Snow Sunday, Happiness and Helping Happily!

Coming home from a trip to Grants Pass to pick up photos, it began snowing as we neared the Sno-park. I love the light snow that falls rather than the soggy heavy wet snowfall we have in the valley. Snow in Minnesota and Wisconsin was never like that and we could go out snowshoeing for hours and not get soaked.

Earlier in the day, a nice Sunday drive over the hill was simply beautiful! Seeing golden leaves against dark green background with a blue sky above was so enjoyable. Each time we go over in October, however, we do wonder if it will be the last time. The snow may hold out for awhile yet as far as blocking the road. However, since it can be beautiful going over and snow and rocks coming home, my husband prefers I take the Highway 96 route after the snows begin!

As we drove along listening to the radio, they were talking about the ten happiest jobs! Is your job happy? There were some surprises in the ten happiest jobs: clergy, fire fighter, physical therapist, authors, special education teachers and teachers in general, artists, psychologists, financial services and operating engineers. Percentage wise, clergy are the happiest people in their career. It is interesting how many of these occupations are helping others in various ways, rescuing them from fire, helping them solve problems by financial, religious or psychology means and teaching or helping them physically.

Teaching is a wonderful opportunity to work with the young. Even with current problems with education funding and classroom conditions teaching careers attract young idealists although many leave after five years. There is also an outlet for creativity in artists and authors despite the difficulty of making a living at it.

It was noted by the speaker that the ten most hated jobs are often of a much higher rank on the social ladder and with greater financial remuneration. Except for the financial sales agent position with good income in a comfortable office, the results seem to show a higher social status and larger paycheck doesn’t necessarily make for a happy worker. Doing something worthwhile and serving others seem to be more important in job satisfaction for most people.
Sometimes life in an fulfilling job can be rescued by volunteer work on a cause that is worthwhile and helps others. It was interesting at the last meeting of the community solutions to alcohol and drug use by our children, that the goals of a Neighborhood Watch were discussed Deputy David Nye had some good points to make as far as the value of the Neighborhood Watch type program in neighbors looking out for and caring about their neighbors. While gas prices at the heights they are now virtually preclude the drive around patrols that we had in the past, just neighbors keeping an eye out for neighbors is always important in our community.

Chamber of Commerce office is a fun place to work as a volunteer (that being the only jobs we have!!) People come in from other states across America and foreign countries and you are able to help them find a place to stay or eat or things to do. It is good to be able to solve their problems and also put them in contact with the businesses in our community which are eager to serve them.

There are so many organizations in town that could always use extra hands to help. Nadine will be putting together a Veterans Dinner and could probably use help in making that an important opportunity to express appreciation for their serving our country. The Family Resource Center has many areas that can use volunteers to help those in need in our community. They will be having a 5K walk or run next Saturday. Entrance is $5 or five cans of food for the food pantry. Meet at the Family Resource Center for a walk to help the community! Call 493-5117 for further information.

This time of year we see summer ending and cold weather come. Friends leave and we may see less of our neighbors in the cold weather. This morning Royal Blue read a poem by Frank Whitney and it’s something to keep in mind today:

Begin the day with friendliness and only friends you’ll find.
Yes, greet the dawn with happiness, keep happy thoughts in mind!
Salute the day with peaceful thoughts and peace will fill your heart.
Begin the day with joyful soul and joy will be your part.
Begin each day with friendly thoughts and as the day goes on.
Keep friendly, loving, good, and kind, just as you were at dawn.
The day will be a friendly one and then at night you’ll find
that you were happy all day long, through friendly thoughts in mind.

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