and it’s big enough for two to share for lunch!

Taylor’s of Cave Junction
The family business was begun in 1923 in Canada before moving to California where the third generation began his love of the business. After Charles Taylor served in the Korean War he came back to get a Bachelor’s degree on meat science from Cal Poly. After working six days a week for 10 years in Oakland, he left the Big City for our beautiful corner of the world. In 1970 the family moved to the Illinois Valley and built a brand new modern kitchen to make their superb sausages. The two sons who grew up with the business here now ply the art of sausage making with their dad and their own kids here. During the busy holidays and hunting season, daughters, daughters in law, Grand and Grandpa and a handful of Grandkids all pitch in to complete the job.

Their community is much busier than we are in Happy Camp but there are many similarities! Whereas Happy Camp covers 12 square miles and is undifferentiated border at that, Cave Junction is only less than two square miles, with half again as large a population as Happy Camp. We appreciate those who love their neighbors in Happy Camp and along the Klamath as well!!

Neighborly Love
According to Robert Hirning,” this community is a small one where personal relationships are highly valued and provoking conflicts with your neighbors is really bad….We’re not big on lawsuits and enforcements around here but simple empathy for your neighbor’s feelings is very important…You may need your neighbor’s tractor to dig you out of the snow or his help to move your stuff in a forest fire evacuation. Love thy neighbor.

Considerate Driving by Neighbors
“Another major difference out here is how to drive these rural roads. First, and of foremost importance, is that staying on your side of the yellow line is not optional. Furthermore, being in a hurry is not an excuse for catching up on your calls or texting as you careen down the highway. Pull over for that kind of thing, not because it’s the law but because your neighbor’s life is at stake. Also the roads here are largely narrow two lane affairs and driving at a high rate of speed endangers wildlife, bicyclists, pets, pedestrians, as well as other motorists. Our roads are used by more than the late model sedans and pickups you may be accustomed to on urban expressways. There are slow moving farm tractors, hay balers, young women pushing strollers, old folks with their pets going out to the mail, lost tourists trying to find the road to Happy Camp ,and a whole lot of old rigs that just can’t go any faster. So don’t tailgate or go roaring past on a double line, these are your neighbors and your new friends. Keep them out of harm way.”
We certainly appreciate caution by driver’s in Happy Camp as well!!


by Judy Bushy
Don’t forget the Happy Camp Farmer’s Market on Thursday from 5:30 to 7:30. They’ve had Ribs, Taylor’s dogs and pulled pork for supper at the Farmer’s Market. Wonder what the supper this Thursday will be? See you at the Gail Zink Park Thursday!!

The Happy Camp Farmer’s Market was begun last year and was the high point of week. It’s always a good time to get together ant this was great! Even for the working mothers, a night when you didn’t have to cook, could get some fresh garden produce, and enjoy Klamath Neighbors all in one evening. The Farmer’s Market is again open this year, thanks to Abigail Yeager and Linda Zink and their team. You can even watch a ball game or tiny tots practicing their dance at the same time. This year they have taken up a more ambitions project, the Community Center in what used to be the Family Resource Center and had a grand opening.

Independence Day Thoughts
I wanted to share some gems from an interview I heard on the radio of David McCullough. McCullough’s new book is The American Spirit: Who We Are and What We Stand for. McCullough is a very honored historian and has won two Pulitzer Prizes and two National Book Awards as well as the Medal of Freedom. For this book, he went over eighty of his previous speeches to condense down; Who we are as a nation and what we stand for….a very appropriate read for the Fourth of July.
I especially appreciated a quote from Daniel Boorstin shared by McCullough, “Trying to plan for the future without a sense of the past is like trying to plant cut flowers.”According to the Nation’s Report Card, U.S. History seems to be American students worst subject which is really hard to believe as fascinating as it is, and how it explains who we are, by knowing what we stand for.

Looking Forward
Next Meeting of the Happy Camp Neighborhood Watch will be delayed to July 10th due to the Independence Day celebrations. With fire setting, Horse Creek Church broken into and All Saints Church burglarized, People’s Cener gift Shop Broken into, and other matters of concern, please come. Bring your solution if you have one, as we need to solve crime!

Friends of the Siskiyou County Museum will meet on July 14th in Yreka.

Karuk Reunion is coming up on July 22nd.

Bigfoot Jamboree is coming September 1-3 TV Cartoon Characters Parade Sunday at 11:00 am

Wouldn’t Community Theater be great!!

by Judy Bushy

Daniel and Paula from Cornerstone Theater Company in Los Angeles joined us at the Pizza House Last Monday

We had such a great time visiting with Paula Donnley and Daniel Penilla from Cornerstone Theater Company in Los Angeles Monday. Happy Camp Chamber had the pleasure of discussing Cornerstone’s summer program and what would be involved for a proposal to bring a Summer Community Theater to Happy Camp!! (All the way from Los Angeles) and share the Theater experience possibilities for our community!

