Rescues in Happy Camp

Happy Camp Heroes Work Together to the Rescue

Frank Henderson, Doreen Mitchell, Darleen Fehley, Charles Fehley, Jody Henderson, Kay Henderson and Floyd Henderson when Darleen pinned the CPR save pins on the six Happy Camp Volunteer Ambulance Crewmembers whose quick response and professional care gave her a second chance at life.

We have heroes living in our midst along the beautiful wild Klamath River. They may not look like a hero when you see them day to day, but they are! It takes some special need, some crisis, and then we see that the neighbor, whom we thought was a common ordinary person, really is a hero! There are times when you appreciate a friend for years, and then they step forward and stand up for the right, and all of a sudden you realize what a hero they are and you never before recognized it.

A couple of weeks ago, there was a meeting, and some Happy Camp heroes were acknowledged. Back on January 10th a call came in for an ambulance. Six members of the Happy Camp Volunteer Ambulance Crew answered that call. A Happy Camp woman was in distress and they quickly followed the proper procedure and performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation known as CPR. CPR is a manual method to keep the heart beating in an emergency situation. Their quick action and care gave her a second chance at life.

Although she was not out of the woods yet, the Ambulance crew quickly transferred her care to the crew and pilot of Mercy Flight 105 from Medford, Oregon. They continued her care as they airlifted her to ‘Rogue Valley Medical Center for further treatment and care. Instead of a sad loss for a Happy Camp family the life of this woman was saved.

That was the reason for the honor bestowed on the Happy Camp Heroes a couple of weeks ago. Darleen Fehley presented CPR Save Pins to the six Happy Camp Volunteer Ambulance Crewmembers who responded on that day. They were Frank Henderson, Jodi Henderson, Doreen Mitchell, Diane Lebiciicchim, Kay Henderson and Floyd Henderson. When Charley told me how this crew had saved the life of Darleen, I was amazed that I hadn’t heard of this remarkable achievement previously. They were just doing their job, an unpaid volunteer job, and they could feel happy to be able to help. Darleen and Charley wanted to thank the Happy Camp Ambulance Crew, the crew of Mercy Flight 105 from Medford and Bob and Trista Parry who gave him time off from his job at Parry’s Market to be with Darleen during this time.

They can use your help and mine to do their job better, Please support them when they have the next Bake Sale. They had one at Parry’s Market on Valentine’s Day and they will be having another. The fundraising is for equipment that is important, and may save your life, or the life of someone near and dear to you in the future. They also have to fundraise for training that they need to have to keep current on the job training. When you see the Ambulance Bake Sale, or the t-shirts that they sell, please give them your support.

Just the other evening, another Happy Camp woman was walking in her yard, just as she and her family had done many times before. However this time was different and the ground gave way and she fell in what appeared to be an old septic tank from before happy Camp had sewer service. Andrea was stuck and although Dan Stuart tried to rescue her, he was unable to get her out of the predicament. Again Happy Camp Heroes came to the rescue. The Highway Patrol officer was there and soon the Volunteer Fire and Volunteer Ambulance workers came to the call and successfully rescued Andrea. Her first concern was for the baby who is due in several weeks, but Andrea and the baby survived the ordeal and were safely assisted to get out of the predicament