Too Close for Comfort! (fire)

Fire at Town Trail summit.
Fire threatened to consume the hill
just south of the Klamath River in Happy Camp.

by Linda Martin

A fire hovered on the hill overlooking Happy Camp late today and fire-fighting efforts started at about 5 pm. The town’s people took to the streets to keep an eye on this threatening sight.

By sunset firefighters had the blaze contained and at 11 pm about fifty people were still on the scene expecting to be there all night. A few hot spots still burned within the fire line.

Earlier in the evening, two helicopters poured a steady rain of Klamath River water on the blaze and a plane dumped fire retardant chemicals several times, cutting down the fire before it had a chance to consume the treetops.

The fire appeared at the terminus of the Town Trail. Possible causes are an abandoned cigarette, campfire out of control, or arson, although there is no official determination on this yet.

The Town Trail, a popular hike up steep terrain, ends with a view overlooking all of Happy Camp. By evening firefighters could be seen descending the steep hillside in a line, apparently holding onto a rope, and the sound of chainsaws filled the valley.

Frontier Lodge, and the fire
The Frontier Lodge with the fire in the background.

Fire on Town Trail
The fire was just about out by sunset and local
fire crews were on the scene but several small
areas continued to burn as late as 11 pm.

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