Happy Camp High Celebrates American Education Week!

American Education Week

Next week, November 12 – 16 is American Education Week! Happy Camp High School wants to celebrate with the whole community. Education is the key to success for our students in the future.

School Celebrants
Happy Camp High School wants to celebrate not only the teachers (Dave Timbrook, Denise Bearding, Diane Oliver, Erica Mitchell, Indigo Mack, Carissa Bussard, transportation crew (aka bus drivers), Mandy Stone, Bob Humphreys, para-educators:Tom Evertson, Leona McLaughlin and Chena Ariza, office worker Rachel, food service worker Leona McLaughlin, custodians Smokey Titus and Greg McDonald, but also the parents and community members (you!) who make our school so much better.

Principal Quote
Casey Chambers, principal at Happy Camp High School said, “Since I have worked in education, over 32 years, I have watched our schools and educators beaten down by negative public opinions of education in the USA. This is so contrary to what I witness every day in our schools. Daily I see school adults who work tirelessly for the academic, social, and emotion growth of our students. I see students who are happy to be in school (though many won’t admit it!) and the entire school community working together.

“Public schools are a place where students from all backgrounds and circumstances come together to learn. At Happy Camp High School, we are proud to say we believe in providing all students with the support and tools they need and deserve.”

Parents Day
Please plan on joining Happy Camp High School on Tuesday, November 13th, for PARENTS DAY! Join us for coffee and treats in the morning, or come lunch with us at noon. We want you to see for yourself how our school works.

Or, do you have a skill to teach or an experience to share? Let us know and you can be a part of our “BE AN EDUCATOR FOR A DAY”(or an hour) event on Thursday, November 15th. For further information call Happy Camp High School at 493-2697