Prepare Now for Bigfoot Jamboree!

Bigfoot Jamboree is Coming! See

Bigfoot Jamboree is Coming! See

by Judy Bushy August 22, 2015
Bigfoot Jamboree is planned, promoted and produced by the Happy Camp Coordinating Council, Inc. If you want to see the wonderful things that they are planning for Labor Day Weekend, look on the beautiful Web Site Abigail Yeager has made on: For those who haven’t gone there, there is a very special 5K Dash/run that will take place, the Cup Cake Wars,Lawn mower Races and still more to come! Friday night will be a Traditional Salmon Dinner 6:30 until it’s gone.

The Bigfoot Dash, which is 5K, is returning for its 3rd Year! Bigfoot Dash begins at 9am on Sunday, September 6th, 2015. Runners will take off from the River Park Pavilion and head down the Nature Trail along the Klamath River to the Klamath River Bridge, crossing the bridge and taking Elk Creek Road just to Curly Jack where the Curly Jack Campground marks the turnaround.The runners head back towards town crossing the finish line in front of the Parade Judge’s podium next to Ricks Napa Auto Parts. You will want to pre-register for the race at a reduced rate of $10 per person and order a t-shirt for an additional $15. Race-day Registration begins at 8am and is $15 per person. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place runners will receive Medals.Proceeds from this event will be donated to Baby Cal, a local boy who is fighting leukemia. Support this great cause and register today!

There will also be the 3rd Annual Cupcake Wars at the Happy Camp River Park during Bigfoot Jamboree. Come taste and vote for your favorite cupcake on Saturday, (9/5) at 1pm under the Pavilion. If cupcakes appeal to your sweet tooth, tasters will purchase a voting ticket for only $5 and receive a taste of each competitor’s cupcake. The baker with the most votes wins $100! There will be refreshments provided to go with the cupcakes: milk, iced tea and lemonade! Happy Camp has great bakers so be sure to sign up now in order to reserve your place in the competition. There are a limited number of entries available. Call Abby at 530-493-5400 if you don’t have access to the sign up form on line. Bakers must bake, frost and decorate thirty (30) cupcakes and bring them to the River Park Pavilion on Saturday (9/5) at 12:30pm. Bakers create a sign that displays the name of the cupcake and describe what kind of cupcake it is (batter, filling, frosting, etc.). Proceeds from this event will go towards the 2016 Kids Day. Support this wonderful event for our kids by participating in this event as a baker or a cupcake consumer!

The 2015 Lawn Mower Races at the Jamboree will begin on Saturday, September 5th at 6pm and the races continue on Sunday at 12:30pm put on by The State of Jefferson Mower Racing Club. The race track is located on the Northeast side of the River Park. These lawn mowers can reach speeds of 50 MPH! This is a great event for the entire family, don’t miss it!

Finally, the Coordinating Council is also looking for people qualified to be nightly park cleaning, nighttime park security, and daily road watering from the 4th to 6th of September. If you want the jobs, give the Coordinating Council a quote on what you’d charge. Also, if you want to have a booth, the charges are $30 for local non-profits, $40 for locals along the Klamath River Highway or $75 for non-local vendors. The application form is on the website.

Put on your thinking cap now and plan for a float in either the Individual, Organization or Business category for the Sunday parade as everyone lines up along Hwy 96 to see the floats. It may seem early for preparing for Bigfoot Jamboree, Labor Day Weekend, but my son told me there’s still time to get in shape for the 5K Run to help out Baby Cal as he fights leukemia!!

Aaron Martin Captures 2013 Bigfoot Jamboree on Video

A young man from Happy Camp, Aaron Martin, has been creating some great videos. Everyone has been raving about how much they enjoyed them. His Bigfoot Jamboree story is one of the best! Subscribe to his YouTube Videos and you’ll see more of the beauty along the wild Klamath River!!


Incidentally, it is time to begin the planning and preparation for Bigfoot Jamboree, August 29-31st 2014. Join the Happy Camp Coordinating Council as they get ready for the best Bigfoot Jamboree to come!

Prepare NOW for Happy Camp’s Biggest Hometown Festival on Labor Day……..Bigfoot Jamboree!!


Don’t forget the Community Solutions and Neighborhood Watch Meeting at the Log Schoolhouse on Monday, March 11th. This is an area that we all have a stake in keeping our children drug and alcohol free and keeping our community crime free! Deputy Nye has been a great help and volunteers are needed as are those who will help take the next step at the coming meeting. Call Doreen for more information at FRC 493-5117

Happy Camp Coordinating Council, those hard working volunteers who plan the Bigfoot Jamboree for Labor Day will also be meeting at the Pizza House at 5:30 to make plans.

