Join us in October to Celebrate “Dear Mad’m”

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Just got off the phone with Lisa Gioia-Acres who is inspiring lady who directs the Siskiyou County Historical Museum in Yreka. It is always highlight to stop by the Museum and see the beautiful wedding apparel displayed just now, or stroll the Outdoor Museum, or gather in the Conference room to learn more about the history of our area!!

Lisa confirmed we have the date of Saturday, October 15th, 2016 for the Dear Mad’m gathering at 12:30 at the Museum Conference Room. We will be celebrating Dear Mad’m, Stella W. Patterson, who wrote the book by the same name about the decisions she faced at the age of 80 when she lived in a remote miners cabin on the Klamath River (with her dog Vicki for company.)

San Francisco relatives wanted Stella to return to the city; but she hadn’t lived there since the ’06 earthquake and personal decisions separated her from that society life. Even at 80 Stella felt more adventurous and had always wanted to pursue other endeavors. She may have ordered groceries out of Happy Camp with thrift in mind, but she ordered her iris bulbs from European nurseries.

Some fascinating characters of the neighborhood stopped by and are remembered from her story. They influenced Stella, and in many ways Stella went on to inspire countless others by her story. What was the secret that she learned in that simple life in a rustic cabin on the Klamath River? Many return to Stella’s story when “mature years” weigh heavy, to remember to face life with a spirit of adventure, no matter what your age!