Little Campers & Rockets March for Kindness

by Judy E. Bushy
The Little Camper’s Child Care Center has a happy bunch of kids playing, learning and growing all the time. Recently they had a special Kindness March together with the Rockets Afterschool program for the Happy Camp Elementary School students.

The little tykes have had Snow Fun for January learning (and experiencing} winter, Arctic animals and hibernation. They exercise their artistic skills, practice learning to spell their name, and counting!

Fun didn’t end with February beginning! They recently learned a lot about kindness which led to the Kindness March. So, given the nice warm (for winter) sunny day, what could be better than, together with Rockets program’ March for Kindness!!
After the March, they gathered for a special snack. The Karuk Tribe provided popcorn for a snack for the children, parents, staff and all the community members that helped make it all possible.

Little Campers Child Care Director, Abigail Eadie Towers said they appreciated the Happy Camp Fire and Volunteer Ambulance staff who provided the safety escort on the March up to Bigfoot Corner on Highway 96. Towers also expressed that “We are so thankful for our community and the support for our amazing students!! Thank you!!”

After the last licensed Child Care Center in Happy Camp closed in June of 1991, it filled a great need when the Little Camper’s Child Care Centered opened in the Happy Camp Community Center at 38 Park Way in Happy Camp. Parents were much in need of a quality care facility for their children while they worked!

Be Kind To All

Little Camper’s Kindness March

Next week will be what we used to celebrate as President’s day on February 21st but Happy Camp High School will be enjoying a President’s week. February 6th is President Ronald Reagan’s birthday, February 9th is President William Harrison’s birthday, February 12th is President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, and George Washington, our first President was born on February 22nd. Lots of birthdays, but more presidents were born in October.