Chamber’s Annual Elections 2013

Next week is the Annual Meeting for the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce. This is the 27th year that the Chamber has been working to promote the business and commerce and quality of life of Happy Camp and the Highway 96 Klamath Corridor!

Membership renewals are up and we’ve been happy to see people stopping by the office next to the Post office to ask for membership forms in order to join or renew. Keeping the office full of business cards and brochures of local attractions makes it a wonderful place for visitors to our community to stop in for information.

We also get phone calls and e-mails with people asking where to get Wi-Fi, when the road is open, where to stay, where to eat, and what there is to do in the area. It is great to be able to help those who call.

We recently had a call from the Cloverdale Historical Society that wanted to contact the widow of our former dentist, Dr. Harold Ives, We were glad to be able to help him contact the family and find out that Ellie is in Missouri. Dr. Ives’ dental office in Cloverdale before he came to Happy Camp was in a building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and since that area is celebrating Frank Lloyd Wright next week, they needed more information.

We are also happy to have local visitors to the Happy Camp Chamber office. We have some copies of photographs of life on the Klamath River in olden days. We really appreciate when people stop by and identify persons in the pictures, and sometimes can tell us what event is depicted and other details about the photo. We wish we could get people to stop by and tell us all their memories of Happy Camp and life along the Klamath River as it helps a great deal.

We also have Naturegraph books and other items for sale, Of course, our best sellers are “Dear Mad’m” by Stella Patterson and the rest of the story of Stella’s life by her grandnephew and his wife, “Dear Mad’m Who Was She?” by Peter and Elizabeth Lismer. We also get requests for “Land of the Grasshopper Song” The newest young adult novel is by a local author, “River Girl” is by Linda J. Martin. It’s the story of a young girl and her brother who moves to Happy Camp and the adventures that she experiences, people she meets and what she learns.

If you would like to join the Chamber and work together to promote and encourage business, commerce and quality of life for citizens of Happy Camp and the Highway 96 Klamath River Corridor, give the Chamber volunteer a call 4923-2900 weekday afternoons or leave a message on the machine any time. Thank you for the way the community cares and works together in such a wonderful way!

Not only did we celebrate George Washington’s Birthday recently, but this is a busy time for birthdays along the Klamath River also! Ryan wanted me to say Happy Birthday to Mitch Hokanson. Happy Birthday Mitch! A bunch of teenagers were abroad in Happy Camp last Saturday night in celebration of this important milestone! They were looking for a bunch of unusual things: a pink toothbrush, a pine cone. OK, a pine cone isn’t unusual in Happy Camp with all the trees. It is unusual for the kids to be looking for one! Didn’t find out how it went.. Hope the Scavenger Hunt was successful!!

Thursday two important ladies at Happy Camp High School will also be celebrating their birthdays, Happy Birthday Dorie and we miss you! And Robyn Eadie is also having a birthday on the same day. Robyn celebrated by bringing her pennies for the bank at Happy Camp Christian Fellowship on Sunday so perhaps this is birthday week. Might as well celebrate all week, if one must get older.

At our house we celebrated Thanksgiving Sunday since we didn’t have a birthday.. The calendar may not say November, but there are always so many blessings for which to be grateful that we can do it all year round! Actually, son, Stephen, and Geneva went to visit her brothers and family in November and planned to have a Thanksgiving Dinner with us at a later time. They came up in December for that meal, and there was no electricity which made cooking on the electric range difficult so it was again put off. Sunday we had the turkey, potatoes & gravy, and finished up with apple pie alamode. Then the younger set invited us to go for a walk up ‘Curly Jack Road and we took along my Aussie, Adom, who loved the exercise.

Then Dan, Hubby, took a nap and I’m typing away to you. The younger set is still energetic and went on a hike the other way on Curly Jack to visit a friend.

Happy New Year, Happy Camp!!

Curt, Carol, Karen & Kyle Serve New Years Dinner in Happy Camp.

Thanks Curt, Carol, Karen & Kyle for Delicious New Years Dinner!

Over sixty Happy Campers made their way out of snow covered dwellings to attend the New Year’s Day Community Dinner in Happy Camp!

