Mike Boren and the Prison Band Free Concert in Happy Camp

by Robyn Eadie
Coming on Labor Day, September 4, 2011
River Park -1:00 pm to 3:00pm
We are looking forward to the 2011 BigFoot Jamboree Weekend. Happy Camp Christian Fellowship will be hosting Mike Boren and his Country/Christian Band on Sunday, September 4, 2011 at the River Park.

Mike Boren and his band have been playing Country/ Christian Music for many years at Trail Christian Fellowship in Eagle Point, Oregon. Mike is a personal friend of my family and my church family, too. Mike’s band has a Country Blues flavor and comes highly recommended from many folks in Southern Oregon.
Mike’s band consists of five to seven people. Mike Boren is the lead vocalist and guitarist. Jerry Philbin is a disk jockey for KDOV radio in Southern Oregon and also is a vocalist and plays bass guitar. Richard Firstenberger sings, plays the harmonica and bass guitar. John Durhammer is their drummer. Ken Remsi is another vocalist/guitarist and taught at Rogue River High School where Kirk Eadie attended. Travis Guiolltine is their electric guitarist and Jeff Hagedorn plays the dobro guitar. ( A dobro is a guitar with hub cap on it. It has a really cool sound.)

Mike and his band have two hours of music. Also, they provide their own sound system. Mike’s band really enjoys entertaining and inspiring people with his Christian and Country music. They are very sought after musicians in the Rogue Valley. Many ranchers, farmers, and livestock events use Mike’s Country Band, too. They do weddings and anniversary party events, too.

Mike and his band are not asking a fee for their entertainment, but if you feel led to donate, please let the Lord guide your heart. They love to eat good food and talk with people about what they do with their Country/Christian band and music. We are happy they are coming down to bless us. May we pray for them in the month ahead, as they come down to enjoy the hospitality and beautiful people of Happy Camp!