Introducing: Carol Dyar, HCHS staff member of the month

by Judy Bushy
Carol Dyar was presented with a certificate for being the Happy Camp High School Staff Memeber of the month. In presenting the certificate, Diane Oliver said,
“The Staff Member of the Month of January, I believe, is the hardest-working member of our staff. In a thousand ways, every day! She helps each and every one of us, and her jobs are endless. She processes a mountain of paperwork, takes and delivers messages, creates and prints transcripts, makes sure we have nutrition and lunch, #elds calls and requests from parents, updates CUM files, makes sure we have the right forms to fill out, watches over students sent to the office, makes sure we’re paid, fills in for others when needed, works late hours so things run smoothly, updates Aeries, orders supplies, keeps us on track, bandages our hurts, and gives us candy.

“And she does it all with a smile and a gracious manner. There is no way to list all the ways she is invaluable to us every single day. For all these reasons and more, I am proud to present the Staff? Member of the Month of January to our secretary, Carol Dyar.”

We are very grateful for all the staff at Happy Camp High School! At present this included our teachers, Denise Bearding teaches Science classes, Honors English and also the art class. She plans to take students to plays in Ashland, Oregon Shakespeare Theater next month.
Diane Oliver teaches computer literacy, yearbook and helps us out when we have computer questions or problems. That is such a help as new technology is important part of an education! Erica Mitchell teaches World History, American History, Government, Economics, German and Health and Physical Education classes. Wow! That is a busy schedule, but she also teaches leadership and works with the Athletes Committed and took a bunch of students to Washington D.C! Carissa Bussard teaches English, Drama and has the journalism, drama and Harry Potter Club. Ed Sherman teaches math classes, from Academy math, Algebra, Geometry and all sorts of number maneuvering accomplishments! Denise Bearding teaches Honors English, many varieties of Science as well as Art! She is very versatile in her areas of expertise! David Timbrook teaches woodshop and welding.

Steve VanErt is our principal, and leads the team in the efforts to educate and nurture to maturity all the young people in our care gathered from up and down River in the most beautiful place on the Klamath!!

We also have bus drivers, food servers, tutors, janitor, buildings and ground keepers and aides besides Carol in the office. Jeanette Quinn teaches the students next door at Jefferson High School.

Takes TEAM work to educate the students and we have a great group of students who we are working to help them reach their highest potential!!

October Homecoming Royalty

homecoming Royalty, Nikki arrison and Brett Burcell reigned Friday

homecoming Royalty, Nikki arrison and Brett Burcell reigned Friday

October Colors
October colors on the leaves makes beautiful autumn scenes all around happy Camp! Not only is it a perfect time for a drive—either down the State of Jefferson Scenic Byway from I-5 to the east, or Bigfoot Scenic Byway from hwy 299 at Willow Creek The weather is cool and crisp! I love it!

Those of us who haven’t gotten out on those drives really appreciate those who do so with their camera. About four people posted photos on Facebook today and that was delightful! Then there are the photos of the bucks who will be feeding a family venison soon, and those that got away for another day. The bear, cougar, skunks and last night a raccoon tried to hit my car. He wasn’t successful, thank goodness! Son, Stephen told me orange was a good color for me to drive when recommending the Aveo, so perhaps that caused the little masked bandit to miss me!

This is that beautiful time of year with apple pie and pumpkins being gathered for decorating or to make pie too. Sherri shared her pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips last week and now I’ve found the recipe! Dan’s baking Oatmeal raisin cookies and I’m looking forward to turnkey dinner soon.

The kids at Happy Camp High School dressed like animals on Monday, Hillbilly’s on Tuesday, Blast from the Blast on Wednesday for HOMECOMING!! In my day, shortly after the middle ages, we had past decades 20s 30’s 40s or 50s to choose from…now they add 70s, 80s, and 90s to the millennium to the mix!. Wednesday was also Powder Puff game. Thursday after the kids dressed in pajamas there was a volleyball game!And Friday is Superhero day. Friday was senior presentations before the volleyball game and senior presentations before the football game. The homecoming king and queen were be crowned at half time. Your support for the team and the high school is greatly appreciated. It certainly made an action packed week. Pajama Day and Superheroes on Friday were the most fun. The kids kept in costume later in the day. Then there was a LOUD assembly in the gym before school was out Friday, so they were in fine shape for cheering and fun!
Nikki Harrison was crowned homecoming queen by Sydney Snider, who reigned last year. Brett Burcell was crowned homecoming king at half time festivities. They looked so happy! The cheerleaders, Damian Valenzuela, Brianna, Beatrice Edwards and Megan Minimum were full of cheer as well.

Coming Events
Wednesday is a baked potato dinner to raise funds for the fifteen going to Washington D.C. for the inauguration. You must admire the way the students have dug in and held bake sales, car washes, spaghetti dinner, Bingo and candy sales to earn the money for their trip.
In less than a week some will celebrate Halloween Monday, October 31st. That makes Tuesday, November 1st All Saints Day. The following week, November 8th is Election Day. Some of you may have already sent in a mail ballot, but the rest of us go to the polls. have you noticed something very funny about the election this year. No one seems to have yard signs and bumper stickers and broadcast the candidates that they are supporting for this election. There is also more bad feeling toward other voters with differing views than I ever
Two weeks and a bit more and it will be Veterans Day Friday, November 11th. Just four weeks from Thursday will be “over the river and through the woods time for Thanksgiving.
It is time for all those artists and craftspeople to begin making things they want to sell for the holidays. In just five weeks from Saturday will be a chance to buy lots of wonderful craft items at the Grange with their annual Craft event. Then eight weeks from Sunday is Christmas day. And in nine weeks we will already be in the New Year 2017, Lord willing.


