Sabrina, the Lost Cat

Our cat, Sabrina, is missing.
Have you seen her lately?
Please let us know if you have!
She was wearing a red collar.
We miss her terribly!

This picture was taken of her being examined at the spay/neuter clinic the same day she disappeared.

Sabrina at the spay-neuter clinic

Update: The Lost Cat Has Been Found

Sabrina in a tree

Our cat, Sabrina, has returned!

She came back on Monday, September 3 in the evening after having been missing for 24 days. She was found emitting unusually loud meowing sounds on the front porch and we were all overjoyed to see her.

Sabrina had lost a lot of weight, and came back to us emaciated and starving. She was delighted to wolf down an entire can of cat food in our kitchen, and then slept for most of the next two days.

She couldn’t tell us where she had been, but she was able to tell us how happy she was to see us again. Her tolerance for affection from humans has increased noticeably.

Our thanks to all who supported us during our time of missing her, and to those who helped look for her.