Origin of the name of Happy Camp

There are several versions of the story of how Happy Camp got its name. This is one of them.

Origin of the name of Happy Camp
Written in Happy Camp on June 11th, 1947
By H.C. Chester

About 1882 or 3 I asked Jack Titus who was a partner with James and Hile Camp in the first store opened at Happy Camp, how Happy Camp got its name.

Titus told me he had a small store at the mouth of Titus about fourteen miles below Happy Camp. He said: James and Hile Camp came over the mountains to his store from Eureka. They asked him if there was any level ground up the river where they could open up a business.

Titus told them there was a place about 14 miles up the river at the mouth of a large stream that emptied into Klamath; that there was a very large Indian Village on the banks of this stream and plenty of vacant land to build on. The three of them went up to this large stream and pitched a small tent.

James Camp immediately took in the opportunities that were presented to them, and declared, “This is the happiest day of my life.”

Titus said: “Then we shall call this particular spot ‘Happy Camp’.” They also named the stream “Indian Creek” because there were so many Indians living there.

The three of them made and burned brick, put up a brick building which stands here to-day.

Truly Yours,
H.C. Chester
Happy Camp, Calif.

The original, handwritten copy of this letter is in the archives of the Siskiyou County Historical Society, in Yreka.

Happy Camp News editor Judy Bushy believes this version of the naming of Happy Camp is wrong because the Camp brothers were not in the original group of miners who came here. She wrote a letter to the editor about this, but unfortunately over the years it has been misplaced. We may have to wait for her book to be published to find out the true history of the naming of Happy Camp.

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Winners at Bigfoot Jamboree

Rick Huston announced that volunteers are welcome to help prepare for next years Bigfoot Jamaboree in Happy Camp. As the president of the Happy Camp Coordinating Council., Huston said the 1996 Bigfoot Jamboree was a success because of the many volunteers who helped work and plan the annual Happy Camp event.

Since the Show and Shine of the Chamber of Commerce was rained out in May, that event was postponed to the Bigfoot Jamboree. Seventeen cars and trucks were parked on the shady part of the River Park for enjoyment of on-lookers. First prize went to Billy Hibberts’ Transam. The first place for the trucks was one owned by Don Alexander of Yreka. There were also motorcycles on display. Steve Zefault, Ivan Hyde, Janeen Snopl and Rick Huston were in charge of planning the Show and Shine for the Chamber and did a good job getting beautiful cars in the parade.

The grand prize in the Jamboree Parade held Sunday by the active3 kids tumbling around, TUMBLETOWN TOTS. McCulley Logging celebrated 50 year anniversary of logging winning first place in the commercial category followed by Larry’s Market and the Bigfoot that kep escaping the cage he rode in. Thanks to Lance!
Howard Garthwait, chairman of the parade preparations said it was one of the bigger parades recently. Mike Polluck, Rusty Crocker, Dave Rasmussen and Ryan Rasmussen were the judges.

Lioness Club in their poodle skirts and a life size picture of Elvis, won first place in the noncommercial/nonprofit category. The Cub Scout Color Guard followed in second by the tallest Uncle Sam delivering the mail. The Grange entry won third place.

Larry Wright Jr. flew the Red Baron plane for first place in the individual entries. Second place was by the Happy Camp High School class reunion class of ’76. Karuk drummers played to keep the parade marching on and won third place.

Ladies in large hats with colorful ducks on them represented the American Legion Auxiliary # 530 at the Bigfoot Jamboree. Sales of tickets to enter a colorful little duck in the Duck Race were brisk. First place winner of $200 cash was won by Shirley Willis, second place winner was Dorothy Pence and Third place was Alecia Derry. The last little duck across the finish line brought Edward Peters $20.

Kim Seago won the beautiful necklace of locally mined gold from the Independence Mine area. K.D.Peabody won fresh strawberries and jelly jars from Larry’s Market. Pauline Stacy won battery cables from Rick’s Auto Supply. Antone won bait and tackle from Ron’s Bait and Tackle. Robert Spence won a wooden duck from Siskiyou House. Linda Kufner won a hibachi from Karuk Building Supply, Preston Wilson and Ron Snopl each got five gallons of gas from Millers Unocal – the “new” gas station in town. Jean Burnett won pan pizza’s from Headway Pizza and Kyle Stockton won tanning solution from Clinic Pharmacy. Deanna Indehar won a handmade hankie angel made by Linda Sutcliffe of Happy Crafts.Mary Lauritzen and Maxine McCoy won and hour of labor from Dian Wood and Trevor Zedikier, respectively. Judith Marasco won a hand painted desert scene from Evans Mercantile. Gerri Jacobson and Larry Wright,Jr. won gas from Siskiyou Petrol Systems. Linda Zink won a cedar birdhouse from Renewable Resource Products. Adrien donated shampoo and conditioner won by Edwards Peters.

A fun float trip for six down the Klamath River by J.J. of River Country Rafting was won by Kenny Seago. The Auxiliary fund raising chairman, Nida Johnson, said a big “thank you” to all the individuals and businesses that contributed and bought raffle tickets for their fund raising activity at the Bigfoot Jamboree. Next year, an Independence Day Duck Race is being planned. Thanks to all the volunteers who splashed around in the river retrieving ducks who had stopped to play!

Cub Scout Pack #52 and Jay Clark as Uncle Sam

Cub Scout Pack #52 and Jay Clark as Uncle Sam

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