P,K.Halinan teaches, “What are doing here?”

P.K. Hallinan spoke at the happy Camp Christian Fellowship at the Elementary School Gym last week. The question that was the theme of his teaching was, “What are you doing here?” This is the first of three Sundays when P.K. will be with us while Pastor Kirk is not here.
P.K.is a pastor in a Christian Fellowship by Ashland, Oregon, but is also well known as a writer and illustrator of books. His cheerfully illustrated little story books for youngsters aged 3 to 6 are enchanting. “Heart Prints” is one of his books and he has just finished writing about sisters.. Actually he is the author of 85 children’s books covering topics of inspiration, friendship, love, relationships and life values.
He began by telling the story of the bear in the forest and the atheist and then turned to I Kings 19:9 about Elijah the prophet. First we looked at the events of 857 BC when Elijah had a great victory over the prophets of Baal and God answered his prayer and consumed the sacrifice on the altar. After that great and glorious victory, he ran and hid in a cave from Jezebel. Why when he faced 450 men who worshiped Baal would he run from one woman?
God asked Elijah, “What are you doing here?” Elijah doesn’t answer the question, he makes the claim, which will later be proven false, that he is the only one left. He also tells God that they are seeking his life. God has him rest and eat. On the strength of that food he is able to go forty days.
Then there is the wind, earthquake, raging fire, but God was not in the wind, God was not in the earthquake, God was not in the raging fire, but God was in the still small voice and He asked again What are you doing here?
God tells Elijah that He still has 7000 who have not bowed their knee to Baal or kissed him. He gives him a job to do, to anoint of Judah and Jehu of Israel and appoint Elisha as prophet after Elijah is gone.
At Green Springs Inn in Ashland they had all the pastors gather and they came to get straightened out and spiritually encouraged. The question is “Why did God call you?” Joseph told his brothers, that although they meant selling him into slavery for evil, God meant it for good to save much people, in fact all of Joseph’s family as well as other nations.
God is in the soul saving business! He cleanses us from sin by His atoning sacrifice. He places His Holy Spirit in the believer and He transforms us into His own likeness. The only way that God has chosen to take this message to lost world is by the means of believers. How do we save much people alive? He wants us to be as much like little Christs as possible.
In “More than a Carpenter”, Josh McDowell said about his hatred for his alcoholic, abusive father when his life changed, “:Love so strong, it turned hate upside down.”
Josh’s father came to him and said, “Son, How can you love a father like me?”
Just the way they are
God looks like Love, God doesn’t’ look like rules, God doesn’t look like a lecturer, God doesn’t’ look like an assignment, smiles, laughs, kind eyes, Love, God looks like Love.
People see God in us when they see Love.
All I want you to do is love people.
They are not saved by arguments, clever tricks, etc.
In “A Life that Matters” money doesn’t make me happy, fame doesn’t’ make me happy…etc
So, what do I do? I need Jesus
Chosen specifically and intentionally to love people like Jesus

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