Aaron Martin Captures 2013 Bigfoot Jamboree on Video

A young man from Happy Camp, Aaron Martin, has been creating some great videos. Everyone has been raving about how much they enjoyed them. His Bigfoot Jamboree story is one of the best! Subscribe to his YouTube Videos and you’ll see more of the beauty along the wild Klamath River!!


Incidentally, it is time to begin the planning and preparation for Bigfoot Jamboree, August 29-31st 2014. Join the Happy Camp Coordinating Council as they get ready for the best Bigfoot Jamboree to come!

Fun at the RiverPark: Rockin’ the Klamath Coming June 29th

A week from Saturday, there will be another wonderful June day at the River Park, full of music! It’s time for the third annual Rockin’ the Klamath musical event at the River Park.

The afternoon will begin with the opportunity to share your talents with your friends and neighbors of the community, “Happy Camp Has Talent”. Can you sing? What instrument do you play? Can you recite a poem or share something else? This is your opportunity. We are all looking forward to seeing you there and hearing your talented performance at the River Park pavilion on that day.

The winning performances will give an encore after the Jam Session. All you musicians need to come for the Jam Session.

Ponderosa Breeze, an Oregon band that you may be following on Facebook as they play at the Greek Place in Ashland, will be playing.

Headliner is the Spiro Kings who will be returning because they were enjoyed so much when they were with us in 2011 at Rockin the Klamath. Here comes the opportunity to have a great night out at the River Park.

There is the Raffle for an inflatable Kayak that comes with paddle, pump and life vest. You can get your tickets in the Chamber Office for $1 each, or for a limited time only 15 for $10. Can’t you just think how much you will enjoy a cool kayak floating down the creek on a hot summer day? Sounds like delightful fun! This grand prize was donated by Klamath River Resort Inn just a couple miles upriver from Happy Camp, right on the River! If you are more into games, there’s a play station music “thingy” to win, or a cast Bigfoot footprint donated by our local Bigfoot hunter, Javabob Schmalzbach. Ron and Rosemary Boren have donated entrance to Bike Rally which has a value of $55 also. So, come into the Office and see what your pleasure is in the wonderful opportunities in this raffle!

The Happy Coordinating Council will be fundraising for the Bigfoot Jamboree by running the Beer Booth and having hamburgers and some yummy baked goods also. There will be Quick Dogs and Dolly’s Deli also serving something for your picnic lunch as you listen to all the musical performances.

There will also be other vendors and more than ever before have planned to come so please thank our vendors. I didn’t get much chance to look at all the beautiful Happy Camp Jade and other jewelry that Rich Kelly had on display a couple of weeks ago at the Art & Treasure Klamath Yard Sales so looking forward to more time to look at the beautiful things he has created.

All together it will be a lovely day in the Park in Happy Camp,Saturday, June 29th from noon to midnight.

River Girl Published by Local Author, Linda Jo Martin

River Girl, by Linda Jo Martin, is a historic novel about a girl growing up in the Klamath River Valley near Happy Camp, California.

Newly published story, River Girl
Buy at Amazon

River Girl has recently been published! It is so exciting to have a brand new book published by Linda Jo Martin of Happy Camp.

Linda writes novels in her spare time and this is for young girls and teens. It is a story of a young girl who comes to Happy Camp in the 1920’s. Although it is fiction, Linda takes her historical research very seriously!

It is most of all a very good story and I enjoyed it very much. It’s a lovely way for a young girl to enjoy a quiet summer afternoon reading!

It is available on Amazon, but you can stop in at Marble Mountain Gift Company and get a copy or at the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce office weekdays. For further information on the book or the author see http://rivergirlclaire.com/.

