Wildfire predominates during Rockin’ the Klamath

Cliff Mann

Happy Camp is grateful to FireFighters
Cliff Mann shared this sentiment Sunday!

Dillion Fire was the news in Happy Camp Friday.
Containment lines on the Dillon Fire held Saturday night despite strong winds causing a few flare ups inside the lines. So Dillon Fire was reported to be 80% contained and full containment was expected Monday. The Dillon Fire was ignited Friday alongside California Highway 96 approximately 15 miles southwest of Happy Camp. It involved many small roadside fires over a 20 mile stretch of highway that caused the closure of Highway 96 from Ti-Bar to Coon Creek so Rockin’ the Klamath concert goers coming up that stretch of road had to change their plans about coming to the concert. . They had 8 Type 1 crews, 3 Type 2 crews, 5 helicopters, 14 engines, 6 water tenders, and 1 bulldozer fighting the fire which is over 300 acres. Dry lightning was expected and crews were on standby should any new fires get started.

Sunday. Cliff Mann was standing outside the Forest Service on Highway 95 in Happy Camp holding a large sign saying “Thanks” to the Firefighters. That expressed the feelings of most of Happy Camp. Our firefighters and their support personnel do a great job keeping us safe from the possibility of dire results of wild fires in the forest. Thanks! And Thanks to Cliff for letting them know how much we appreciate them! Cliff is originally from the Salmon River area and has returned to the Klamath recently.

Next Saturday is the third Green Apple Putting Tournament under the giant Dream Catcher in Happy Camp. Tee Time is exactly 9:03 at the Giant Dram Catcher at the end of Davis Road. You bring your own natural branch putter, this naturally occurring putter is required. Entrance fee is a quarter at the registration desk. Dennis Day has announced that the winner will receive keys to a Buick.

For further information on the Rockin the Klamath go to the Community Page, please.


  • Barbara Land

    Those fires are so dangerous. I hope everyone there is extra cautious about watching out for them, before one gets out of hand & comes into town.

  • keyann

    my boyfriend is there helping fight the fires. 🙂 thank you Vale hotshots!

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