Happy Camp Christmas Celebration Begins

The snowfall held off! Happy Camp ushered in Christmas festivities on Saturday.

The Christmas Craft Fair was full of amazing homemade and collector’s items for sale, and the Parade and Tree Lighting in the evening had the kids eager to see Santa

Beautiful Woodwork Items

It was great to see all the very talented crafts that gathered at the former Lion’s hall. Some spilled out unto the porch, where beautiful Collector plates were for sale ,.
Nearby was a crate of cute puppies with plush looking fur. These husky type darlings were looking for new homes, but many just wanted to hold and cuddle I resisted or might have been difficult to leave them!
Tables filled the inside and shoppers bustled around enjoying the festive setting and beautiful crafts There were beautiful wood crafted items from the couple from Seiad Valley.
Next to them was a gentleman with lots of nice things. I got a little tea bag holder with a neat poem to send people I’ wish we could be together with for Christmas to encourage them to share happy memories under the tree.
Leona and Pete McLaughlin had so many delicious baked goods, it was hard to decide upon which was best! Her Carrot Cupcakes are fabulous!

Great Baked goods by Leona1

There were knit and crocheted and sewing needlework. Beth Buchanan had hoodies and shirts with her beautiful design proclaiming where they’re from, “Happy Camp!”
Amber Ogborn, Linda Thompson were among the ladies making lunch for hungry participants! And sisters and Cody were behind the bar with fantastic looking Christmas cookies and such delicious desserts and Amber’s fabulous pumpkin rolls.
Bob “Coach” Hokanson had lots of paper things, sports cards, and even an antique Christmas catalog@ Wow, the bargains we remember finding in there!!

Iruiquis crafts & games

There were sprays of garlic and red hot peppers and a big basket of garlic from the farm. Charlie Fehley had multiple afghan and needlework in a great array of colors and other needlework.
Tim Pinkos’ table held beautiful leather-work; wallets and book covers and all sorts of beautiful things would make a perfect gift.
Lisa Bousfield had a wide array of potions and homemade items that are not only good to use, but good for the user too. They were labeled and presentation was beautiful.
Of course for all the chocolate lovers Nena Creasey had such a beautiful array from truffles to beautiful Christmas gift packages! Annie Jones had jewelry and a wide variety of interesting things available.
Morning Son Elston had the jewelry that he makes too, and Grandma, Dolly Elston had made canning jars for the occasion

Christmas Coming!

Lots and lots of crafters had absolutely wonderful items to celebrate generosity of a Christmas Celebration!!
It was a great chance to greet and catch up with neighbors one hasn’t seen for awhile. And the snow held off!!

Many talented neighbors along the Klamath!!