Today is the Day!! Tell Your Story!!!

Judy E. Bushy
Tell Your Story!!
You have a story to tell. Many times people who grew up in Happy Camp write to us and say it was the most wonderful childhood they could have imagined. Have you had that experience??

Stella Did!
Stella W. Patterson was an elderly lady when she left the Circle P (for Patterson) Ranch down by Willow Creek and moved to a mining cabin on the Klamath River at Ferry Point. She wrote the story of her year there, along with her friends, Fred (DearSir) Upn’Up and his wife and new baby (Benji,) a Karuk gal that lived across the Klamath River and came to visit. … Frenchy, all those wonderful characters who have been read about for decades.

Readers Became Fans!
When her story was published in 1959, and only arrived the day of her funeral, it was a best seller!! It was a book club selection! It had various foreign printings as well. People loved it then, and still today people tell us that they read it over and over again. They Love It!!

Naturegraph has kept the book in print, and after the fire, Barbara promised not to forget Dear Mad’m. It is now available again from Naturegraph!! They love it.

National Write Your Story Day — March 14


  • Liz Lismer

    Hi Judy,
    It’s nice to know that Dear Mad’m is going to be available again. I hope things are getting back to a more normal pace in Happy Camp. Pete and I enjoyed our visits there.

    • So good to hear from you Liz, miss you, (and sadly of course, Pete as well) in recent years. Hope all is well!! You’re research and stories from “Dear Mad’m who Was She?” are requested frequently, as fans are always eager to know more of her life. A former Happy Camper recently found an article mentioning Stella Patterson was “First White woman to canoe the dangerous Klamath Rapids!!”

    • Connie Rasmussen at the Marble Mountain Hardware and Gift Company where we now get coffee and ice cream too, said a lady called about Dear Mad’m and talked to her for an hour the other day!! She had lent out her book and needed to get another!! Still popular!!

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