Bigfoot Jamboree Was GREAT!! 2010

Rusty with Pink for Cancer

Grand Prize for Parrys Mkt Float

Katelyn Driskell on horseback

What a wonderful weekend! Happy Camp had a great time for the Bigfoot Jamboree. Tracy Burcell, Leonie Jacobson, Donna McCulley, Linda Zink, Janet Burcell are to be congratulated on all the work of the Coordinating Council in planning and setting up this weekend. When taking pictures at the parade, I was amazed by the crowds of onlookers watching the parade from Davis Road down Highway 96 and west several blocks. Seemed like a great many unfamiliar faces so we must have had more than the usual number of friends and family members from other places come for the weekend.
I just received an e-mail from Shawna, who said, “We had a GREAT time in Happy Camp this weekend. As always, it was a huge hit with our boys (2 and 4) and the 8th graders did a great job with the breakfast this year.” The pancake breakfast was very successful bringing in over a thousand dollars for the class.
The Ducky Race, where you could “adopt” a little yellow duck, was popular. They all went in the Creek at 2nd Avenue Bridge and Mary Koon’s duck reached the mouth first. Denise Smith’s duck was 2nd, Terry Holloway’s duck 3rd and Lessie Aubrey’s Duck came in fourth place.
Mr. Dyar was the parade announcer. Parry’s Market won the grand prize in the parade. The Bigfoot Jamboree parade over Labor Day weekend was ably organized by Leonie Jacobsen with the assistance of Nell. Leonie’s husband, Kenny, and grandson, Garret, were assisting, too.
The Commercial or Business category entries were Double J/ABC Logging winning 3rd place, Scott Valley Bank won 2nd place and Elk Creek Campground won first place. For the Organizations, Happy Camp Ambulance won 3rd place, Happy Camp Fire District won 2nd place, and Karuk Demonstration Dancers won First Place. Individual entries in the parade, winners were Aubrey Hill Girls with their pet dogs won 3rd place, Katelyn Driskell, riding horseback, with Charlene Driskell and Super Driskell took 2nd place, and the 1957 red T Bird belonging to Terry Hillenberg won 1st place. The grand prize winner was Parry’s Market. Jay and Stella Clark were the Grand Marshalls riding in Carol Day’s beautiful blue convertible! Alan Dyar was the announcer of the parade and judges were Marilyn Townsend. Teri Holloway and Ron Kern.
The Bounce House at the Park was run by Nell Sakota for the Happy Camp Community Easter Egg Hunt. I didn’t see the Bounce House on Sunday but it wasn’t active on Saturday. It is hard to be two places at the same time! It was a wonderful Labor Day weekend in Happy Camp and I heard from so many who had a great time for the Bigfoot Jamboree. Tracy Burcell, Leonie Jacobson, Donna McCulley, Linda Zink, Janet Burcell are to be congratulated on all the work of the Coordinating Council in planning and setting up this weekend.
All the little yellow ducks for the Ducky Race went in Indian Creek at 2nd Avenue Bridge and Mary Koon’s duck reached the mouth first! Denise Smith’s duck was 2nd, Terry Holloway’s duck 3rd and Lessie Aubrey’s Duck came in fourth place
My most wonderful time was from seeing my son and older daughter who brought our 4 year old grandson for his first visit to Happy Camp. Despite spending three-forth’s of his life in surgeries, chemotherapy and stem-cell transplant, he has now been in remission for one year. Besides being our only grandchild at present, it is just so neat to see him healthy and active (very active!) and talkative. Every question you answer comes with another question. Curiosity and wonder at the world around us are so refreshing in a child!
The pancake breakfast and parade were fun for him. After a little time at the park, we couldn’t find the Bounce House. The other children introduced him to silly string and noisy snapping caps. Everyone found lots of varieties of junk food to enjoy. The playground equipment was fun. But by the time we got back home, he was “out” and napped the rest of the day. That is how he recharges his battery to keep in perpetual motion!
Grand parenting is such a fun time of life.

HC High School Reunion Coming July 25th

This has been a busy month in Happy Camp! Everyone is very excited, anticipating the High School Reunion for ALL classes on Saturday and Sunday July 24th and 25th
There is no registration form; The Committee is just Requesting that everyone mail in their name, address, phone# and/or email address, the year of attendance/graduation at Happy Camp High School, and their guest’s name. Cost is $30 per single person or $50 per couple – made payable to:
Log Memorial Scholarship Fund, P.O. Box 1076, Happy Camp, CA 96039.