Grand Day for Graduation at Happy Camp High!

We had a wonderful graduation for the students who have finished their academic careers at Happy Camp High School Saturday morning. Happy Camp more traditionally suffers a very hot crowded auditorium on Friday night for graduation but it was a beautiful day, and it felt very appropriate to have the sun shining on the graduates of Happy Camp High School! It was grat. Thank you, all who came downriver for the graduation! We know you had a beautiful drive!

Carl Blossomgame Celebrates Finisheing High School

Carl Blossomgame Celebrates Finisheing High School

Carl Blossomgame is planning for work for the U.S. Forest service until he begins studying at College of the Siskiyous. My camera battery ran out before I got to hear his Senior Project report Thursday evening, but I’m hoping for a picture soon.
Valedictorian, Walter Brassea, plans to study Computer Science at University of California, Riverside. Davis. Walter started out the presentations on Senior Project night and did a great job.
Luther”luke” Coplen plans to study physics at the University of California Lukes Senior Project was on woodworking and he made a beautiful little desk in wood shop with the help of Dave Timbrook.
16Graham KevinGrad
Kevin Graham plans to study Architecture after junior college at College of the Siskiyous but had a medical emergency that prevented him from being present at the ceremony. Kevin worked with am architect for his Senior Project and made columns with decorations that were appropriate for column design.
Shawn Hillman plans to study Computer Science at College of the Siskiyou.
Mitchell “Mitch” Hokanson plans to study engineering at College of the Siskiyous.
Jeffrey Kanawyer , who we remember best as a Cub Scout building bird houses years ago, plans to study business administration at College of the Siskiyous.
Connor Mitchell plans to go to College of the Siskiyous to study Administration of Justice.
The only girl in the class,
Peyton Veach, Erica Mitchell, Mitchell & Connor Mitchell happy after graduation!

Peyton Veach, Erica Mitchell, Mitchell & Connor Mitchell happy after graduation!

Peyton Veach will go to College of the Siskiyous to study liberal arts.

Sydney Snider plans to study fine arts at California College of eh Arts. Jessie Valenzuela, Jr. who had a great senior project providing care packages for troops, plans to study business administration at College of the Siskiyous.

Happy Camp High Survival Guide


by Judy Bushy
Recently a play was presented at Happy Camp High School by the Drama Class. The name of the play was Happy Camp High Survival Guide. IMG_0383A young group of “soon to be freshmen” stress over the first day of high school the night before. However, the encounter a mysterious editor (Estalita “Ella” Galindo) and author (Anne Rants) who appears to guide them through the do’s and don’ts of high school including fights, bullies, dating and more. Damian Valenzuela plays the gym teacher who does a wonderful job of intimidating Victor, a student played by Jordan McCartney. Estalita Galindo also plays a teacher and a French Student with Adriana Oliver-Hickey. Silas Yamamoto plays Trent Bailey, founder and owner of the Trent Club untill outsmarted by Noelle, played by Madison Offield. Royale Pinassi plays Cindy, Allison Head plays Jillian, Kaylee McIntrye plays Wendy and Brett Burcell plays Biff.

Denise Bearding directed the lighting and was the play director. The Happy Camp High School Survival Guide was witter and performed by the HCHS Drama Association. The Assistant director, Carissa Bussard is the new Drama and English Teacher this year. Carissa has been a great blessing! Her Karuk heritage helps her relate to some of out students, but she is a friendly guide to all her students. Her strength is shown when she had an accident on the way to school one frosty morning and ended up in the Klamath River! She was able to get out of the car and a helpful passerby gave her refuge to warm up and brought her to school. It might have been logical for someone else to just go home for the day, but Carissa stayed until later in the day when convinced to check out bumps and bruises at the Clinic. She was Recently honored wih a staff appreciation award. t16Carissa BussardAtaffAward

HCHS Student Awards

by Judy Bushy, June 3rd, 2016

In presenting the Student of the Spring Semester award, Ed Sherman, mentioned the respect by which Gerald is looked upon by his peers among the students of Happy Camp High School. “the Student of the Spring Semester is recognized by other students for achievements, so why shouldn’t we as staff do the same. As teachers, we see the respect that our student body gives to someone who remains positive while meeting society’s often high expectations and hopes. We are proud to have a student centered environment where teachers feel safe allowing students to recognize their own. So, without going on forever, let me introduce the student of this Spring Semester; Gerald Harrison.

Gerald Harrison received several awards at this assembly for presentations. Gerald received the honor of being Mr. History by Erica Mitchell, his World History teacher. He also received an award for and to top it off was presented the award for Student of the Spring Semester.

Student for the First Semester, Jesse Vancurra received a plaque for his honor at the Student Awards presented Friday at Happy Camp High School.
Shaye McCartney received awards……(to be coontinued)

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