Seiad Day before the Fire!!

Dave Timbrook Drove in the Seiad Day Parade!!

Dave Timbrook Drove in the Seiad Day Parade!!

Saturday, was Seiad Valley Day and the parade started at 10. There was a mobile home fire late last night and all the Seiad Volunteer Fire Department was there to fight it. Thankfully, there were no injuries or deaths among the people. Engines from the Happy Camp Complex Fire joined the local Crew and kept the fire out of the woods.

Only one of the Seiad Fire Trucks was in the Parade as the Fire Chief Tom Mopas let them go home to bed instead!! Sensible move I thought, they no doubt needed the rest! Tim Pinkos and Barbara Geidel were in the Seiad Valley Fire Truck leading the parade. Roy Hetherington drove his beautiful 1953 Bentley. It is quite the beautiful car! Dave Timbrook was out of his wheelchair driving his orange 44 Model B Allis Chambers Tractor thanks to the guys who didn’t want him to miss driving in the parade this year!! Thanks for the cooperative effort!! Patrick Ayres was driving his 1942 Jeep and Jim Dwyer came next in his 1930 Model A Ford.

Bob Humphries was there with his tractor which had the Chicken Poop Bingo!! It was a busy week for him and the teachers coming back from the summer with in-service training. On Wednesday’s trip to Mount Shasta the white school van had been run into by a bear! Margaret Colas, the new High School Principal, was concerned about the bear, but it had run off. Bob told her another bear had been killed by collusion on the road the next morning as well. This is a cautious time to watch for the wildlife that acts upset and confused by all the smoke and fearful as well.

Next in the parade there was a John Deere’s “Club,” Rick Jones, Richard and West Timbrook. Tom Mopas, parade announcer said the next was the Seiad Calvary! It was Bill Roberts, Peggy Goshgarian and Chris Olson under original Horsepower—horses and mule train coming down the street. I should have had names of the horses and mules, as I’ve forgotten their names since Bill introduced then. Maybe that’s okay, they probably don’t read the paper anyway so I hope tha

Bob Humphries Chicken Poop Bingo game

Bob Humphries Chicken Poop Bingo game

t they won’t feel slighted!
Lolly Jones was going to march for Adopt a Highway and encourage everyone to pick up litter, but got drafted to direct traffic for the parade as well. Last, but certainly not least came a CalTRans vehicle!

After the parade, the festivities at the Fire Hall in the center of Seiad Valley began. The little kids had wate-rslides and the bounce house to work off all their energy, and then snow cones and cotton candy to revive more energy. As if they need it!! We ordered a cheeseburger from Annie Buma as Larry Wright grilled the hamburgers and Cathy Bishop put them together. It was such fun as always to see our Klamath Neighbors who we don’t get opportunity to visit with often enough.

Editor’s note: It was also great to have that happy time just before the Frying Pan and Falkstein wildfires of the Happy Camp Complex got more active resulting in advisory and mandatory evacuations. Seiad Valley residents had that experience last year with the Fort Goff fire and I hope that it doesn’t happen again. As far as I know, no structures have been lost to this time and out thoughts and prayers are with out neighbors!

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