Craig Lighthill, Lilly’s daddy, was making new planter boxes outside the Pizza House where we were meeting. It was amazing how many people came by, Jon Graunbaum, Jeff Elston, and others. Our new real estate lady working with Joe Farris, Francine, came by to welcome Paula and Daniel. We were talking about something where we thought the Community Center might fit and Abby Yeager came in with a son. When I wanted to spell the name of the elementary principal right, in walked EJ Triance to tell me. Dave from the New 49ers Prospecting Club stopped by too. We were grateful for everyone and especially those who stopped by to offer their talents! Obviously, the Pizza House is the place to be and see so many Happy Camper’s!

Visitor Information
Later in the week, stopping by California Welcome Center at Collier’s Rest Area, got a chance to visit with Grace Bennett who was manning the Information desk! It is wonderful to see so many friendly faces this summer!!

Now we also were able to stop by the Anderson California Welcome Center as well. What is your favorite drive or attraction to see this summer. I’m trying to visit everything within a 360 area, mostly Siskiyou County with a bit of expansion to Trinity, Del Norte and Humboldt, and the adjacent counties in Oregon. Your suggestions would be most helpful!! Leave your suggestions at the Happy Camp Chamber Telephone 530-493-2900 if you please!!

Here Comes Summer!!

Summer Corn Feast

Is your corn knee high?? I grew up, with a cousin in the Haapala Corn Seed Company family, knowing that the corn had to be knee high by the fourth of July! All the progress was measured by that deadline. Whose knees by the Fourth of July?, I didn’t worry about! There was always plenty of just picked corn on the cob with the potatoes covered in melted butter and chives, and watermelon, of course!! Just picked meant that Tex went out and picked it while the water boiled in preparation of the arrival of the corn.

But this year has been different! First there was the snowy January, then the weather got cold and rainy just when we were expecting spring to be showing up. Our garden plot remained a swamp through all the cool weather so we couldn’t get seeds planted for the greens, peas and beans which are usually the staples. Our Garden Fairy arrived from Sacramento to help the dozen (not four dozen as in some years) tomato plants in raised beds usually for the kitchen garden greens. Even the Lily of the Valley hasn’t poked any sprouts through the front garden, after careful selection for something that would survive on the outskirts of the shady walnut! So, no, we have no corn by the fourth of July. In fact, it seems like summer just began….which it just did last week!!! But our garden is going sadly!! With last week’s triple-didget heat, I barely left the house. There’s plenty of work to catch up on there to keep me busy, for sure!

Summer Lunch for Kids!!
If any children of any age are a part of your household, a good lunch excursion is The Free Lunch at 632 Jacobs Way Monday through Friday from 11:30 to 12:30 o’clock. If you have any questions please call Nell 493-1490. Thanks to Nell and any other’s keeping our children fed this summer!

Barbecue Coming
Thanks to Sherri for bringing me the flier for a special picnic coming up this week!! On Wednesday three’s Customer Appreciation Day Barbecue in Happy Camp at the River Park by Siskiyou Telephone. This is the annual Siskiyou Telephone Customer Appreciation Day! Not only will they serve BBQ hot dogs with all the toppings, Chips, beverages and cookies, but 50 winners will receive a $20 credit on their phone bill!! Every STC customer is automatically entered into our computer generated drawing and you need not be present to win, but who would want to miss a fun picnic lunch at the River Park Pavilion from 11:30 to 1:30 on Wednesday.

Parade Plans
Bigfoot Jamboree team that serves on the Happy Camp Coordinating Council has decided on a theme for the parade; TV Cartoons. So, your summer project it to watch TV cartoons until you find something suitable for your parade float on September 3rd. Yup, that’s right, Bigfoot Jamboree is September 1-3rd so you can look forward to it all summer.

Karuk Reunion is going to be July 22nd!

Neighborhood Watch next meeting will be July 10th

by Judy Bushy

Steelhead Capital

Welcome to Happy Camp

Happy Camp Neighborhood Watch met Monday night. There was a message that it was going to be postponed as our meeting place couldn’t be used, but a bunch were already there. The door was locked, but we had a couple of officers from the Sheriff’s department (Gabe Garrison and John Erickson (841-2900) We also had Vice President, Dan Effman, Board Members: Becky Tiraterra, Lisa Bousfield, Bernard Lowry, and interim secretary, Forest Service Recreation expert and Laurel Buhrmann who is making “calling” cards for the Happy Camp Neighborhood Watch meeting at the Forest Service.

Gabe reviewed some of the things Sheriff Jon Lopey and John from the District Attorney’s office explained in May when they came. Because of John’s explanations, it was decided we need to have more information on California Senator’s actions, sort of a “legislation watchdog” to educate our community on the problems these changes make for our community. Right now crime pays in California! There was concern about drug task force not getting convictions due to leniency and especially recidivism. The Orleans law officer has not been assigned there as of yet, but should be soon.

There was discussion on some repeat and new problems brought to the attention of the Neighborhood Watch and actions taken in the past few weeks. Report, report, report suspicious things you see, better to be cautious and make notes of things, than to let them go and have a big problem afterwards.

Some can post cameras on public land as well as the one’s the Neighborhood Watch can put up on private places. Landlords who rent to criminals and the businesses that serve them were also discussed. The “mystery black Infinity” that was parked other and now at town trail was checked out.

Next meeting there will be a vote on filling vacant officers of the Board, Bylaw changes and bringing things up to date Next meeting will be July 10th due to Independence Day conflict with regular meeting time.

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