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19th Annual Karuk Reunion

Saturday was perfect weather for the 19th Annual Karuk Reunion. This gathering was a wonderful time to visit with Klamath neighbors we don’t see often and some who we’ve enjoyed in the past, but who have moved away. Charron “Sonny” Davis, opened the Reunion program with prayer. Sonny and Nancy Super are the last full blooded Karuk, and she was honored as well.

An Elder at the 19th Karuk Tribal Reunion in Happy Camp California, 2015.

Russell “Buster” Attebery gave a welcome and told about how they are proceeding with the Casino Project and have negotiated in good faith with all of the agencies. He wasn’t going on a limb and say it would be tomorrow, but by this fall they should be able to start construction.

Buster also emphasized that they are also concerned for healthy rivers and forests affecting the local situation. An increase in income, especially in education and economic development, is looking to a bright future for the people. Concerning the working out of problems cooperatively. finding it “Amazing how much we have in common when we meet” and communicate together, and “when we solve the problems so both needs are met, we feel we can do that.”
He has had experience working at the mill, teaching, recreation and many working years, and expressed his appreciation of the group of people with whom he is working now. Council has a good mix; experienced former chairmen, some to keep council in line and new council members who bring new knowledge and new ideas. With the Casino there will be more education and the Cobal Settlement will provide more opportunity as well.

A New Tribal College in California would be a great help to Native young people out of Indian Country . Buster Attebery is working to get it in northern California, perhaps Yreka, for young people learning two cultures. There is a new Wellness Center in Yreka with a gymnasium for more sports for youth and flag football in Happy Camp. The Broadband Project has brought modern technological benefit to Orleans for $6 million.

Renee Stauffer, of the Orleans District member at large, mentioned that only three council members, Buster and herself among them had taken the challenge of the 5K run/walk this morning at eight o’clock It sounded like they enjoyed it.
Josh Saxon who is represents Orleans on the council, thanked the staff and maintenance, as well as members for their support. “Be safe,” was his conclusion.

Jody Waddell has been the Secretary/ Treasurer and thanked all for their support Jody will be taking off a bit due to health issues, but hopes to resume work later.

Robert Super serves as Vice Chairman and spoke on the decisions to be made and making the decision that is best for our people. He mentioned District Meetings, of Orleans, Happy Camp, and Yreka coming soon.
(Such a lot of happeniongs that this must be continued)

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