Narional Volunteer Week isn’t until April 21-27th and I remember when Eddie Davenport was president of the Chamber and each organization gave recognition to their top volunteers at a picnic in the River park. However, any time of year is a good time to thank all our volunteers!!

Whether it be the Grange, Chamber, Family Resource Center, Community Solutions and Neighborhood Watch, or other organizations in Happy Camp; to have our community healthy and growing we all must pitch in and help out where we can.
Are you an active member, the kind that would be missed?
Or are you just contented that your name is on the list?
Do you attend the meetings and mingle with the flock?
Or do you stay at home to criticize and knock?
Do you take an active part to help the work along?
Or are you satisfied to only just belong?
Do you work with your committee and get right in and mix?
Or leave the work to just a few and talk about the cliques?
Think it over, member–you know right from wrong!
Are you an active member or do you just belong?

We’ll have news on the Monday’s meeting on the community page after the meeting.
Happy Camp Coordinating Councils news will be out on the bigfoot page after that meeting also.
Thank you for helping us keep others informed as you let us know what is happening. We appreciate your help in this way.

I apologize that the calendar is not working at present but it will be soon or we will go with a different format for the calendar. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.

Call Chamber 493-2900 weekday afternoons or leave a message on the machine for the next volunteer who comes in. Thank you to all our Klamath Neighbors!!

Marble Mountain Gift Co is Grand prize for Parade Float!!

Grand Prize Winner: Marble Mountain Gift
by Judy Bushy
The grand prize for all of the floats and parade entries in the Bigfoot Jamboree parade was Marble Mountain Gift Co. float. For complete run down of the winners in the Parade click Community Page to the left.
Information on the princesses and Bigfoot Queen Bailei Allec on Yourh & Children page and more pictures on www. thank you!

Katherine Crockett entertained at the High School in the opening weeks of school. Read more about her dancing career and visit to Happy Camp News.

The Klamath Writer’s Club with Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce started Dear Mad’m Day last year. Next month is the second annual Dear Dear Mad’m Symposium will be Peter and Elizabeth Lismer who will be with us to talk about (and autograph) their new biography of Stella W. Patterson, Dear Mad’m, Who Was She?

Bigfoot Byway update: October is usually the most beautiful time of Autumn to drive our Scenic Byways to Happy Camp. Someone, who had been in Happy Camp for many years, mentioned that they didn’t know that Highway 96 from Happy Camp to Willow Creek is the Bigfoot Scenic Byway, so more on that under Happy Camp History.

Lenny Green was here to sing at the Bigfoot Jamboree. Afterwards, he said, “We had a great time, despite the problems of my singing with so much smoke in the air. We hope to return same day next year.Happy Camp is kind of a very special place …. I know you must love it there. In case you missed it, I have placed a link to your Chamber at
You know that the chamber is at but you will want to go there and hear Lenny sing about the Bigfoot Scenic Byway!

Thank you for your interest in Happy Camp. With the Goff Fire finally contained, skies have cleared. There is a crisp coolness these mornings, but the garden is still keeping us tremendously busy with beans, tomatoes, peppers and such! Such a bountiful harvest again this year. It’s a wonderful time of year to enjoy along the beautiful wild Klamath River.

46th Annual Bigfoot Jamboree, 2012

Parry’s 1st place Commercial or Business float.

Tapasarara float of karuk Tribe dancers won for Organizations.

by Judy Bushy
The Happy Camp Coordinating Council is to be commended for all the hard work and planning that goes into the Bigfoot Jamboree before it seems to always “just happen” on Labor Day weekend! Thank you to Linda Zink, Sammi Offield, Leonie Jacobson, Donna McCulley, Montine Blevins, and Savannah from the bank and to all the others who worked on various aspects of our Hometown Festival every Labor Day: Bigfoot jamboree!!!

The parade was wonderful. Bob Goodwin was the MC and then announced the awards down at the River Park. The judges were Bob Hokanson, Cheryl Scruggs and Gary Burnett’s sister, Terry.

In the Business or Commercial float category, third place was the Bigfoot Towing and Lawn Mower Races. You really have to see these Lawn Mower Races put on by the Outdoor Club! I heard that Aaron Martin won the race Saturday evening but, didn’t hear the outcome of the Sunday evening races. Bob threw in that he had taken his lawnmower to be repaired at Bigfoot Towing, but they didn’t get it going 70 mph mowing his lawn.

The second place Commercial float was a red truck driven by Bonnie Alvarez with red spots all over. It was the Ladybug Shuttle from Forest Lodge. They had antennae and red shirts with the black dots decorating! They had a great deal of fun too!!

First place in the Commercial floats was Parry’s Market and they stuck to the the theme, Generations. Their float showed the generation of the Roaring 20s! the newlyweds, Mary and Erik were on the float with my neighbor, Carol Day..