ARTISTS ON THE RIVER: Gloria Chappelear

Gloria Chappelear Paintings

By Marilyn Townsend

Rivers inspire the hidden artist in ordinary people, proving they are not really ordinary. Or extraordinary people are irresistibly drawn to rivers to express their artistic natures, maybe both. My river is teeming with artists.
The Klamath is my river. I own the Klamath; the Klamath owns me. That’s how it goes. Let me tell you about an artist on my river.
Gloria Chappelear lives on the Klamath River. Right on it. When the river floods, her vegetable garden is under several feet of water. Since 1964, Gloria has lived on the Klamath and painted the woods, and trees, and people that surround her.
Gloria was born in 1934 in South Dakota, to a mother who was a painter, and father who farmed a rented section of land on the Sioux Indian Rosebud Reservation. There they farmed and raised seven daughters. Some of her mother’s paintings grace the walls of the house on the Klamath. Gloria attended the University of Iowa, majoring in art education.
She moved to Happy Camp in 1964, with two children, and three more children were added to her home. She has lived in Alturas, Tulelake, and Lake Tahoe, always returning to Happy Camp; even after a short time in Arizona, Happy Camp called her back.
During all this time, she painted, persevering even when one child tried to eat the yellow paint. She painted church nursery walls, and illustrations for church and Sunday school lessons. Gloria has taught art in the elementary school and was an art instructor for a while at COS.
She does plein-aire painting with her best friend Dian Hokanson, and paints from her own photographs, and photos borrowed from friends. Many of Gloria’s paintings are of the forest and individual trees, because “they’re always there.” But she paints portraits and rodeos, and zoo animals, and any subject that captures her spirit. The poet in her names the paintings. “Tenacious”, and “Old Timer” are trees, and “Modern Madonna” is her daughter with a grandchild.
Like many artists, Gloria has more than one area of expertise. One of her arts is woodworking. She builds her own furniture and carves it, and paints the carvings. No need to build something functional without making it also beautiful. And she improves on the gingerbread houses in the magazines because they forget to make the shingles overlap; being a woodworker she knows all shingles overlap!
As if this were not enough, she quilts, bakes her own bread, and makes the most delicious cookies. She raises her own vegetables, and keeps chickens for eggs.
When asked why she paints, she struggles with an answer. After talking about composition, and the path the eye travels with good composition, she finally says she paints “to remember things…because I love to.” And then it all comes out. With a feisty grin she says she paints because ”I’m gettin’ good at it!” That’s humility. She’s been more than good for decades. Now she is approaching her own standards of excellence, which are high indeed.

Marilyn Townsend can be contacted at
Gloria Chappelear can be contacted at
(530) 493-2713


Artists on the River: Gloria Chappelear

Klamath River Veterans Meet Saturday at 10 a.m.

Tim Grenvik came to the Family Resource Center (FRC)Thursday to meet with eight or nine veterans. Tim is the Veterans’ representative for Siskiyou County helping them get organized as a group. The objective is to serve the Veterans in Happy Camp.

Since we no longer have American Legion or Veterans of Foreign War we haven’t had programs at the cemetery or Flag Day, honor guard for funerals, and similar patriotic days. It would be wonderful for this group to be able to pick up some of those types of activities.

Veterans are welcome at 3 o’clock on the second Thursday of each month at FRC when Tim Grenvik is here. The other local veterans will meet weekly at 10 am on each Wednesday at the Family Resource Center on 38 Park Way.

Rebuilding the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce

Cat manned the Suggeestion Box!

Dinah Sulipeck celebrated her 66th birthday at the Grange Friday with the help of many old and new Chamber members, friends and neighbors along the Klamath River. What fun it was to share a spaghetti dinner made by Robbie Collum. Thank you, Robbie for your considerable time and effort. After some had seconds, it was time to sing Happy Birthday to Dinah and tackle that giant chocolate cake. Even got some sample music thrown in by Lou Sr.

Dinah had some words to share as president. I haven’t known Dinah long, but really appreciate her encouraging good will. It was fun to celebrate her birthday, too. She reminded the Chamber of the Mission Statement, The Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce’s mission is “to promote and encourage business, commerce and quality of life for the citizens of Happy Camp and the Highway 96, Klamath River Corridor.” Businesses all along 96 are welcome.

board serves spaghetti dinner

Chamber Board Members served Spaghetti Dinner for January.

Locating and restoring the Heart of Klamath banner that blew down was discussed. Following Dinah’s report, James Buchner gave a complete Treasurer’s Report. Good news is there is a credit on the telephone bill. Sad news is the Chamber is broke, but memberships are coming in to remedy that problem.

Secretary Cathleen Searle told of how she had come up with a membership list from a brochure and website and asked help in clarifying situations. Anyone wishing to work together in “Community Unity” toward the above mission statement is welcome. The Chamber returned dues to $50 and including 2 additional months if you sign up now. The Chamber telephone was changed to voice mail answered by the president and secretary. Terry Winslow has also offered to answer the phone.

Pete Winslow asked how many had gotten e-mails about the meeting and what we can do to get messages to others who may also have an interest in the mission of the Chamber. Pete offered to send a monthly newsletter. First was sent January 3rd but some couldn’t open it. Pete will send it in the body of a message ”but it won’t look so fancy!” To be notified, send him your e-mail, info@happycampchamber.org.

The Advertising Committee Report was given by James on the map and directory in the works for several months. Ads on the map will be available on a first come first served basis, but there will be a list of all members also. This membership brochure will be completed in March for April printing. The Board asked the gathering for input in dealing with the missing www.happycampchamber.com website. Dinah renewed the name with Go-daddy but who is the host? Restoring it hasn’t been accomplished yet. The members were very concerned about it. Lou Tiraterra, Sr advised to set aside previous mismanagement and proceed, so Treasurer will arrange for a new site with a company Kirk Eadie recommended.

To think that it all started when Cathleen was guest speaker in November on “community unity!” Several expressed the desire to forget the past, rebuilding trust and going forth with the new Chamber of Commerce to serve the members and our community on the wild Klamath River. Next meeting was set for February 1st at Elk Creek Campground and then all pitched in with cleanup and putting up chairs together. That Chamber can really work together and accomplish a lot quickly!

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