Seiad Valley Crafter’s Show their Skills

by Judy bushy

Hole in the Earth Pottery was beautiful!

Seiad Valley is such a fun community! They work together so well and they sure do love their Volunteer Fire Department! That’s why the Seiad Day in August and the Craft Faire in November are such great events!! The proceeds go to the (All volunteer) Firefighters work.

When we first arrived we could see the tables that Les Helsley had set up outside with his wonderful pottery from Hole in the Earth Pottery. The bright colors were sparkling in the sun! There was a wide range of colors and designs, and even a 25% off table! There were only a couple of vendors set up outside as it was quite nippy even though the sun was shining beautifully. A lady had notebooks and folders and pictures that she had made. If I still had kids at home, I’d have loved the wipe-off charts for chores.

An evergreen with snowflake ornaments was the first thing you saw entering the Fire Hall! Tim Pinkos had leather work and there were nifty items by the wire-works skilled craftsman. I remember a few years ago he had a knight’s armor in wire that was so neat, but didn’t see that as most of the items were practical.
Some of the tables were high with placemats and colorful sewn items for the home. Someone put a lot of work into all those projects and they were lovely. There was woodworking too, but the woodworker had stepped away from his table when we were admitting his wood projects.

Pete & Leona with beautiful jewelry and delicious eats!!

It was good to see Leona and Pete McLaughlin who not only had the beautiful jewelry Leona makes, but pretty little bags to use for giving them as gifts. She also had made carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting which are so delicious! Across from her was a display of beautiful large polished jade and other rock materials, made into belt buckles and other things. Floyd Brady had really beautiful stones!
Next to Floyd was Bob Humphries’ son, Chris. He had made Rice-Krispie bars, cookies as well as jam. The jams were cranberry and strawberry. Although they were tempting we didn’t want to eat until lunch which was chili, chowder, filled baked potato and bacon soup or sausage tortellini. I loved the potato and bacon soup, but I got the last bowl. So my husband got the tortellini, but he enjoyed that as well.

Yummy snacks and jams for sale!

Lunches and shopping at the Crafter’s Faire!