There hasn’t been a New Years Dinner in the past, but the Christmas Holiday Dinner was snowed out. Not only was a heavy snowfall of three feet covering Happy Camp but the heavy snow brought down trees and power lines causing 1,246 customers of Pacific Power to be without electricity, some for more than a week.

Although School closed a day early as snow day was called for Friday December 21st, the students have been on winter break since that time and have not missed more school.

At the dunner I met Debbie Hixson and her family from Klamath River who have been helpful in providing resources to the happy Camp Family Resource Center since the storm.

The community greatly appreciated Pacific Power and other workers who have been working 24/7 to get power restored in homes and businesses in out area.

Santa Claus is coming to Happy Camp Town!

All Deced out for first meeting Santa!

ShuttleBugs Helped Santa & Serving Refreshments

by Judy E. Bushy

Thanks to Cathleen Searle for being in charge of the Community Tree Lighting plans for the Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce. Thanks to all the others who helped with this event! Scott Valley Bank popped popcorn.Volunteer Fire made sure that Santa arrived in the fire truck. Friday, December 5th.

This annual event is held in the Forest Service Parking lot on Highway 96. The Shuttlebugs led by Dinah from Forest Lodge Motel will be serving refreshments. Chamber president, Bob “Javabob” Schmalzbach, offered to help hand out popcorn and apple cider, also. The ladies at the Scott Valley Bank popped the popcorn.

Chamber Member, Dan Effman, had his Kwik Dogs cart available for hot dogs and delicious hot chocolate for those who didn’t have time for supper.

That special visitor with white whiskers and a red suit will be arriving thanks to the Happy Camp Volunteer Firemen. Plan to bring the children. Don’t forget the mittens and caps to keep warm lining up to tell Santa their wishes and get their candy cane.

Friends for Lunch at the Pizza House

We had a very enjoyable lunch Sunday with Bill and Lynn who were visiting Happy Camp from Cape Cod with Geneva Kraus who worked summer before of 2011 for the Forest Service here.

It never ceases to amaze me how people come to Happy Camp from all across the country and how they enjoy the scenic drive that we take for granted. It helped that it was a beautiful sunny day.

We live in beautiful place and whatever the weather, it’s going to change soon!! With such beauty, and friendly neighbors who volunteer and help others in so many ways, we have much for which to be grateful.

FRC Put on the Thanksgiving Dinner!

We enjoyed visiting with friends at the Community Dinner at the Elementary School on Thursday. Thanks to all the volunteers who made this gathering such a blessing!

The next Holiday Dinner in Happy Camp will be the Christmas Eve dinner on Dec 24th from noon to 2. Volunteers will be welcome to come and help Sunday afternoon or Monday morning—just ask Karen Derry at the Family Resource Center. Thank you for all the community members who offer the means and the workers to serve this meal to the community, especially the Family Resource Center that serves in so many ways all year long.

Klamath River Valley Veterans Apprciated!!

There was a special dinner Friday evening which we planned to attend. In honor of Veterans Day, about ninety veterans in our community were invited to a dinner at the Karuk Community Center on 2nd Avenue to express appreciation for their service to our country.

To begin the program the Seiad Valley Elementary School Band with Ms De Kelner at the helm and dressed in very spiffy blue and gold uniforms played the national anthem. While perhaps all of the Veterans invited hadn’t come, the room was full and the food was great thanks to Babbie and Joann. Young people, Sam Davis, Silas served cake after the meal also.

Maxine Lopey and Lynn Grenvik came to town and it was great to see them. They said they had both been discussing coming to Dear Mad’m Symposium next October when it will be such fun to have them back. Lynn came with Tim Grenvik who is head of the Siskiyou County Veterans and comes to Happy Camp the 2nd Thursday of each month. Maxine came with our Sheriff Jon Lopey who was dressed to the T in his dress blues! He gave a stirring message to the veterans! We always greatly appreciate his coming to town as our highest Siskiyou County elected official besides Maria Armstrong. It is so nice to know that Happy Camp isn’t completely forgotten in our the county seat
Karen Derry and Babbie Peterson gave brief presentations on all the ways that the Senior Program and the Family Resource Center could be of help to veterans who might have needed various means of assistance. Then before we went home there were the drawings for door prizes, lots and lots of door prizes were donated.

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