Updating for March as we plan to Spring Forward!!

Spring Forward for Daylight Saving Time March 10 at 2 am
Meeting for the 53rd Annual Bigfoot Jamboree.
When will Bigfoot Jamboree be? Well, you will have to come and see if it has been moved to Memorial Day, stays at Labor Day or some other plan is afoot!! There will be sharing of last year’s outcomes and survey results as well as taking suggestions and ideas for this year! If you are interested in working to make Bigfoot Jamboree continue to be the best little hometown festival ever, please come. Please volunteer and, please make your views known. Anyone interested in putting on an event when it is held, vendors, just all the community minded persons who will volunteer are welcome to come and help.

Happy Camp Neighborhood Watch
The Happy Camp Neighborhood Watch voted a few months ago to have the meetings on the second Monday at 5:30 at Partner’s Deli and that’s what will happen on March 11th.

High School Input
Community Input for the Siskiyou Union High School District on March 13, 2019. The Board meets at each of the High School locations and that will be their board meeting for the Happy Camp High School. They are requesting Community Input and so it would be most helpful if there were a number of community members to give input at that meeting.

River Reader’s Book Club
As I write this week’s column, with sadness I’m thinking Kirk mentioned he hadn’t had a coffee for 9 whole days. With the closing of Marble Mountain Gift Company last week, the River Readers met at the home of the founding instigator of the Book Club! What a great time we had visiting and discussing Land of permanent Goodbyes. In preparing to complete the reading for next meeting, it was a very tearful experience. The Syrian children had great hardships to overcome.

We especially enjoyed a great lunch as well. Now the River Readers will be starting a new book in just a couple of weeks. I hope to tell you what it will be; there are some very interesting possibilities. Dan Effman has offered us a public place where we can continue meeting Tuesdays at 11 o’clock and we greatly appreciate his offer. The River Readers will begin meeting at the Partner’s Deli & Arcade the next Tuesday, March 19 and reading a light novel, Gold Coast by Nelson DeMille , join us for friendly social time and discussion on books!!

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