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Karuk Salmon & Acorn Cook-Off Postponed

A Salmon and Acorn Cook-off had been planned for the 19th Annual Karuk Tribal Reunion. It was postponed, however, but will be held later.

Food Security Booth at the Karuk Reunion

Food Security Booth at the Karuk Reunion

Food security issues are important and there will be classes Monday and Tuesday for those interested. Some classes are for the Karuk youth, and some for adults, but all help participants to understand food security.

At the booth on food security there were questionnaires. They gave away baggies of leaves to make tea as well!

Members are encouraged to bring recipes for a native recipe cookbook that will be published.

Call Ron Reed at (530)627-3446 ext.3048 to participate in a focus group for youth or Karuk adults at the Multi-purpose room 64236 Second Avenue in Happy Camp.

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