Festivities at the Art Center

Alan Crockett announced that the Art Center will be open and serving an excellent Mexican Burrito Lunch on Monday October 14th from 11- 4 pm with great music, wine tasting, Susan Corum’s unmatchable cheesecake, and Laura Jaffe- Stender’s scrumptious carrot cake. Coffee and drinks will be provided by Chris and Tera of the Salmon River Outpost. Come hang out and welcome in the cyclists at the Bigfoot Corner.

A long overdue thanks to all the folks who have poured their energies and amazing culinary talents into this years food fundraisers–It is bringing the new gallery closer to building. A very special thank you to Nyomi Rivera and Melinda Sterns for creating such a artful dinner for last month’s show.

Art, music, good food, and the wonderful company of HAPPY CAMPERS in the Heart of the Klamath, what could be better?