Library Street Fair Enjoyed Musicians

Musicians play at the Local Library Fair

by Judy Bushy

The Second annual Street Fair sponsored by the board of Happy Camp’s local library was held Saturday.

Musicians played music throughout the day while there were so many things to stroll about and enjoy! Knit afghans to keep you warm on cold winter days. A good book to curl up before the fireplace and read to your heart’s content. Jody and Charlie’s Pizza wagon surprised everyone with delicious sandwiches on fresh baked bread instead of the usual pizza (which is always delicious too.)

The Cub Scouts were selling their popcorn to keep the Cub Scout Pack in funds for the coming year of scouting fun! The fifth grade boys didn’t miss asking a single passerby whether they might like to support the Scout program and buy popcorn. They had carmel corn with peanuts or with almonds, chocolately carmel popcorn, cheesey popcorn and an assortment of microwave popcorn, “Kettle Style,” “Unbelievable Butter,” or even “Butter Light” for those with microwave appliances.