Prize money: $100 will go to the winner of the Logo Contest!

Prize money: $100 will go to the winner of the 2002 River Run Logo Contest!

The Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a logo contest for the 2002 River Run event. This event brings motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the west coast to Happy Camp for a weekend in July.

The logo contest is open to all artists. Entries must be submitted to the Chamber of Commerce by January 15, 2002.

Chamber of Commerce Requests Website Proposals

The Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce wants a new website, and is currently seeking proposals from any interested individuals having experience in website development. They are looking for creativity from those interested regarding website content, and understand that website hosting and future modifications would be additional to the original design contract.

The Chamber is willing to pay up to $200.00 for the website. The deadline for proposals is October 31,2001 at 1:00 pm at the Chamber of Commerce meeting, which will be at the Family Resource Center on 2nd St. in Happy Camp.

Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 1188
Happy Camp, CA 96039
(530) 493-2900


We are looking for proposals from interested parties for the purpose of putting together a Web-Site for the Chamber.

This request is open to any interested individuals who have experience in web-site development. The Chamber is willing to pay up to $200.00 (Two Hundred Dollars) for the web-site, and we are looking for creativity from those interested as to how many pages and what might be in the web-site. This request for proposals is essentially wide-open to allow for any ideas and creativity that might come forward. The Chamber understands that hosting of the web-site and future alterations, changes or modifications would be additional to the original design contract.

Interested persons should put together their proposals including what they would agree to include in the web-site, number of pages or MB of projected information, what changes might be allowed, and additionally if the person or entity could host the site, for what cost, including changes on a periodic basis.

Proposals should be forwarded to the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce at the above address, or brought to a Chamber meeting. Deadline for proposals is October 31st at the Chamber meeting at 1:00 p.m. The meeting will be at the Family Resource Center (former Headway Market) on 2nd Street.

Any additional information or questions may be directed to the Chamber, above, or Eddie Davenport, President, at 493-2208.

First Annual River Run – 2001


This coming weekend, July 6 through 8, expect to see our town innundated by bikers! The Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce has invited street-legal motorcycle enthusiasts from around the country to come together in this town for fun, camping, and bike games with cash prizes. There will be music and dancing on both Friday and Saturday nights.

This first annual river run commemorates the 150th anniversary of the founding of Happy Camp in 1851. This year’s theme is “Rollin’ On The River, 2001.” For more information, please contact the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce at (530) 493-2900.

Follow-Up Photos and Article:

Tiger Custom Red Custom

Custom Trike Custom Bikes Lined Up

Dragonlady Bike Bike Lineup

Photos by Eddie Davenport

by Linda Martin

The first annual Happy Camp River Run took place from July 6 through 8 in River Park. The event, called Rolling on the River 2001, was a considered a success, especially for a first year endeavor, drawing in over 75 bikers from out of town and 26 local registrants. Bikers came from as far away as Seattle, Washington and Phoenix, Arizona, though most of the participants were from Northern California and Southern Oregon.

Besides music from the Genuine Draft Band on Friday and Saturday nights, the River Run included a community bar-b-que, prizes for the best of bikes, and games like the Slow Race, Winnie Bite and Ball Catch.

Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce members, who planned this event, were very enthusiastic about the results and are looking forward to next year’s event which should be even better, with more advance publicity.

Pins and t-shirts with the Rolling on the River 2001 logo are still available from the Chamber of Commerce. Pins cost $5.00 and the t-shirts, available in children’s sizes up to extra large adult sizes, are $16.95.

John Gould wearing a 2001 River Run shirt

John Gould, father of the River Run project, wearing a 2001 River Run t-shirt.

Winners at Bigfoot Jamboree

Rick Huston announced that volunteers are welcome to help prepare for next years Bigfoot Jamaboree in Happy Camp. As the president of the Happy Camp Coordinating Council., Huston said the 1996 Bigfoot Jamboree was a success because of the many volunteers who helped work and plan the annual Happy Camp event.

Since the Show and Shine of the Chamber of Commerce was rained out in May, that event was postponed to the Bigfoot Jamboree. Seventeen cars and trucks were parked on the shady part of the River Park for enjoyment of on-lookers. First prize went to Billy Hibberts’ Transam. The first place for the trucks was one owned by Don Alexander of Yreka. There were also motorcycles on display. Steve Zefault, Ivan Hyde, Janeen Snopl and Rick Huston were in charge of planning the Show and Shine for the Chamber and did a good job getting beautiful cars in the parade.

The grand prize in the Jamboree Parade held Sunday by the active3 kids tumbling around, TUMBLETOWN TOTS. McCulley Logging celebrated 50 year anniversary of logging winning first place in the commercial category followed by Larry’s Market and the Bigfoot that kep escaping the cage he rode in. Thanks to Lance!
Howard Garthwait, chairman of the parade preparations said it was one of the bigger parades recently. Mike Polluck, Rusty Crocker, Dave Rasmussen and Ryan Rasmussen were the judges.

Lioness Club in their poodle skirts and a life size picture of Elvis, won first place in the noncommercial/nonprofit category. The Cub Scout Color Guard followed in second by the tallest Uncle Sam delivering the mail. The Grange entry won third place.

Larry Wright Jr. flew the Red Baron plane for first place in the individual entries. Second place was by the Happy Camp High School class reunion class of ’76. Karuk drummers played to keep the parade marching on and won third place.

Ladies in large hats with colorful ducks on them represented the American Legion Auxiliary # 530 at the Bigfoot Jamboree. Sales of tickets to enter a colorful little duck in the Duck Race were brisk. First place winner of $200 cash was won by Shirley Willis, second place winner was Dorothy Pence and Third place was Alecia Derry. The last little duck across the finish line brought Edward Peters $20.

Kim Seago won the beautiful necklace of locally mined gold from the Independence Mine area. K.D.Peabody won fresh strawberries and jelly jars from Larry’s Market. Pauline Stacy won battery cables from Rick’s Auto Supply. Antone won bait and tackle from Ron’s Bait and Tackle. Robert Spence won a wooden duck from Siskiyou House. Linda Kufner won a hibachi from Karuk Building Supply, Preston Wilson and Ron Snopl each got five gallons of gas from Millers Unocal – the “new” gas station in town. Jean Burnett won pan pizza’s from Headway Pizza and Kyle Stockton won tanning solution from Clinic Pharmacy. Deanna Indehar won a handmade hankie angel made by Linda Sutcliffe of Happy Crafts.Mary Lauritzen and Maxine McCoy won and hour of labor from Dian Wood and Trevor Zedikier, respectively. Judith Marasco won a hand painted desert scene from Evans Mercantile. Gerri Jacobson and Larry Wright,Jr. won gas from Siskiyou Petrol Systems. Linda Zink won a cedar birdhouse from Renewable Resource Products. Adrien donated shampoo and conditioner won by Edwards Peters.

A fun float trip for six down the Klamath River by J.J. of River Country Rafting was won by Kenny Seago. The Auxiliary fund raising chairman, Nida Johnson, said a big “thank you” to all the individuals and businesses that contributed and bought raffle tickets for their fund raising activity at the Bigfoot Jamboree. Next year, an Independence Day Duck Race is being planned. Thanks to all the volunteers who splashed around in the river retrieving ducks who had stopped to play!

Cub Scout Pack #52 and Jay Clark as Uncle Sam

Cub Scout Pack #52 and Jay Clark as Uncle Sam

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