The location will be the River Park in Happy Camp ~ Saturday with dinner and dancing, from 11:00 AM til late and on Sunday from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Breakfast will be served.

You need not have graduated from Happy Camp High to attend this event. It is for anyone who ever attended the Happy Camp High School. For more information contact Sharon Crocker, 530-493-2665, Pauline Attebery, 530-493-2250, or email

Later in the summer is another reunion is planned, Karuk Tribal Reunion! The Tribal Reunion will be on August 21st This is the 14th year that they have planned this event. This year it will begin at the River Park at 10 AM.

August 29th is the traditional day for Seiad Day!! The other BIG EVENT for the summer is the Bigfoot Jamboree!!! Everyone loves the Bigfoot Jamboree!! The coordinating council has great things planned for the Jamboree this year, including some thing new!! Mark your calendar and come to Happy Camp for Bigfoot Jamboree on September

Fun at Bigfoot Jamboree

Happy Camp dogs brought their owners to Old Town Park.
Happy Camp dogs brought their owners to Old Town Park.

Saturday was a day full of entertainment and food, as well as lots of fun at the River Park .

Smokey Bear was visiting with Forest Service friends, the Lion’s Club gave away gold nuggets, and the Happy Seniors had “pull tabs.” The K9 Corps performed a demonstration on Sunday afternoon also. Whenever there is fun in Happy Camp it usually includes food and there were a number of food booths available for your taste.

There was also a dog show at the Old Town Park! Just about every dog owner entered earned some sort of recognition. There was an obstacle course made by the Wood Shop class at Happy Camp High School under the guidance of Dave Timbrook. Everyone especially enjoyed the flaming hoop to jump through that Ethan Cook made, except the dogs. They didn’t seem impressed with the idea to jump through it. Justin Wright, Taylor Wright, Rio Lloyd, Charley Reed, Kevin Harrison, “Spanky” (AKA Justin Markin), Kyle Carney, Brandon McCartney, Elizabeth Harrison and Ethan Cook did a wonderful job making the obstacle course.

41st Bigfoot Jamboree Wild West Fun!

Sonny, motorcycle, Bigfoot Jamboree Parade, Happy CampKaruk Dance, Bigfoot Jamboree Parade, Happy Camp,

surrey, McCulley, Grand Marshall, Bigfoot Jambboree Parade, Happy CampBigfoot Jamboree Queen Parade

By Judy Bushy

What a wonderful time the Bigfoot Jamboree brings to Happy Camp. The 41st annual Bigfoot Jamboree is now a happy memory. There were so many friends and family and neighbors from near and far who came back to the Klamath River town for the big event of the year. The food was great. The music was full of variety. The games were fun. But best of all was seeing friends and neighbors that we hadn’t seen in awhile.

Kenny and Donna McCully were the Grand Marshalls and rode in the parade in a delightful surrey with fringe on the top drawn by a black beaury named Colt and driven by Ike’s wife, Erica.

Savannah Britton was crowned queen of the Bigfoot Jamboree by Alicia Derry, 2005 queen. Luise Bryant was the flower carrier and Matilda Peters carried the crown on the red velvet pillow. Samantha O’Reilly and Leeann Timbrook were princesses. Samantha was escorted by Donald O’Reilly and Leann by Kyle Eastlick. Queen Savannah was escorted by Phil Tripp. Alan Dyar was the emcee of the program. The music for the dance was provided by Justin of the “Sounds ”

Grand Prize for the parade entries went to the float by Double J and ABC Logging In the Commercial and Business Division first place was Parry’s Market, 2nd was McCulley Logging and 3rd was Happy Camp Disposal. For organizations, first place was Davis Dancers doing a Karuk Dance, 2nd place was Cub Scouts Pack #52 and 3rd place was Sheriff’s “Dare Car” driven by Deputy Nye. The other category is for individuals. The first place for individuals was to the Driskell family. The family walked together in the parade as a Memorial to “Little Miss Tuff”, a horse who became well loved by the family and who they will miss. The horse in the parade was “I’m Super Tuff One”. Kate Lyn, Rachelle, Chris, Sabrina, Glenice, Jimmy, Paul and Charlene will all miss Tuffy. 2nd place was Sunny and Angel Tello on motorcycles and 3rd place was Bigfoot for which Mike picked up the award since Bigfoot has escaped his cage and taken off to the wilds again. Seems to happen every Bigfoot Jamboree.

Thanks so much to the Happy Camp Coordinating Council for the wonderful Bigfoot Jamboree!

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