Remembering Those Who Served!

Youthful Volunteers (Emma Bousfield, Clarabeth and Gregory Olson )Decorating Happy Camp Cemetery

by Judy E. bushy (Siskiyou News May 27, 2020 reprinted)
Did you have a good “at home” Memorial Day remembrance of those who have given their lives on the battlefield for Liberty? Being home where all was quiet. One could reminisce about the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, their auxiliary organizations and community members used to gather for simple services in past years.

Presidential Comments
Ahead of the holiday, our president said, “We will never take for granted the blood shed by these gallant men and women, as we are forever indebted to them and their families…. As we commemorate these seminal events, we also remember the tremendous cost at which these victories came. More than 400,000 souls of the Greatest Generation perished during this titanic struggle to liberate the world from tyranny.”

He concluded by highlighting that Congress, in 1950, called “on the people of the United States to observe each Memorial Day as a day of prayer for permanent peace” and also designated “a period on that day when the people of the United States might unite in prayer.”

There were many volunteers working to prepare the Happy Camp Cemetery and the Fort Goff Cemetery for the Memorial Day weekend. The Fort Goff was missing fencing and has had a fund raising drive to replace it. They not only reached their goal but surpassed it! Good work!

The Happy Camp Cemetery was decorated with flowers and the flags for Veterans on a work day in advance as well. Kathy Toland, to whom we are most grateful for arranging the volunteers work at the cemetery Saturday morning, at 10:00 am. Anyone wanting to help is more than welcome; Robin, especially the kids… supervised of course.Before everyone else arrives at 10 Kathy is there to set up the flags, red, white & blue flowers and regular flowers at proper distancing locations and have them all ready to go. Then Friday, May 28th they will pick up the flags. Thanks to all volunteers!!