A Happy Camp Christmas

2001 Community Christmas Dinner
2001 Community Christmas Dinner

Over 160 people came to dinner
Over 160 people came to the dinner.

Dinner was excellent
Dinner was excellent, as usual. Volunteers did a good job of decorating the old elementary school cafeteria – now the Karuk Community Center.

A good place for friends to meet
A good place for friends to meet.

Volunteer servers stayed busy
Volunteer servers stayed busy this year.

What a great dinner we had!

After weeks of rain and light snowfalls, Christmas in Happy Camp was sunny and unusually warm! We left our firesides to come together at the Karuk Community Center (the old elementary school cafeteria on 2nd Avenue) for another great holiday dinner.

Every Thanksgiving and Christmas for years now, the dinners have provided a community meeting place and food for anyone who wants it. While it gives us a wonderful alternative to the traditional family dinner for those who are far from their loved ones, or who might not have a family, it also is welcomed by Happy Campers who just want to be with the people who live in our town, remote as it is from the rest of the world.

Dinner is traditional. There’s always a turkey, dressing, ham, mashed potatoes, yams, green beans and corn, cranberry sauce and bread. At Thanksgiving we had green salad Рthis time someone made a big pink jello salad with marshmallows. A variety of beverages were served on a side table and at least three types of pies were served for dessert.

Outside, children played on the lawn and dogs waited for their owners, while a few adults chatted with one another in the sunshine.

These holiday dinners are very much appreciated. May they continue for many years to come!

Helen and Wilson Forbes with Coreen Davis and Scott Hampson
Helen and Wilson Forbes chat with musicians
Coreen Davis and her husband, Scott Hampson

Rae Walker and her daughter, Savannah
Rae Walker and her daughter, Savannah
helped serve the pies: pumpkin, peach and mincemeat.

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