Yeti Fire update: Saturday, August 6th

by Judy E Bushy
The good news from the Yeti Fire Meeting on Saturday evening was that there is line all around the fire!! There is still burning taking place inside the lines but they are watching the lines and putting water on it.

The meeting was also on the Alex fire with we 151 acres east of us and south of the McKinney Fire. Those two fires (Alex and McKinney) have a Red Flag Weather Watch near Yreka but it was not expected to affect Happy Camp.

Sheriff Jeremiah LaRue

Sheriff Jeremiah LaRue began with the four people who have lost their lives in this fire.He then went on to explain the Fire evacuation WARNING. The reason for the warning was to have people in the area talk about plans and be prepared. Remember, anything can happen with fire weather.

Jacqueline Nushyi is the new Karuk Emergency Manager. Her mission is to protect the life, property, cultural areas and environment of Karuk Tribal members, their families and communities, by coordinating activities that mitigate the effects of, prepare for, respond to, and recover from all hazards and disasters, using a collaborative, risk-based approach.

Bryan Schenone, Director of Siskiyou County Office of Emergency Services thanked the First Responders! He also spoke highly of the Long term Recovery group of Slater Fire, (September 8, 2020.)

Our Sioskiuou County Supervisor Ray A Haupt came down River to at the meeting onh the Yeti Fire too.

SCSupervisor Ray A. Haupt

We usually don’t have resources like we have on this fire. Our fires usually come a month or two later in the season. We have 17 helicopters at the airport, haven’t seen this here for 25 years! Officers from outside the area have come to help so 60 officers are working. There are 1.282 personnel working on the fires (Yeti & Alex) the containment line is around 8,029 ACRES and the Yeti is 19% contained as of Sunday afternoon.

Keep safe and be ready to evacuate if there should be need for emergency evacuation.
You are very important to us!!