Third place for Organizations was the Old Volks & Folks from Grants Pass. They had half a dozen old Volkswagens that were in different shapes, one had a cute trailer, and one looked like a mini-“hummer”. So glad that they came over the mountain to help make our Bigfoot Jamboree so much fun!

Second place in Organization floats was the River Valley 4H clubs horsemanship project. They had beautiful horses to drive, ride or walk and the miniatures. There were even a few on the end with “ stick” horses.

First place for Organizations was the Karuk dancers, They had the word Pasarara on their float which I’ll have to look up in the Karuk Dictionary to see the meaning.

The Individual category trophy went to Kayla Whitehouse. She does a marvelous job with her baton twirling.

The grand prize for all of the floats and parade entries was Marbke Mountain Gift Company! there was a red head from I love Lucy!! There were characters from “Grease” also….(remember when Mr. Saler put on a production of Grease years ago in the late 80s)

Parry’s Market float. It was great with the newlyweds, Mary and Eric, and our neighbor Carol Day on the Roaring 20s float!

The singer, Lenny Green sang at the park after the awards were given. He sang such fun Bigfoot songs. His song about the Bigfoot Byway has become a well loved favorite! You can hear him sing this song at

Come to Happy Camp for the Bigfoot Jamboree!

No one who has lived in Happy Camp long doubts that this is the biggest event of the year, Bigfoot Jamboree. This will be the 45th year of celebrating, although one canceled for wildfires and once Kids Daze occurred instead. This year’s Bigfoot Jamboree begins at 6 pm Friday evening with the booths and concessions open. The Bigfoot queen, Cassidy Little, will be crowned and her court of five princesses will be Bridget Koons, Abigail Eadie, Florence Peters, Summer Goodwin and Julia Peters. DJ Trackster will begin the dance at 9 until midnight when the park closes.

Saturday morning before the booths and concessions open in the River Park at 10 you can still get up bright and early and get pancakes for breakfast by the Cub Scouts. The Amazing Race will begin at 11 am and will continue until there is a winner. It’s $10 to enter but that will go for the prizes and t-shirts for contestants too! You may compete as a team which will come in very helpful to get smart people on your team to solve the riddles. Linda Zink and Lisa West of the Bigfoot Stores are arranging the races and it sure sounds like a lot of fun so you won’t want to miss the Amazing Race.

Chalk Art will occur at the Pavilion at 10:30 Saturday also. Drift Boat Poker Run is happening on the Klamath River at 11. For more information on the Drift Boat Poker Run give Jody Waddell a call. Smokey the Bear will visit all the good boys and girls at the park around noon with his Forest Service escort. At one o’clock at the Pavilion, Robert “Javabob” Schmalzbach and Linda Martin will be sharing aobut Bigfoot Research.

Saturday at 2 pm there will be kids games. The Salmon BBQ by the Karuk Boosters club will begin at 3 and at 5 will be the Talent Show. Glenn Rickles is arranging the talent and everyone can compete for the fun of it. Kim and Bill will provide Karoke at the Pavilion at 7 pm. Genuine Draft Band will take the stage until midnight with music to dance by. In the meantime the Outdoor Club will be over on the old Go Kart Track racing Lawnmowers at 7.

Sunday morning pancake breakfast will be at the Happy Camp Elementary School sponsored by the Family Resource Center who does so many good things in Happy Camp helping people and families and the whole community. Get your pancakes from 7 AM to 10 AM. Yum!

Parade sign up is at 9:39n to 10:30 so that the parade will be ready to start on Davis Road by 11 o’clock. The route of the parade will be lined with Happy Campers down Davis Road, west on Highway 96 to 3nd Avenue and then to the Bridge over Indian Creek. The theme is Wonderland. The judges will be evaluating all the floats and entries in the parade.

On Sunday the booths and concessions don’t open until noon after the parade and then there will be Cowboy Poetry by Bill Roberts. Hotdog Eating Contest will be sponsored by Elk Creek Campground at 1pm and fill the contestants up for lunch!! At 1:15 the awards for the Parade entries will be announced at 1:15 pm. Then there will be music by the Trail Prison Band.

Ducks will be available earlier at the Park and but they will begin their race down Indian Creek at the Bridge and proceed to the mouth of Indian Creek on the Klamath where the winner will be fished out of the water. Then there will be a Family Fun time with sack races, egg toss and hula hooping, and lots of activities just for the fun of it. When this has ended a very happy but busy day, the park will close at 6. If you still have energy left, go over to the Go Kart Race Track and enjoy another turn with the Lawn Mower races. All in all there’s a lot of fun things to do! Bring your family and friends and enjoy this very special weekend. Join us for Happy Camp’s Bigfoot Jamboree.

Annual Bigfoot Jamboree

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