STAR Results Look Good For Happy Camp Schools

STAR scores are in for the California public school system’s 2001 standardized achievement test. STAR stands for Standardized Testing and Review; California students from grades two through eleven took the Stanford Achievement Test, edition 9 (Stanford 9), which was to be completed by May 15, 2001.

The Stanford 9 test covers reading, language, and mathematics for all grade levels. Students in grades nine through eleven also are tested in social studies and science. Students in grades two through eight are tested for spelling proficiency.
Test results have been mailed to parents, who can log on to the Great Schools website to compare their students with others who have taken the test. (In the search box, enter “Happy Camp Elementary” or “Happy Camp High” and your student’s grade.) Test results should be received in the mail between August 3 and September 6, 2001.

Happy Camp Elementary scores have improved quite a lot in the last four years. In 1998 only 38% of local public school students were above the national average in math and 39% were at that level in reading. The most recent test shows 62% above average in math, and 60% in reading.

At Happy Camp High, the results were not quite as good but still, above average. In math, 58% scored above the national average; in reading, 53% were above average. This is up from the 1998 score of 49% for both math and reading proficiencies.

Known factors that may affect a student’s STAR results include their English language ability, attitude, test taking skills, knowledge of the subject matter, and home learning environment. Parents can help by assuring their children have enough rest, a good breakfast, and a well-lighted, quiet place to study.

For more information about California STAR results, see the official website at

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