Thank you for Firefighters on the McKinney Fire, Yeti Complex and other local Fires!

by Judy E. Bushy
Things are really busy around Happy Camp these days! Warnings were given for Happy Camp Friday to be prepared in case evacuation of the town is necessary. Fires begun this week have already claimed four lives, and we want all our Klamath Neighbors and all the Firefighters and other workers SAFE!!

McKinney Fire started Friday afternoon, July 28th, 2022 west of the Walker Creek Bridge over the Klamath River. Strong winds and a storm enabled it to gain 18,000 acres by the time the first night was over. It kept growing to 53,493 acres by Monday, August 1st.

Highway 96 runs next to the Klamath River through this area and the Road was closed as the fire increased.

The path of the fire nearing Yreka CA, county seat of Siskiyou County home of nearly 8,000 people, was about 12 miles away. The Yreka Police Department issued evacuation orders for neighborhoods in the western part of Yreka as the fire approached 12 miles away.

The China 2 Fire was started by lightning strike about two or three miles west of Seiad Valley and was about 300 acres on Sunday. It was later turned over to Incident Team as Yeti Complex and prompted an evacuation preparation warning for Happy Camp, CA on Friday. Happy Camp experienced the Slater Fire which destroyed many homes and made almost half of the town homeless, September 8, 2020.

The Klamath River Community Hall burned. It was a sad sight to see no building, but Old Glory still flying high. the Klamath River Post office burned.

Quigley’s Station, a popular stopping place to enjoy lunch or delicious desserts, survived the fire. It’s named after “moon” Quigley, who was a historic moonshiner on the Klamath.

Keep safe and say a prayer for the community and thanks to the Firefighters

Forest Lodge Thanks Firegifhters1

Forest Lodge Thanks our Heroes!


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