October My-ena-ca Art Show was great!!

Some of our local Happy Camp artists had a very well attended art show Friday; the fifth My-ena-ca Show was at the Klamath-Siskiyou Art Center! Myanna is one of the trio artists that presented their work and her sister even brought music and the gentle folk tunes they played made a beautiful background for a wonderful get together. Veronica Rassmussen had some lovely colored paintings and Nena Creasy had some especially nice metalwork that she has created!! There were beautiful pieces to enjoy and to inspire you!

It was great to see Don and Jane Hall from Yreka. Don and Jane have been enjoying travel and Don keeps taking exceptional photography since retirement. It was fun to introduce Gloria Chappelear to my son Stephen. Steve has changed a bit since she taught him Sunday School about twenty years ago! Old Friends and also new friends like Megan Hogue who is the new RSP teacher since Liz Laney retired.

Thanks Denise Bearding, Jennifer and Glenn Rickel, Rachel and Tai Kim, Chris Magarian for the delicious supper, hadn’t planned to eat but Stephen said it was great and he was right! Enjoyed the Taylors Sausage, Massaged Kale, Cucumber Salad, BBQ’d Marconi Peppers and delicious quiche-like dish! Yum! Robyn couldn’t leave the Football game so I brought her a dish also, last plate of supper as there was a very large and congenial (and hungry) crowd.

I think the Art Center needs a playground also!! It is such fun to see the younger ones playing together under the Bigfoot Statue but rather worrying for the mom’s who keep a watchful eye as the kids frolic with the traffic in the nearest thing to a traffic jam besides five o’clock weekday afternoons at the post office. A town without a single stoplight doesn’t have much traffic most of the time! A number of our citizens get around on foot or bicycles!!

Great to see the younger set growing up with such friendly Klamath neighbor gatherings and appreciation of the metal work painting and other artistic endeavors of our local neighbors!!